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Top Benefits of Dry Carpet Cleaning

There are several different methods of carpet cleaning technicians use to clean carpets when it comes to residential and commercial properties. The main techniques they offer include hot water extraction, steam cleaning and dry carpet cleaning. Each method has the specific benefits that it provides, which is why it’s essential to talk to your carpet cleaning specialist to determine which way would work best in your particular situation.

If you’re still undecided and want to find out more about one of the main methods used, which is dry carpet cleaning, check out its benefits below so you can see if this process works for you.

Low moisture use

Dry carpet cleaning requires low to zero moisture application during the cleaning process, which has made it quite a popular choice for homeowners and businesses in recent years. Many businesses such as offices, hotels and restaurants are starting to switch to this carpet cleaning method. That’s because with this method the carpets can be used immediately after they’ve been cleaned, which is particularly beneficial to business that has continued traffic throughout the day, such as offices and hotels.

Remove stubborn stains

Dry carpet cleaning technicians use specialised stain removal products that allow dirt build-up and stains to get dissolved and cleaned easily.

Deep cleaning

Dry carpet cleaning uses high-end cleaning machines with rotating brushes to get deep within the carpet fibres and remove all the built-up dirt and debris. This way, your carpets will look refreshed and smell great once again.

Less risk due to moisture

While wet carpet cleaning methods use a lot of moisture in the cleaning process, which increases the risk of mould, mildew and unpleasant odours to form if not cleaned and dried properly, dry carpet leaning minimises that risk. The process uses much less moisture and leaves the carpets almost completely dry, helping you avoid common moisture-related issues such as carpet shrinkage, mould and mildew as well as bad odours.

Safe for your family and the environment

Dry carpet cleaning technicians use safe, biodegradable cleaning solutions with minimal chemical content, which makes this process safe for your family and pets. The process is also eco-friendly as it uses a lot less water than other standard carpet cleaning methods.

Frequently asked questions

What’s the difference between dry carpet cleaning and steam cleaning?

The dry carpet cleaning process includes using cleaning agents to break down dirt and other build up before using a powerful carpet cleaning machine with rotary brushes to get deep into the fibres and remove as much of the dirt and oils that are trapped in your carpet. Steam cleaning on the other hand injects moisture into the carpet and a powerful vacuum system to extract as much of the dirt as possible. This method leaves you with a longer drying period, but for families and individuals who have issues with allergies this method often works better.

Should I have my upholstery cleaned too?

Yes, same as with your carpets, your upholstery can get stained, dirty and dusty as well. Our dry carpet cleaning technicians will be able to clean your upholstery fabric as well, by either spot cleaning or dry cleaning the entire area.

Can this carpet cleaning method eliminate pet urine and pet smells?

While a thorough dry carpet cleaning can remove both pet urine and odours, the success of this process depends on a few factors, such as how old the stains are and how deep in the carpet fibres they’ve penetrated.

Why should I hire a professional instead of doing the work myself?

Professional carpet cleaners have the knowledge, experience and most importantly the right tools and equipment to get the job done professionally and efficiently.

How often should I get my carpets and upholstery cleaned using the dry carpet cleaning method?

Depending on the frequency of use, the amount of traffic in your home as well as the last time you had these areas cleaned, you may need to have them cleaned once or twice a year.

How do I prepare for a dry carpet cleaning?

Before our technicians arrive, you can take care of smaller items such as shoes, toys or clothes that may be lying on the floor and carpet. You can also move any lighter furniture that’s in the way and vacuum the carpet, removing larger pieces of debris, pet hair and dirt.

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