Nail pops, cracks and holes are some of the typical drywall issues homeowners have to deal with from time to time. Let's take a look at some of the most common drywall issues that you may encounter, as well as ways to fix them.

1. Dings and dents

Dings are dents are both the most common drywall issues and the easiest to fix. All you'll need to do to repair them is to sand off any rough edges and patch the area using a lightweight, quick application patch. Let the area dry for an hour and lightly sand it again. If it's not smooth enough, you can put another coat of the patch, or prime and paint over it.

2. Nail pop

The first thing you want to do to repair a nail pop is to take a razor knife, try to find where the screw is and chip the top off to dig the screw out. The next step would be to back out the screw using your drill or screwdriver. Once you take it out, you can replace it with a new screw or use the old one and drive it in a little bit further. You can then lightly sand the edges so you can prepare the area for finishing. Once that's done you can grab your drywall mud and refill the hole. Let the mud dry, lightly sand it and apply the second coat after 2-6 hours or once it's completely dry. Once the second coat is dry and sanded, you can prime and paint.

3. Small hole

This is a more significant problem than the occasional nail pop or dent you see in almost any home. To fix this common drywall issue you can buy a self-adhesive aluminium reinforced patch and stick it right over the hole. Next, you'll want to grab your standard drywall mud and apply a heavy coat on top of the patch, making sure you don't cover it completely. Once it's dry, lightly sand any rough edges and apply a second coat on top. Once the second coat is dry, you can apply the third and final coat, and after a light sand, the area will be ready to prime and paint.

4. Cracks

While you might be tempted to use drywall mud to cover the crack and then prime and paint over it, you might risk having it come back and becoming even more substantial next time. To take care of a crack for good, you will need to follow these few simple steps:

  • Use a razor knife to remove any loose material around the crack

  • Cut a piece of self-adhesive fibreglass mesh tape and cover the length of the crack with it

  • Apply a light coat of drywall mud and let it dry

  • Lightly sand any rough edges and put on a second coat of mud

  • Sand it again and apply a third coat

  • Sand the entire area one last time

  • Prime and paint