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Showing results for Exhaust Fan Installer

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What does an Electrician Service include?

When you have a new appliance, equipment or lighting you need safely installed, or you suspect you might have an electrical issue in your home, it’s always best to call in a professional electrician to help detect and fix the problem in a safe and efficient manner.

Thankfully homeowners in Perth don’t have to look too far, as Handymate offers all those services and more, so you can rest assured that everything will be installed correctly and operating properly by the time they electrician is done with your home. Here are some of the main services Handymate electricians in Perth provide:

Installation of new lighting

Professional electricians provide a variety of different services including installing new indoor or outdoor lights and light fixtures, chandeliers and ceiling fans, dimmer switches and more. The process includes mounting the new fixture, running a new cable to it, testing it and cleaning up after everything’s installed properly.

Electrical service call

An electrical service call includes an investigation or inspection of a potential electrical problem and a report of the findings.This service can be used for a number of different electrical issues, starting from small ones, like installation of new switches to larger ones like troubleshooting and circuit repair.

Electrical troubleshooting

This service includes inspection and investigation to determine the cause of power failure, identifying the issue and conducting repairs and upgrades which are necessary for getting the power systems up and running again.

Short circuit repairs

A short circuit is a condition in which electricity changes its direction and doesn’t follow its established flow. This can be caused by faulty appliance wiring, loose wire connection or faulty, old or damaged wire insulation.

When dealing with a short circuit, the electrician’s job is first to locate and isolate the problem, inspect the appliances and all power cords that have been plugged into the outlets where the short circuit occurred and repair the circuit problem.

Setting up surveillance cameras

Another service commonly offered by electricians in Perth is the installing of outdoor and indoor surveillance cameras, which includes placement consultation, setting up the cameras, running cables to an inside monitor or recording device, programming the cameras, concealing all cables and clean-up of the worksite.

Smoke alarm installation

This service includes setting up a smoke alarm unit, running a new cable to it, testing for the proper functioning of the alarm and cleaning up the site afterwards.

General power outlet (GPO) replacement

The process includes removing the old outlet and replacing it with a new general power outlet at the same location. After the installation is done, the electrician tests the functioning of the new power outlet and cleans up the work site as well.

Other services electricians offer might include rewiring or upgraded wiring, electrical extension, light switch replacement, inspecting or installing circuit breaker panels, bathroom fan replacement, electrical and HVAC inspection, electrical panel upgrades, upgrading faulty or outdated electrical fixtures, setting up kitchen and bathroom appliances, spas and hot tubs and so on.

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Frequently asked questions

Do bathroom fans need to be vented outside?

Yes, bathroom fans need to be vented outside. Venting them into the attic or other closed spaces can lead to moisture build-up and cause mould problems to arise. Pumping that much moisture into closed spaces can even lead to more significant issues than mould, such as moisture saturated insulation and wood rot.

Can you mount a bathroom fan on the wall?

While they will be less effective at getting the warm, moist air that rises to the top of the ceiling, bathroom fans can be installed on the wall. If you're considering this option, you should try to mount the fan closer to the ceiling so it can catch all the moisture.

Do bathroom fans use a lot of electricity?

Depending on the capacity of the fan and its features, an efficient bathroom fan can use as little as 6 watts, a standard fan can use up to 60 watts and a model with a heating function and additional features can use as much as 1500 watts.

Can you install an exhaust fan above a shower?

Yes, you can. When installing a bathroom fan, the best way to determine where you should place it is to follow the moisture and set the fan where you get the highest concentration of moisture. This area is usually above a shower or a tub, or near the bathing area.

Can you put an extractor fan in a shower?

As long as it conforms to the current regulations in your area, you can install your extractor fan in the shower. Note that the cords and switches must not be placed in the shower area.

How far can you run a bathroom fan vent?

This depends mainly on the size of the room that's ventilated, the number of elbows and turns on the duct, and the power of the fan. You should always tend to keep the duct length as short as possible for maximum results. While there is no maximum allowed distance that you should comply with, you should tend to stay within the limit of 3-3.5 m or less.

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