A Cost Guide for Availing Professional Tree Services 

To maintain your trees in a healthy and aesthetically pleasing condition, you need various types of tree services. Some professional arborists will take care of everything from tree pruning and trim to stump removal and tree surgery, and much more. The expenses involved depend upon several factors, and here is a precise cost guide for you.


The size of the tree decides the total amount you need to pay for tree pruning . It will cost more to prune larger trees compared to small trees, since they have more branches and leaves. If the tree is less than or equal to 9.1m, the pruning cost would be around $75 to $450. Again for a tree of height between 9.1m to 18.3m, the price is $150 to $875. For a tree taller than that, you need to pay somewhere between $200 and $1000.

Tree Trimming

Insured and licensed providers of tree trimming can offer you regular or one-time service based on your need and preference. The job includes trimming of diseased and dead branches and leaves, shaping and cutting, as well as branch or leaf removal if required. The cost mainly depends upon the height of the tree, and usually varies between $75 (for a 1.5m to 3m tall tree) and $410 (for a tree of height 13.7 m).

Tree Surgery

Tree surgery is mainly done to ensure that the trees are maintained in a good condition. A professional company offering tree surgery will assess the tree in question and the cost is decided according to the scope of alterations, which is based upon the character, size, shape and condition of the tree. Apart from general alterations, experts can also treat a tree which has been diseased or damaged by storms. The cost can be calculated on an hourly basis ranging from $30 to $40 per hour.

Tree Removal

When a large tree becomes a hazard for your property, it needs to be removed. Given the risks involved, you cannot do it yourself, so you need to avail professional tree removal services, which will cost you somewhere around $400 to $1400 depending upon the diameter and height of tree, accessibility, wood hardness and hazards involved. Sometimes, based on the urgency of the work, you might have to pay more.

Stump Removal

The cost for tree stump removal varies according to the type and size of the stump as well as the wood hardness. The position of the stump is also a major cost deciding factor. Many service providers incorporate the cost of stump removal in a normal tree removal service. Otherwise an extra amount of $80 to $300 is charged. So, when you are engaging a professional for tree removal, do enquire about the same. If you are looking for only stump removal, the average cost is around $1000 per stump.

Tree Planting

If you are looking for tree planting , there can be two cases- either you buy your own trees, or you ask the professional to buy the trees for you. For a typical tree, the cost of buying, planting and mulching comes to around $200.