Of all the things that can disturb your comfort in your home, and threaten your health, finding out you have a pest infestation problem is very high up on that list. Solving this problem will require determining the type of pests you have, the source of the problem and the degree of infestation. Once you establish those parameters, you’ll need to find the most suitable and effective solution to get your pest problem under control and your house back to normal again.

How to Get Rid of Spiders

Spiders can really be an unpleasant and often scary sight to see in your home. While they are not as annoying as ants or cockroaches, and typically do not cause us any harm, if you’d still rather not have them in your home, there are a few natural ways to get rid of them for good.

Here’s how it works:

There are a few natural ingredients that can really put off spiders and other pests. Those include:

  • Cinnamon : The easiest way to deter spiders off your property is to sprinkle cinnamon around the corners, baseboards and areas where you typically see spiders.

  • Turmeric :  Another pretty strong spice spiders run away from is turmeric. If you want to keep them away from your home, you can make a turmeric and water paste, dip a few cotton balls in it and set them on a piece of paper or a rag around the entry points to your home.

  • Vinegar : It’s true that vinegar is an all-purpose solution. It has a ton of uses around the home, one of which is to deter pests such as spiders, termites and more. To get rid of spiders effectively, mix equal parts of water and vinegar in a spray bottle and spray along any corners, cracks and floorboards.

  • Citrus fruits : Spiders detest the smell of citrus fruits. You can use orange peels to deter them from settling in your home. Simply rub the peels along corners, cracks, windows and doors and leave a few extra peels on the windowsills just in case.

While it’s nearly impossible to keep bugs and other pests out of our home at all times, there are a few proven, yet natural ways to get rid of them for good, so the next time you find yourself in such a predicament, make sure to give some of these methods a try. You won’t be disappointed.