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How to prepare for Bedbug Pest Control Service?

A bedbug infestation can happen to anyone, any place and at any time. If you have a bedbug problem, getting rid of these pests would require you to cooperate with your licensed pest control technician in order to achieve the desired effects. Hiring Melbourne's top-rated pest control service isn't a one-sided operation.

Here's what the cooperation will entail. In order to get rid of the infestation and keep pests out, you'll need to collaborate with your pest control specialist and follow their specific requirements so you can adequately prepare your home for a bedbug pest control treatment.

Prior to performing the bedbug treatment, Melbourne's pest control specialists will provide you with a list of requirements that need to be completed before your technician arrives. The success of the service depends on the prep as well as on the whole treatment. Your part as a homeowner or resident in an apartment building includes following a list of preparation steps so you can get your home ready for pest control.Let's take a look at the steps you'll need to take to properly prepare your home for a bedbug pest control treatment:

Focus on the rooms that will be treated

Go through all the areas of your home that will be professionally treated, clean up any clutter and throw away any unwanted items.

Inspect items for signs of bedbugs

Take a look at the items you have in your room and leave only those that have signs of bedbugs. Put all other things in bags or storage containers and set them aside. Leave any items you suspect are infested with bedbugs for the technician to inspect.

Remove all linens

Take all sheets, pillowcases and bedding out and put them in plastic bags so they can be washed. If you can, take out all plastic bags and containers outside, and let them sit in the sun for a few days to kill any bedbugs that are trapped inside. If that's not an option for you, make sure you pack each item properly and set them aside so they can be washed later on.

Store all personal items

Use plastic bags or containers to store all your personal items, clothes, toys and books that are lying around the house.

Empty out closets and drawers

Remove and pack everything from your closets and drawers and mark each bag, so you know which items will be washed and which will be run through the hot dryer cycle only. Things like fabric-based items, stuffed toys and clean clothes will need to be run through the hot dryer cycle for at least 15 minutes, while dirty linens, bedding, pillows, worn clothing and so on will need to be washed and dried as well.

Prepare to leave your home

Prepare your family and pets to leave your home during the treatment and a few hours after, just to be safe. Remove all pets except for fish tanks. You can cover your fish tank with a plastic wrap and turn off the pumps during the treatment to keep them safe.

Once you've completed your required preparation steps, you can leave everything up to Melbourne's pest control experts and come back into a bedbug-free environment where you can finally feel at home.

Frequently asked questions

How do bed bugs get in your bed?

Bed bugs can use numerous different ways to get inside your home, and sooner or later in your bed. They can travel via fabrics, clothing, luggage, bags and so on. Once they find a suitable area, like a bed or other furniture, they settle there and establish populations pretty quickly.

How can I tell if we have bed bugs?

Some of the typical signs to look for if you suspect a bed bug infestation include tiny bloodstains on your linens, dark spots on your mattress and lines from their excrement, and red, itchy bite marks on your shin. Other telltale signs include an unpleasant, musty smell from the pheromones they release and oval brown exoskeletons on your mattress and linens that they’ve shed as they mature.

Are bed bugs hard to get rid of?

While the process requires a lot of commitment and diligence, the great news is that bed bugs are not that hard to get rid of. There are numerous different DIY treatments that you can use. You can also call in a professional exterminator who will be able to get your whole home free of bed bugs by treating every part, crack or crevice of your home for bed bugs using professional products and equipment.

What is the main cause of bed bugs?

While people used to believe that what attracted bed bugs the most was a filthy and dirty home, the truth is that bed bugs do not have any preferences when it comes to the cleanliness of your home. Therefore, any home can get infested by bed bugs. All it takes is for you to travel somewhere where bed bugs have established a population and bring them home via your clothes, suitcase, etc.

Are bed bugs visible to the eye?

While bed bugs range from the size of a sesame seed up to an apple seed, especially after a big meal, they can be hard to find sometimes. The first signs of infestation you’ll probably notice won’t be the actual bed bugs, but the marks they’ll leave on your body, and the spots on your bed and linens. Since they tend to hide in cracks and crevices, the best way to locate them would be to use a flashlight and a magnifying glass while inspecting your furniture and other areas where you suspect bed bug activity.

What kills bed bugs instantly?

One thing that instantly kills bed bugs is high heat (over 50 degrees Celsius). That’s why the most crucial step in killing them is to wash and dry all your worn clothing, linens and covers in the hottest temperature they can withstand. Pack anything else that cannot be washed in big plastic bags and leave them outside your house on a hot sunny day for a few days to kill all the bed bugs that might be inside.

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