If you're in need of drywall repair, and you don't want to risk doing the job yourself, you might decide to hire a professional who has the required skills and expertise to get the job done right. A typical drywall repair job can cost around $45/square metres, but the price can range from $20 up to $250+/square metre for premium jobs.

Here are some of the main factors that affect the cost of drywall repair:

1. The size of the wall

The main factor that's taken into account when providing a quote is the area or size of the wall that needs to be covered measured in square metres. That's why most professionals require the right measurements of the wall that needs to be repaired before they can offer you a final quote.

2. Complexity of the job

The size of the walls that need to be repaired isn't the only factor that affects the total price of the job. The scope of the work is another factor that can affect the cost. The more intricate and complex the work is, the more time it will take to get it done, making the cost go up as a result. That's why drywall repair often costs more than new drywall installations because repairing or replacing old drywall requires the old one to be removed and the walls to be cleaned and smoothed out before the new drywall is installed.

3. Materials used

Drywall, tape and other materials used to complete the repair will also affect the price of the services. Common materials such as plastic to cover the surfaces, tape, screws, joint compound and most importantly drywall are some of the primary materials required to complete a drywall repair job and will be included in the final cost of the services.