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I do all the plumbing work I have 5 years working as a plumber, and I am working for a plumbing company at the moment 5 days a week. I can do hot water systems, taps, kitchen sink basin, toilet, shower screen for bath and much more.


Toilet Installer

Plumbing Pipe Installer

Plumbing Pipe Repairer

Shower and Bathtub Repairer

Shower or Bathtub Installer

Sink and Faucet Installer

Sink and Faucet Repairer

Toilet Repairer

Clogged Drain

General Plumber

Hot Water System Installer

Hot Water System Repairer

Leaky Pipes or Faucets Repairer

Low Water Pressure

Plumbing Inspection

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  • 8 year(s) in business
  • 4 employee(s)
  • On time guarantee
  • Providing authentic & genuine solution
  • 100% labour guarantee