Being the most used pieces of furniture you have in your home, it's not uncommon for doors to lose some of their functionality over time. Luckily there is an easy fix for all of the typical door problems homeowners face, so let's go through each of them and show you how you can fix them.

1. Fixing a door that won't stay closed

There are a couple of ways you can go about fixing a door that won't stay closed. The first and easiest of them all is to see if the screws on the top hinge are loose and tighten them up if that's the case. This may oftentimes be enough to keep the door from leaning over preventing the latch from sinking into the door strike and closing correctly.

If this doesn't work, you can try lowering the strike plate a millimetre down by loosening the screws, running a knife along the bottom to free up some space and using a hammer to drive the strike plate down. Once you've lowered the plate, be careful not to over tighten the screws, so they don't pull it up again. Test out the door to see if it works.

2. Fixing a crooked/sticking door

If you have a door that just isn't sitting right, and isn't opening and closing as smoothly as it should be, here's what you can do to address this issue and prevent it from escalating.

The first thing you'll need to do is loosen one of the screws on the top hinge (the middle one on the door frame side). The next thing you want to do is get a longer screw and put it in place of the one you just took out. This will suck the jamb back and tip the door to the correct side, so it sits right.

If this doesn't fix the problem, your crooked door could be cause by one of two things:

  • Excessive moisture that's expanded the door, or

  • Your house could have settled over time causing the door frame to shift, making it harder to close the door

If this is the case, your best option would be to sand the problem area using a sanding block or a power sander. Make sure you take enough off the door, so it closes properly and repaint the sanded areas.

3. Squeaky/rattling hinges

Some of the most common door problems we've all had to deal with are squeaky or rattling hinges. If the hinges are broken or damaged, they might cause your door to not open and close smoothly and make a squeaky sound. This can be easily fixed as it only requires a simple lubricate such as oil or soap, but you can also use WD-40. Apply the lubricant directly on the hinges, and it will get rid of that squeaking sound right away.

Aside from the squeaking, which is a pretty common problem, especially with old doors, you can also hear a rattling sound when you close your door. This can be caused due to a loose hinge, so make sure you tighten your hinges and that should solve the problem right away.