Generally, roof cleaning costs around $50 per hour, while prices may range from $30-$80 depending on your location, the state of your roof and a few more factors which we'll cover right now.

While it's common for professionals to charge for their roof cleaning services by the hour, there are some companies and individuals that prefer to do it by the size of the roof as well as a few additional factors. Let's take a closer look at each one of those:

1. Roof size

Those who prefer to work on a fixed price rather than an hourly rate, calculate the cost of their services according to the size of the roof measured in squared metres.

2. Type of cleaning

There are different types of roof cleaning services you can choose from, starting from low-pressure washing, to soft chemical washing and eco-friendly roof cleaning, which uses eco-friendly and biodegradable cleaning solutions to get rid of mould and build-up in a safe manner. The price of the cleaning depends on the type of cleaning you choose. Note that some cleaning methods work better on some types of roofs than they do on others, so before you hire anyone ask them which cleaning method would work best for your roof and how it will affect the final price of the service.

3. State of your roof

The longer you've waited to get your roof cleaned, the longer it will take to clean it. This will make the overall cost higher, as it will require more time, effort, care and materials as well.

4. Location

Your location is another factor that can affect the final cost of the service. Homes located in moderate climates typically cost less to clean than homes that are exposed to a lot of moisture, seawater and rain.