How Much Does An Average Lawn Mowing Service Cost?

The cost of lawn mowing services ranges from $35/hr-$55/hr in Australia. A typical lawn mowing job can cost around $85-$90 including mowing, trimming and cleaning up afterwards.

Here’s an overview of the average cost of lawn mowing services in each state:

State Average Costs (per hour)

NSW $55/hr

VIC $40/hr

QLD $50/hr

ACT $45/hr

WA $35/hr

TAS $35/hr

SA $40/hr

What Affects The Cost Of A Lawn Mowing Service?

The price of the services depends on a few factors, such as the size and type of your lawn, how often you require lawn care and maintenance, as well as your location, among others.

Let’s take a look at some of the main factors that determine the cost of lawn mowing services:

1. Location

The cost of lawn care services always depends on the area where you live. Lawn maintenance in larger cities is always more expensive than in smaller towns. The same goes for more densely populated states in comparison to the less populated ones.

However, there are some exceptions to this rule. If you live in a more remote area, the price of the services may be higher than usual, and you may need to pay additional travel fees for the lawn maintenance professional to come to you. You should ask the company about their travel fee and other additional fees that may apply if you’re outside their service range.

2. Size of your lawn

The size of your yard determines the amount of work that will need to be done and therefore influences the final cost of the services. The longer it takes for the job to be finished, the higher the cost will be.

3. Type of your lawn

Depending on the type of your lawn and how easy it is to access it, the price of the mowing services can vary from one lawn to another. If your lawn is on a slope and takes more time and effort to be mowed, then you may expect to pay a higher price for the services.

4. Additional services

If you request other services such as seeding, fertilisation, weed control or aeration, you will need to pay extra for those services and anything else that’s not included in the standard lawn maintenance package the company offers.

5. Time of the year

The time of the year, you request the service is another factor that can influence mowing rates. If you don’t have a mowing contract with a particular company and you prefer to pay per service, then you can expect the price of those services to rise during peak mowing season when the weather is hotter, and the grass grows faster. During the slow seasons, the costs of the services goes down because there is less work to be done. This happens during the winter months when the grass grows slower than usual and requires less maintenance compared to the summer months. During the slower seasons, you can expect to find discounts and specials on lawn mowing services.

6. Type of grass

While you may be surprised that the kind of grass you have plays a role in the final cost of the lawn mowing services, the truth is that different types of grass require different treatments and care, which can, in turn, affect the overall cost.

This is because different types of grasses have different needs when it comes to mowing, fertilisation, seeding, and watering, which is why they require a different kind of care.

7. Frequency of mowing

If you use lawn mowing services, or you maintain your lawn on your own regularly, that means that it’s probably in good condition and will require less work. For this reason, regular mowing services cost less than first time mows, since they require less time and labour than a neglected lawn would.

How to Choose a Lawn Mowing Service Provider?

Before you choose a lawn mowing service provider that fits your needs and your budget, here are some of the main things you’ll need to consider so you can make the right choice:

  • Compare the rate you get to other companies that offer the same services in your area

  • Get a complete list of all the services that are included in the price and compare that to what other companies are offering

  • Determine if you want to sign a contract with that company to get a discount, and if so, find out the duration of the contract

  • Ask about the services they offer and find out what’s included in their lawn maintenance package

  • Ask about additional services that you may need, such as re-seeding, weeding and so on, and find out if the prices of those services work for you and our budget

  • Check out reviews to find out how other homeowners rated the services

  • Find out what type of equipment they use

How to Save Money Hiring a Lawn Mowing Service?

One way to ensure you save money when hiring a lawn care professional is to sign up for regular lawn mowing services. Most companies charge more for one time visits than for regular lawn care. If you sign up for regular services, you will not only get a discount, but you can also rest assured that your lawn is kept in excellent condition all year long.

Another way to save money on lawn services would be to hire a local teenager who offers lawn mowing services for low fees. However, you should not expect the same quality of service as you would get from a professional, and you won’t get additional services such as edging, trimming and clean up.  

There is one more option that you have, and that is to do the job yourself, which some homeowners prefer to do. Before you decide if this option works for you, you need to consider the time and effort that you’ll need to invest into your lawn each week and determine whether or not you have the extra time to spend it maintaining your lawn.

What Are The Benefits Of Hiring A Professional Lawn Care Service?

While there are a lot of people who see mowing the lawn and taking care of the garden as a way to relax and unwind, the truth is that lawn care and maintenance covers a lot more tasks in addition to mowing the lawn, and therefore requires a lot of time and effort on a weekly basis.

While there’s nothing more satisfying than having a beautifully maintained lawn, the lawn care process involves endless hours of mowing, trimming, edging, blowing leaves and grass clippings and cleaning up afterwards, which not all of us can keep up with.

The main benefit of hiring professionals to maintain your lawn is not having to spend any time and effort taking care of your lawn and being able to spend it doing something you and your family will enjoy.

Other benefits of hiring a professional lawn care service include:

  • Having a perfectly maintained lawn all year long

  • Boosting your home’s curb appeal

  • Not having to spend money on lawn care equipment and supplies

  • Getting consistent care for your lawn, which many busy homeowners don’t have time for

  • Avoiding accidental damage to your lawn or other common hazards that may occur