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There are a lot of things that can go wrong during tile installations, especially if you’re new to tiling. Some of those mistakes are easier to fix than others, while some can end up costing you a lot of money to fix them. Without having the proper skills and equipment needed to get the job done right, you can risk doing a poor job that will need to be redone, costing you a lot of time and money in the process. If you want to avoid this, you should consider hiring a professional porcelain tile installer who will be able to do a flawless job and provide you with amazing results. At our platform, you can find Perth’s exceptional tile installers, who will be able to execute your idea and turn it into reality. They’ll also advise you on the proper maintenance and cleaning methods you should use so that you can keep your tile looking brand new for years to come.

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What does a Tiling Service include?

Tile does not only look great but can also be very easy to clean and maintain. There are many homeowners who decide to take on the job of installing tile themselves and put in the extra time and effort to get everything done without the help of a professional contractor. However, hiring a tiling contractor in Perth instead of working long hours and risk not getting the job done as you envisioned is always a better option. At Handymate, you can find the best Australian tiling contractors who have the right tools and skills to execute your idea perfectly and give you the bathroom, entryway or kitchen of your dreams.

Here’s what you can expect from a professional floor tiling service in Perth, Western Australia:

Professional tiling contractors in Perth work with a lot of different materials, so no matter what kind of tile you decide to use, your contractor will be able to help you out with that. When it comes to choosing the type of material that’s right for you, you can consult your contractor beforehand and decide between a variety of materials available, including porcelain, ceramic, stone, granite, marble, mosaics, terracotta, slate, vitrified, vinyl and many more.

You can talk to your tiling contractor to decide what type of material works best for you according to your budget and your particular needs. Whichever material you choose, your contractor will be able to make your idea a reality and give you the result you envisioned.

When it comes to the full tiling service, here’s what it actually includes:

Your contractor will be able to install the floor or wall tiles of your choosing in a professional and timely manner. The tiling will be properly placed with precision and elegance so that there are no gaps or misplaced pieces. You can rest assured that the job will be done in a fast and efficient manner and according to your requirements. The main benefits of hiring a professional tiling contractor in Perth include not having to worry about supplying the right materials and equipment for the job or doing any of the work and clean-up yourself.

The tiling service also includes grouting, subflooring and waterproofing. You can ask your contractor to remove and dispose of your existing tile and help you relocate appliances and fixtures that are in the way.

An experienced tiling contractor will also be able to help you restore or reseal your old tile if you decide to restore it rather than replace it with new tile. Professional tile services also include small tile repairs such as replacement of broken tiles, re-grouting and re-silicone sealing, as well as tile protection, which includes covering the tiles with a sealant to reduce damage and prolong their lifespan.

These are some of the main services offered by professional tile contractors in Perth. A professional tiling contractor can help improve the look and functionality of your home, save you a lot of time, money and effort in the process and help you make any idea you come up with reality.

Frequently asked questions

Can you mix ceramic and porcelain tile?

Don’t be afraid of mixing different styles and types of tile to get the best result and achieve the look you want. Before you decide to mix ceramic and porcelain tiles, you’ll need to get familiarised with the main differences between these two materials so that you can use them properly.

What is the difference between ceramic and porcelain tile?

While they might feel and look similar, there are a lot of differences between porcelain and ceramic tiles. Both types of tile are made out of a clay mixture, but the process of productions is different. Porcelain tiles are made of more densely packed, finer clay which results in higher quality, denser and more durable product that holds up better over time and has a longer lifespan than most tile options.

Does porcelain tile break easily?

Porcelain tiles are very resilient. They are resistant to breakage and cracking and can have a very long lifespan if installed and maintained correctly. They are specifically built to handle stress and heavyweight, and while they are more expensive than other types of tile, they are an investment that pays off over time.

What makes a good porcelain tile?

Some of the main properties to look for when buying porcelain tile include a compact and sturdy structure, and low maintenance, stain-resistant composition. Tile that matches this description can be installed in any area both indoors and outdoors, and can withstand the harshest of conditions, including rain, snow and other extreme weather conditions.

Is porcelain tile slippery?

While aesthetics are important when choosing the right tile for your home or outdoor area, you’ll need to consider it’s functionality as well. If you’re looking for tile with high slip resistance to use in wet areas such as showers, bathrooms and pool areas, then you should go with unglazed porcelain tiles, rather than glazed ones.

Does porcelain tile need to be sealed?

Most porcelain tiles do not need to be sealed. However, if you’re working with unglazed porcelain tiles, you should seal them before grouting. Note that when it comes to porcelain tiles, there are only two types of sealers that work well and bond with this type of material. Those include penetrating sealers and floor finishes.

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