While we all have our routines that we stick to when cleaning everything from our home and backyard to our car, we rarely stop to think if there are more effective ways that we could be using to achieve better results.

Let's take a look at the top 8 mistakes almost everyone makes as well as alternative options so you can avoid making them ever again.

1. Moping Wood Floors with a Soaking Mop

While you can definitely use a mop to clean wood floors, you need to make sure that you've wrung it correctly before using it and that you're not leaving any standing water on the floor. The proper way of moping wood floors is to use a damp mop and the right detergent that's suitable for wood floors.

2. Scrubbing Stains

Although this one might sound like something you tend to do when stains happen, the proper way to clean your carpet or upholstery from stains is to blot and rinse, rather than scrub the stain out. Scrubbing the stain can spread it to the surrounding area and make matters much worse. That's why you should always stick to blotting when it comes to carpets, fabrics and upholstery.

3. Using Furniture Polish For Dusting

While it mainly depends on the type of polish you're using, generally speaking, many types of polish can actually have the opposite effect you were hoping to achieve. They can attract even more dust, as well as build up and darken your furniture. That's why you should stick to using these products sparingly and according to the manufacturer's recommendations to ensure proper care and maintenance.

4. Cleaning Windows On A Sunny Day

While you might feel more motivated to clean your house on a sunny day instead of a gloomy, rainy one, you should at least skip cleaning your windows and wait for a cloudy day. The reason behind this is that the heat from the sun will cause the windows to dry faster, leaving marks and smears on the glass. 

5. Mixing Bleach and Ammonia

While mixing any cleaning products is generally a bad idea, mixing ammonia and bleach can lead to serious health risks. This mixture produces hazardous toxic vapours which can attack your eyes and cause respiratory problems as well.

6. Vacuuming Wrong

Some of the most common vacuuming mistakes people make include:

  • Waiting too long to do it

  • Vacuuming before dusting and cleaning the entire house

  • Vacuuming using quick and ineffective strokes

  • Not emptying the bag on time

  • Not changing the HEPA filter on time

  • Vacuuming in the wrong direction (back and forth instead of in rows)

7. Using Abrasive Cleaners on Tile and Bathtubs

While abrasives are great at removing stubborn dirt and stains, they are not suitable for cleaning the bathtub or tile because they can dull the finish and even scratch the surface.

8. Cleaning Electronics With Spray Cleaners

Using spray cleaners on electronics such as your TV or PC can ruin or damage the screen. Instead of using spray cleaners, stick to a dry or barely damp microfiber cloth or wand duster.