If you want to improve the lighting in your room or update old fixtures that don't match your new interior design you need to consider all the different types of ceiling lights available so that you can make an informed decision.

You have a ton of options you can choose from when it comes to design, usability and affordability, so in order to make the process easier for you, we'll go over the six main and most commonly used ceiling light options you have including their pros and cons.

1. Flush mount and semi-flush mount

Some of the main advantages that makes flush and semi-flush mount lights a popular choice is their affordability, accessibility and their dependable and straightforward design. They are often the default choice for many builders unless the homeowners request otherwise. These lights are most commonly used in bathrooms and bedrooms and are found in almost all homes.

2. Pendant lights

Pendant lights are best used in rooms with high ceilings. They are great for kitchens, especially over kitchen counters and kitchen islands. While their popularity has increased tremendously over the last couple of decades, they are now considered overused and are no longer the hottest new thing in urbanity.

3. Recessed lights

Recessed lights are best installed during new construction or remodelling since they require you to cut holes in the ceiling to fit them. While they are still widely used today, they reached their peak of popularity in the eighties, where almost every house had them installed. You can install recessed lights on your ceiling, walls or even into the ground. They can also be used to highlight certain parts or elements of your home, like furniture, artwork, and so on.

4. Chandeliers

Chandeliers are most suitable for larger areas with high ceilings such as your dining room, entryway, and stairways. While the first thought many have when thinking of a chandelier is a glossy, enormous and expensive light fixture, not all chandeliers fit that description. As long as it hangs from the ceiling and has multiple bulbs, the lighting fixture is considered a chandelier. That means they come in many different types of styles, so you can choose the one that fits your home's interior design best.

5. LED strips

LED strips are an indirect lighting option that is installed around the ceiling instead of on it. They can even be hidden by installing crown moulding around the ceiling. This will hide the strips and direct the light towards the ceiling, adding a touch of elegance to your room.

6. Track lights

Track lights are great for small areas. In combination with LED bulbs, they can be a great choice in terms of energy savings. They can be found in different shapes and sizes, and are made from different materials, including metal and plastic. They offer flexibility, especially when used in a workshop or any other room with a lot of activity, as they are easily adjustable along the track.