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What does a Mould Cleaning Service include?

While keeping your home looking nice and clean is an important part of regular cleaning and maintenance, taking care of potential mould and mildew problems should always be your top priority. Constant exposure to mould in the home can have dangerous effects on your health, especially in people with respiratory problems, skin problems, and those who have a weakened immune system. Thankfully, you can call on Melbourne's leading commercial mould remediation services to get your mould problem under control and permanently remove all mould and mildew from your home. Melbourne's mould removal experts start by assessing your home and determining the right kind of treatment they'll need to use to rid your home of mould. Depending on your particular situation, you may require some of the following services:

Black mould (mildew) removal

The most common type of mould homeowners have to deal with is black mould or mildew. This type of mould thrives in wet areas with high humidity levels. It has a black or greenish colour and a slimy texture. It appears as clusters that can spread pretty fast if not removed and treated on time. Your mould removal expert will start off by inspecting the affected areas and apply a suitable mould killer to safely remove all mildew from the affected areas and prevent it from surfacing up again.

Air purification

When the air in your home reaches certain a humidity level and starts to feel a bit too damp, it allows mould to form and spread faster, endangering your health and the quality of the air you breathe. If you're afraid that you might have an issue with the quality of the air in your homes, such as a lack of airflow, or a build-up of invisible mould spores, you can call in Handymate's experts to get the situation under control. They'll use their specialised equipment to test the quality of your air and detect any invisible mould spores. To treat the active mould spores in the air, they'll use gas or fogging system, which can improve the quality of your air and prevent any potential respiratory problems from occurring.

Contents restoration

If you have any affected clothes, furniture, curtains and other items made from fabric, your mould cleaning experts will be able to use the right type of product to treat and restore all your contents into their original condition. So before you throw out any of your affected possessions, ask your technician if they'll be able to restore your items and get their advice on whether you should restore them or replace them. Note that some items may cost more to restore than to replace, so before you determine which contents you want to be restored, talk to your technician about the price of the service first. Some of the most common items that people decide to restore include beds, sofas, curtains, blinds, dressers, lamps, shoes, clothes, bags, luggage, and so on.

Carpet mould removal

If you see mould build-up on your carpets, or you can notice a musty smell coming from then, then it's safe to say you're dealing with mould growth. To take care of this problem, your technician will use a steam cleaner in combination with a mould growth inhibitor to take care of the built-up mould and prevent it from re-occurring. Melbourne's top-rated mould removal services guarantee that they'll fully and permanently destroy any mould found in your home, without leaving any trace of it. That way, you don't have to worry about having the same problem re-occur and spread to other surfaces even after the treatment.

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Frequently asked questions

How do you clean mould safely?

If the mould infestation is caught early, it can be handled using common household cleaners. However, if you have a more extensive mould problem, you should consider hiring professionals or handle it safely using safety equipment, goggles, gloves and a safety mask. For smaller infestations that don't require calling a professional, you can use white vinegar, hydrogen peroxide or baking soda.

Should you wear a mask when cleaning black mould?

Absolutely, you should wear a safety mask, gloves and long-sleeved pants and shirt. This way, you can protect yourself from the toxic mouldy materials that can cause respiratory problems and mould-related allergies.

Is bleach or vinegar better to kill mould?

While both solutions are usually recommended for getting rid of mould, bleach only works for surface mould and doesn't take care of the mould at its roots. This can make it reappear even stronger later on. Vinegar, on the other hand, is more porous and takes care of the problem completely.

Does mould dry out and die?

While mould spores won't multiply and become active again if they don't come in contact with a source of moisture, they can remain dormant, and re-activate and start growing again later on once the conditions are met.

Featured Mould Cleaner in Melbourne, VIC

Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 2 year(s) in business
  • 8 employee(s)
  • Professional and fully trained staff

Professional Cleaning Solutions

Oxygen 2 Clean is a reputed cleaning service provider that you can trust for all of your domestic and commercial cleaning needs.

We, at Oxygen 2 Clean, strive to exceed client expectations. We are confident that we will be able to restore your home back to its original state of cleanliness. We know what you need when it comes to providing help with the housework. You can choose just the cleaning services you need or engage us for regular full housekeeping services. Oxygen 2 Clean is here to give you back the time you need to maintain your lifestyle.

Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 4 year(s) in business
  • 5 employee(s)
  • Courteous and reliable service

We Pride Ourselves On Providing The Highest Standard Of End Of Lease Cleaning in Melbourne and its Suburbs. Call Now!

Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 4 year(s) in business
  • 8 employee(s)
  • Family owned business

Clean House Melbourne is proud to be one of the most esteemed cleaning companies operating throughout Southbank, East Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, South Melbourne, Port Melbourne, Albert Park, St Kilda, Richmond, Collingwood and Melbourne's surrounding suburbs.

Our professional team of house cleaners never stops striving to grow, improve, and maintain our strong reputation and excellence in domestic cleaning service. We are not just regular cleaners, but professional domestic cleaners with years of knowledge and experience that love cleaning for others!

We are expert in Pre-sale cleaning, after renovation cleaning, end of lease cleaning and domestic cleaning.

Here at Clean House Melbourne, we work hard to acknowledge our client's needs and wants, ensuring that we can provide a bespoke cleaning service for their homes and offices. All our professional home cleaners are highly skilled and supported by experienced and motivated managers. We have been established for years with an exceptional level of client retention, as we pride ourselves to deliver the highest standard of cleaning services possible on a consistent basic. 

Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 2 year(s) in business
  • 8 employee(s)
  • Courteous and reliable service

Domestic and Commercial cleaning service providing excellence in service and customer communication. Using only the best green cleaning products and the highest quality cleaning equipment. Police checked expert cleaners servicing metropolitan Victoria.

Carnegie, VIC 3163
  • 3 year(s) in business
  • 3 employee(s)
  • Competitive prices

We are family business and have cleaning experience of 12 years and we know customer needs by our experience so we provide satisfaction   of our work

Hawthorn East, VIC 3123
  • 35 year(s) in business
  • 4 employee(s)
  • Courteous and reliable service

FKS Cleaning is a second-generation family business and is not a franchise of which give you the customer a personal service that has been trusted by Melbourne Families since 1985.

We pride ourselves in the knowledge that we have provided Melbourne with the highest and best customer care in the industry and look forward to continuing this service standard long into the future. We are not a franchise. We are a family-owned second-generation business that has been entrusted by Melbourne families since 1985. The major difference between us and
the franchises is that you are dealing with the owners regarding all aspects of your clean from introduction to the cleaning and beyond. Unfortunately, franchisees need a high volume of in and out work in order to justify the high franchise fees and royalties paid to the ultimate owners. This creates a rushed business model where care and attention can be seriously lacking.

Our Green Credentials

We have been cleaning with green products but now have gone that step further for the further health of our clients.

Chemical residues from conventional cleaning products cling to surfaces and linger in the air and since most of us spend 90% of our time indoors, we breathe in more of these chemicals than we think. A non-chemical approach helps eliminate chemicals that can cause allergies – residues – including harsh bleaches and detergents – that’s why it is so much healthier, especially for children.

FKS Cleaning now offers a different kind of clean – really clean, without side effects or potentially harmful chemicals. We use;

  • Premium Organic cleaning products
  • Superior to other eco-friendly cleaning products in both plant base and non-toxicity
  • Zero negative effect on the environment
  • Never tested on animals

Caulfield, VIC 3162
  • 15 year(s) in business
  • 6 employee(s)
  • Competitive prices

Professional domestic cleaning services in your local area at competitive rates. Friendly, reliable, house cleaners, you can trust.Satisfaction Guarantee. booking options to suit your schedule.

Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 6 year(s) in business
  • 5 employee(s)
  • Courteous and reliable service

Experienced and friendly staff.

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Request Apartment Deep Cleaning

  • Deep cleaning services include: Carpets vacuumed and floors mopped on all rooms, cobweb removal, windows, sills and tracks wiped down (interior), fingerprint marks removal from light switches, dust furniture, baseboards, ceiling fans, light fixtures and window blinds, cupboards and wardrobes exterior cleaning, empty and clean trash can and replace with new bags

  • Kitchen cleaning includes: Stovetop and range hood, wipe large kitchen appliances exteriors, cupboards exterior, bench tops and splash back cleaning, sinks scrubbed and left shining, door frames and light switches wiped over, skirting boards wiped over, cobweb removal, and floors vacuum and mopped

  • Bathroom cleaning includes: Shower screen cleaning, shower recess scrubbed, fittings and glass cleaned, bathtub cleaned, rinsed and left shining, basin and vanity scrubbed, toilets scrubbed and disinfected including base and behind, mirrors cleaned and polished, cupboards exterior, exhaust fan cleaning, light switches and door frames wiped over, tiles and fittings cleaned, floors vacuumed and mopped

  • Laundry cleaning includes: Wipe drawers and cabinets, scrub sinks, basin and taps, splash back cleaning, floors vacuumed and mopped, wipe laundry appliances

  • Includes all cleaning materials, but the service provider will use customer-provided products if preferred

  • Additional charges will apply for homes that are excessively dirty or in poor condition

Request Mattress Deep Cleaning

  • Mattress cleaning includes steaming to eliminate deep-seated dirt, germs, and stains from the mattress leaving it refreshed and hygienic

  • Additional charges may apply for difficult stains and dark coloured spots

Request Sofa Cleaning - Leather Upholstery

  • Sofa cleaning includes using special detergents designed for cleaning leather to eliminate deep-seated dirt, germs, and stains from upholstery leaving them refreshed and hygienic

  • Additional charges may apply for difficult stains and dark coloured spots

Request Sofa Cleaning - Fabric Upholstery

  • Sofa cleaning includes fabric steaming to eliminate deep-seated dirt, germs, and stains from upholstery leaving them refreshed and hygienic

  • Additional charges may apply for difficult stains and dark coloured spots

Request Kitchen & Bath Tile Grout Cleaning

  • Kitchen and bath tile & grout cleaning includes pre-treatment, high-pressure rinse to remove built-up dirt and grime, and application of a sealant to keep the grout clean longer

  • Additional charges will apply for cleaning tiles and grout that are excessively dirty or in poor condition

Request Tile & Grout Floor Cleaning

  • Tile & grout floor cleaning includes pre-treatment, high-pressure rinse to remove built-up dirt and grime, and application of a sealant to keep the grout clean for longer

  • Includes light furniture moving; heavy moving can be done for an additional fee

  • Additional charges will apply for cleaning tiles & grout that are excessively dirty or in poor condition

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