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Carpet Dyeing Pros and Cons

If you’re looking to freshen up your home without having to replace your stained or faded carpets, dyeing your carpets can be a great alternative you might want to consider.

Here are some of the main pros and cons to dyeing your carpet so you can make an informed decision that will work best for your home.


Cover stains

If a professional carpet cleaning service isn’t able to get rid of the stubborn stains on your carpet, which is otherwise in solid condition, you can always opt for a dye job so you can either cover only those spots or have the entire carpet dyed.

Cover faded areas

If your carpet is in solid condition, but there are certain spots which have faded from sun exposure and are lighter than the rest of the carpet, you can have those areas spot dyed, and your carpet will be good as new. A good dye job will be able to bring those faded areas to life, without costing you a lot of money.

Save money

As we just mentioned, having your carpets professionally dyed is a much simpler and cheaper alternative to buying brand new carpets every few years. To put things into perspective, dyeing a carpet is around 20-60% is cheaper than buying a new one, which makes it a really cost-effective option.

Restore your carpet’s beauty

Carpets get stained all the time. Whether it’s food, wine, or pet stains, most of the time they will be hard to get out, especially if they haven’t been addressed right away. By dyeing your carpet, you can make sure all those stubborn stains are covered, so you can have your old carpets restored and looking great.


Not too many colour choices

When it comes to carpet dyes, there aren’t a lot of colour options to choose from, and if you have a lighter carpet with a dark stain, you will need to dye it darker so the stain can be covered.

Not suitable for all carpets

Carpet dyes don’t work on all carpets. They work on wool, nylon, and silk carpets, but not on polyester, acrylic, and polypropylene.

You won’t know for sure how long it will last you

The longevity of the dye job is determined by the quality of the dye, the application and your carpet’s condition. While some dyes are formulated to last for years, others may start to form stains or show discolouration, especially if not applied properly.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I dye my carpet instead of buying a new one?

While there are some cases in which you might be required to buy new carpets, for example, if the old ones have become too worn out, damaged, or too heavily stained, in other cases you are better off dyeing your carpets instead, so you can save time, money and effort and simply restore your old carpets in a matter of hours.

How long will the new dye last?

There’s no definite answer to this question because it depends on many factors some of which are in your control and some of which aren’t. Some of those main factors include the type and quality of dye, the application process as well as proper carpet care and maintenance. To ensure you get the best results, consider hiring qualified technicians to do the process for you, instead of going through all the trouble yourself.

Do I need to have my carpets cleaned beforehand?

If your carpets are in good condition, all you’ll need to do before our technicians arrive at the site is vacuum them and collect or move any small items or pieces of furniture that may be in the way. However, if your carpets are really dirty, it’s recommended that you have them cleaned beforehand so you can get the best result.

How long does carpet dyeing take?

The process takes experts a few hours, but it depends mostly on whether they’re spot dyeing or dyeing the entire carpet, as well as on the surface area that needs to be covered. Once the carpet is dyed the drying process is the same as that of carpet cleaning and can take anywhere from 4-8 hours.

Are carpet dyes toxic?

Carpet dyes are non-toxic and odour-free, which means they are safe for you and your whole family, including your pets.

Can all carpets be dyed?

Unfortunately, not all carpets are suitable for dyeing. Polypropylene, olefin and polyester carpets cannot be dyed, as their carpet fibres are resistant to dyeing and staining. In fact, even bleach has no effect on their colour.

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