Cockroach infestations are among the most common, yet most worrisome pest problems you may encounter in your life. The main reason why it is such an annoying problem to deal with is that cockroaches are quite resilient and often difficult to get rid of using DIY methods. However, that doesn’t mean they are immune to all treatments. While there are several different treatment options that you can use to treat a cockroach infestation, the best thing that you can do is to actually identify the problem as soon as possible, so it doesn’t escalate. To help you out with that process, we’ve composed a detailed and thorough list of all the ways you can use to find out whether you’re dealing with a cockroach problem.

What are the Signs of a Cockroach Infestation?

Not only do cockroaches cause problems around the home, but they can also be harmful to you and your family’s health, which is why it’s important to take the appropriate measures as soon as the issue occurs. 

The sooner you identify the problem you’re dealing with, the easier it will be to get rid of it for good. Here are some of the main signs you need to look out for in order to determine whether you’re dealing with a cockroach infestation so you can take care of your problem right away.

1. Seeing cockroaches

One of the most common signs of a cockroach infestation is actually seeing the cockroaches themselves. Since cockroaches are nocturnal if you happen to see them during daylight hours that might indicate that you have a more extensive problem. Another sign of a cockroach infestation is seeing cockroaches in different life stages, including newborns and adult cockroaches congregating together. This can indicate that the infestation is quite significant.

2. Cockroach droppings

Cockroaches eat almost everything they can find. They have a big appetite and therefore leave a lot of droppings as well. That’s what makes this the easiest sign to spot when it comes to a roach infestation. Roach droppings can vary in size and colour depending on the type of roach you’re dealing with. Generally speaking, cockroach droppings can resemble black peppercorns and can go up to the size of a coffee bean. They can be round or oval in shape and can be found in areas where there’s enough food or moisture for cockroaches to live off of, which is usually behind or under kitchen appliances, sinks and cupboards.

3. Smear marks

Cockroaches may produce dark smear marks as they crawl around your home. You can find these marks in places where roaches are most active and move around.

4. Cockroach eggs

Another common sign of a cockroach infestation includes seeing cockroach eggs which are in the form of capsules. Cockroach eggs differ from species to species. Most cockroaches drop their egg capsule immediately, while some carry it around with them until it’s ready to hatch.

5. Unpleasant odour

If you have a cockroach infestation, you may notice a musty, pungent odour in your home. The odour comes mostly from their droppings, as well as from dead, decomposing roaches which can linger in the air for a long period of time.

6. Shed skin

In addition to the other signs of roach activity listed above, another way to determine if you have a roach infestation is to look for shed skin in areas where cockroaches typically hide. Since cockroaches tend to shred their skin a few times during their life cycle, this means that if you have a cockroach infestation, you’ll likely find shed skin of varying sizes around your home.

7. Damage to property

As we mentioned before, cockroaches aren’t very picky about what they eat. If their food source runs out and they can’t find anything else, they can start snacking on your leather couch, books and other items in your home, causing quite a bit of damage.

How to Take Care of a Cockroach Infestation

To take care of your cockroach problem, you will need to follow these few simple steps:

1. Proper Inspection and Identification of the Problem

Cockroaches choose to live in areas where there’s a source of food and water. This is why the most common places you can find them include your kitchen and bathroom.

To conduct a proper inspection, use a flashlight to check underneath the refrigerator and other appliances, inside kitchen cabinets, under and around your sink and other places you may suspect they’re hiding. They can also hide behind the corners of your wallpaper so if there’s peeling you might want to check under it.

Other places where you can find cockroaches hiding include basements, laundry rooms and drains.

2. Eliminating their preferred environment

While this won’t eliminate your cockroach problem, it can be used as a preventative measure and as a way to reduce their population. 

This method includes:

  • proper storage of food, making sure everything is sealed properly and no food is available for them to live off of

  • on-time detection and repair of any moisture issues such as leaking faucets and pipes

  • keeping a regular cleaning schedule, including sweeping or vacuuming, mopping and cleaning up any food debris and spills as soon as possible

3. Pest control

While there is a lot of store-bought and home-made products you can use to treat a cockroach infestation, most of the times these sort of infestations require professional help. A pest control specialist will know exactly where to look for cockroaches, implement the right pest control method and share valuable tips on how to prevent future infestations from occurring.