How Much Does An Average Carpet Cleaning Service Cost?

The cost of carpet cleaning services ranges from $35/hr-$55/hr in Australia. A typical carpet cleaning job can cost around $110 - $140, including which mainly depends on the size of your home, the type of treatment you need, as well as your location.

Here’s an overview of the average cost of carpet cleaning services in the following states:

State Average Costs (steam cleaning)

NSW $100 - $200

VIC $80 - $200

QLD $80 - $200

ACT $90 – $400

WA $80 - $200

TAS $80 - $200

SA $75 - $200

State Average Costs (dry cleaning)

NSW $90 - $140

VIC $80 - $180

QLD $80 - $180

ACT $50 - $190

WA $80 - $180

TAS $80 - $180

SA $75 - $180


What Affects The Cost Of A Carpet Cleaning Service?

If you’ve never had your carpets cleaned or it’s been a long time since you hired carpet cleaning services, you may be somewhat confused as to what you should expect.

While the majority of carpet cleaning companies have their way of determining their prices, there are a few factors which all carpet cleaning professionals always take into account when determining the cost of their services.

Carpet cleaning prices vary significantly depending on the type of service, the method used and your location among a few other crucial factors.

Let’s take a look at what those are and how they affect the price of carpet cleaning services.

1. Location

Same as with the majority of upkeep outdoor and indoor services offered, the cost of carpet cleaning services depends mainly on your location. The prices vary from one location to the next, and if you happen to live in an area outside your carpet cleaner’s servicing area, you can expect to pay an additional travel fee. This is required so that your carpet cleaning professional can cover their travel expenses and account for the time they spent going to and from your location.

2. Type of cleaning

Typically all carpet cleaning companies offer more than one cleaning method you can choose from. Two of the most common methods include dry and steam cleaning. Both work well and provide good results, which means it’s up to you and your cleaner to pick the right method for your carpet cleaning needs so you can get the most out of your money and achieve a great result.

3. Price per room

One of the ways that some carpet cleaners use to estimate costs is by the room. This pricing method allows carpet cleaners to provide their customers with a fairly accurate estimate by the phone, without having to do an on-site estimate.

4. Price per square metre

While some carpet cleaners prefer using the per room method to charge for their services, others tend to charge per the size of each room, measuring only the surface that will be cleaned. In this case, your carpet cleaner will be required to perform an on-site estimate although they may be able to provide you with a ballpark figure over the phone. However, in order to give you the correct price, they will need to take measurements of each room that needs to be cleaned first.

Some carpet cleaning companies measure only the open space between the furniture, while others measure the whole room, either way, once they multiply their price by the square metres of the room, you should probably arrive at the same price.

5. Additional services

Before hiring a carpet cleaning professional, you need to make sure that all the necessary services are included in the price, or if not, ask how much extra you will need to pay for the additional services you may need. These include removing old, stubborn stains, as well as ordinary spotting and pre-treatment, which are not always included in the price of the services.

These are some of the main factors that carpet cleaning companies use to calculate their prices for the services they offer. Now that you’ve gotten familiar with the basics of determining carpet cleaning prices, let’s take a look at a few tips that will help you choose the best carpet cleaning professional for your project.

Note: You should always be cautious of very low bidders as not all carpet cleaning companies work the same way or offer the same results. Always remember that you receive what you pay for, so be careful when choosing your carpet cleaner and always look for reviews and recommendations to make a more informed choice.

How to Choose a Carpet Cleaning Service Provider

In order to get the best carpet cleaning specialist for your needs, you need to consider some of the following factors when making your final decision:

1. Compare quotes

Always ask for quotes from a few carpet cleaners to determine what price works best for you and whether their services come at an affordable rate that’s within your budget.

2. Cleaning technique

Find out which cleaning techniques each of the potential carpet cleaning specialists use and see which one works best for your needs. Opt for eco-friendly, non-toxic solutions whenever possible.

3. Insurance and license

Ask your carpet cleaning professional, whether they are insured and find out if they have a license to work in the field.

4. Reviews and references

Check out a few of the reviews their previous customers left online and ask for references from at least three of their previous clients to see how satisfied they were with their work.

How to Save Money Hiring a Carpet Cleaning Service

There are a few ways in which you can save money while still getting an amazing, high-quality service that will enhance the overall appeal of your home and leave you satisfied with the result.

Here are a few ways that you can do just that:

1. Move furniture yourself

You can save money by moving all the furniture yourself before the carpet cleaning specialist even arrives. This can cut down on your expenses by allowing your cleaner to start working on your carpets right away and not waste any time and effort moving your furniture and preparing the area. Note that most beds do not even have to be moved in order to get the carpet cleaned properly, so save yourself unwanted backache and leave the beds as they are. You can go ahead and move tables, sofas, desks and bookshelf and set them on the side so your carpet cleaning professional can get straight to work once they arrive.

2. Vacuum regularly

By vacuuming regularly and maintaining your carpet in good condition, you can not only extend its life, but you can also extend the time between each carpet cleaning service, which can help you cut down on your yearly costs.

3. Adapt a no-shoes policy

Leave your shoes at the door before you enter your home, and ask your guests not to wear shoes inside as well. Not only will they wear out your carpet faster, but they’re also a great way to bring in all kinds of dirt and debris from outside.

4. Ask for several quotes

While we already mentioned that this step is important when choosing the right carpet cleaning specialist, it plays an equally important role when trying to cut down on your expenses as well. Asking for several quotes and comparing what they have to offer before you make your decision will help you find a carpet cleaner that’s right for you.