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How to prepare for Flea pest control service?

When it comes to flea infestations in your home or outdoor area, leave it up to Perth's most trusted pest control services to handle the problem for you and leave your home pest free and clean of pest-related debris.

Perth's pest control pros will help you keep your home or building safe and give you peace of mind, knowing that no critters and pests are scampering around your home.

However, hiring professional pest control services doesn't mean you get to sit back and let them do all the work. In order for the process to be successful, you'll need to collaborate with your pest control technician and prepare your home for the flea treatment.

When it comes to flea treatments, there are certain steps that you, as a homeowner, need to go through to get your home ready for your technician to work. Let's take a look at what those prep steps include:

Get ready to leave your home

During the treatment, you'll need to vacant your home or apartment, along with your family and pets. Fish tanks don't have to be moved. You can just cover them with plastic wrap or a wet towel and turn off the pumps during the duration of the treatment. Be prepared to stay out of your home for around 3-5 hours, unless otherwise advised by your pest control specialist.

Have your pets treated for fleas

Remove all pets from the property and have them treated for fleas, or treat them yourself following your vet's instructions. Wash all pets with a suitable flee shampoo and consider adding a flea and tick repellent so you can prevent the problem from occurring. It's important that you treat your pets at the same time you have your home treated so that neither can re-infested the other and spread the infestation again.

Tidy up your home

Pick up any loose toys, clothes or other items off the floor and furniture and store them properly, so they're not in the way of your technician's process. Cover and store any open containers or dishes with food. Wash and store any loose utensils and dishes from the tables and the sink.

Clean and vacuum all surfaces

Vacuum all carpeting and floors. Mop tile or wood floors and vacuum inside closets, behind and under furniture as well as in between cushions and pillows. Dispose of the vacuum cleaner bag in the trash can outside and close it tightly in case there are any flees or eggs left inside.

Wash everything in hot water

Wash used linens, pillows, bedding and cushion covers in hot water to destroy any fleas or eggs. Wash all pet bedding and stuffed toys as well.

Tidy up the yard

If you're treating the yard as well, you'll need to do a bit of cleaning up outside. That includes picking up any toys, pet bedding and accessories, and other loose items that might get in the way.

Upon successfully completing all preparation steps, Perth's certified pest control technicians can start the flea treatment and take care of those annoying fleas once, and for all, so you can have your warm and cosy home back to the way it was.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to exterminate fleas?

No matter how bad the flea infestation is, if you follow the right steps and use the appropriate treatment methods, you can completely rid your house of fleas within a day or two after the treatment. Note that not all treatments work the same way. To get rid of the flea infestation for good and obtain the best possible results, you’ll need to treat both your home and your pets at the same time.

Do fleas die in winter?

While fleas thrive at 24 degrees Celsius, that doesn’t mean you’re safe from them in the winter. Fleas can’t survive the outdoors in winter, but they can hide in protected areas inside, such as your bedding, carpet and so on. While flea infestations are less of an issue in the colder months, it’s still important to keep your pets safe and treated for fleas so that you don’t have to deal with a flea infestation in winter.

Does lemon spray kill fleas?

Lemon spray has a ton of uses around the house, especially when it comes to cleaning. In this case, it can be used as a natural remedy against fleas. To prepare the lemon flea solution you’ll need to slice a lemon in thin pieces, add it to a pint of water, bring the water to a boil and let the solution sit overnight. You can then use this solution to spray all the infected areas in your home to get rid of fleas effectively.

How do I treat my house for fleas?

The first step in treating your house for fleas includes treating your pets using shampoos or flea collars. Once you take care of them, you can start cleaning your home. Use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum as much of the fleas and larvae as possible. Remember to check under furniture, baseboards, and in the corners. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your home, it’s time to get everyone out of the house including all your pets and start applying the flea killer. For this purpose, you can use diatomaceous earth, Boric acid, your steam cleaner, etc.

How long can fleas live in a house?

In favourable conditions, such as living on a host, adult fleas can live up to 2 weeks. Without the host fleas have become accustomed to they will die of starvation within four days. Young fleas can live up to a week provided they haven’t fed before. Adult fleas that haven’t left their cocoons can enter into a dormant state and survive for up to 5 months without a host.

How much is pest control for fleas?

The cost of flea pest control depends on a few different factors. Those include the size of your property, the level of the flea infestation, as well as the type of insecticide used. On average, a 3-4 bedroom house including a small to medium garden area usually costs around $200-$300.

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