While cleaning the gutters is not a job anyone particularly loves doing, it's something we all have to deal with when the time comes. Whether you choose to go with a professional or take on the task yourself, here are a few things you need to have in mind when it comes to cleaning the gutters. If you follow our step by step guide, you'll be able to clean your gutters with ease and prevent any debris build-up and water damage before it occurs.

Here's what you'll need to do:

1. Safety

While you might have probably heard this a million times by now, safety is the number one concern when it comes to cleaning out gutters on your own. That's why to stay safe, first, you need to make sure your ladder is on a level surface and that you're propping it up against something secure. Also, make sure you have someone on the bottom to spot the ladder and keep it steady. Try not to go out on a windy or rainy day to maximise your safety and your efficiency as well. Always move the ladder along the gutters, so you don't overstretch. And finally, attach your bucket or plastic bag to the ladder so your hands can be free to scoop up the debris. These are some of the main safety measures or precautions you need to take when it comes to DIY gutter cleaning. No matter if you're scooping up debris and dry leaves, flushing and unblocking your downpipes, installing gutter guards or even working on the roofing material, such as fixing broken or damaged roof tiles, addressing leaks and water damage or anything else that requires working on a ladder, you need to follow these simple yet very important safety practices.

2. Clearing Out The Gutters

Cleaning out the gutters is a task every homeowner should attend to at least once a year, depending on how much debris and dry leaves get collected and block the gutters. When it comes to the cleaning process, there are numerous ways homeowners use, such as tongs on an extension pole, remote-control gutter-cleaning robots and so, most of which include getting on a ladder and simply doing the work. 

If you decide to clean your gutters by hand, without using any specialised equipment, all you'll need to have is a ladder, safety goggles, heavy-duty gloves and something to scoop the debris with. These are some of the main tools and supplies required for cleaning gutters, so before you get up on that ladder make sure you have everything ready. A plastic milk carton with the bottom cut off is ideal for scooping up all of the leaves and debris. Use a garbage bag to put the debris into and your garden hose to rinse off the gutters and flush the downpipes once you've collected all the leaves and debris. 

While you’re up there, check the status of your gutters and note any cracks or holes that need sealing. If your gutters are sagging, you can use this time to repair the brackets as well. You can also use this time to install leaf guards so that you can catch most of the debris before it clogs your gutters.

If you're not really confident in your gutter cleaning skills or you don't have experience working on a ladder, you should consider hiring professional gutter cleaning services to avoid any potential safety and health hazards, such as slips, falls and injuries. At our platform, you can find the best gutter cleaners in Melbourne that will be able to help you with all your needs.

3. Maintenance

Another essential step in ensuring you have clean and properly functioning gutters that won't leak and cause any damage to your home is proper and regular maintenance. What this means is checking your gutters for leaks when it rains, making sure there are no holes or if there are taking the time to patch them properly so you can avoid any damage. You can also invest in gutter guards or screens which will be able to keep most of the debris out. However, not even gutter guards can keep everything out, which is why it's essential to clean your gutters out regularly.

Benefits of Routine Gutter Cleaning

There are several benefits of regular gutter cleaning that will help you realise how important gutter cleaning actually is. Let's take a look at some of the essential benefits of proper gutter cleaning and maintenance.

1. Water damage prevention

Keep your foundation and your entire home safe and protected by removing any debris, leaves, twigs and other build-ups that may be causing your gutters to get blocked and start leaking. Water damage is the leading cause of structural damage in homes. If left unchecked, it can spoil your foundation, affecting the stability of your house and therefore drastically reducing its value. This is why gutter cleaning is such an important task and should be performed at least once a year.

2. Improve the look of your home

Routine gutter cleaning prevents the destruction of landscaping due to soil erosion, mostly caused by gutter blockages and unmanaged water leaks. These types of leaks can cause the soil to erode and sweep away flowers and plants, ruining your landscape and your home's curb appeal. To prevent these issues from arising, you need to conduct regular gutter inspections and maintenance and fix any issues as soon as they arise.

3. Extend the lifespan of your roof

This is an especially important benefit of routine gutter cleaning and can save you a lot of money and trouble down the road. While gutters serve an important purpose at all times, this is especially true for the colder seasons. During winter, if your gutters are clogged with leaves and debris, this will make it easier for ice to get trapped in them and add unnecessary weight to your roof. Additionally, clogged gutters make it harder for the water and snow to drain as intended. This can cause the gutters to overflow and once the water freezes it can start moving or taking apart shingles off your roof, leading to a more expensive issue down the road.

4. Protect your basement

Basement flooding is a serious issue that can lead to the growth of mould or mildew, which can affect your health and cause health issues such as respiratory problems, allergies and even asthma. These are not the only issues that may arise due to basement flooding. If your gutters fail to do their primary function, which is to keep water off your walls and foundation, your basement might flood, causing damage to your furniture, appliances, electric tools and equipment and anything else that you might be storing in your basement.

5. Increase your comfort

Getting your gutters cleaned regularly helps you eliminate or lower the chances of getting mould or mildew in your home. It also eliminates dangerous and annoying pests such as rats and mosquitoes from taking up residence in your gutters. Other pests and animals that might be attracted to your clogged gutters include cockroaches, birds, bees, wasps and hornets, which can all be dangerous and destructive in their own way.

These are some of the main benefits that you can expect to receive by having your gutters cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. That's why it's important to do periodical inspections and clean them before they get clogged. You may choose to clean the gutters yourself or hire a professional to do it for you, whichever way you go make sure you do it properly and on a regular basis.