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Bright House Cleaning Services provides domestic cleaning and housekeeping services. You can hire them to clean your home for as little as 2 to 3 hours per week. Or you can have the full-service housekeeping team do it. They are committed to offering quality housekeeping and cleaning services for busy families, professionals, and couples in Sydney. Their cleaners will clean your home thoroughly and make it sparkle. You can choose to have your home cleaned on a weekly, fortnightly, or monthly basis, or you can request a spring cleaning service. Their home cleaners are all experts in cleaning, and Public Liability covers them.
Pricing starting from:
Steam Carpet cleaning From $55
Metro Carpet Cleaning & Restorations understands what it takes for a high-quality clean every time. Their technicians are all certified and trained by both practical and written exams. The industry's leading training groups also accredit them, ensuring that all customers have the best equipment, products, and information. Metro Carpet Cleaning & Restorations only uses non-toxic, biodegradable cleaning products. They consider the environment and the people living and working in the buildings they clean.
Based in Sydney, Aladdin Carpet Cleaning is a company that provides premium carpet and upholstery cleaning services to both residential and commercial spaces. The company aims to offer all customers the highest quality of service through a combination of services, and the workers take great pride in the level of service they provide. The experienced technicians offer carpet and upholstery cleaning, residential cleaning, rug and mattress cleaning, stain removal, and carpet protection treatments at affordable prices.
Carpet Care and Repair is the industry leader in carpet cleaning and repairs, committed to providing the best possible service for all customers. Their staff is certified and experienced, offering exceptional services backed by honest customer reviews to ensure your security. All customer inquiries are answered with accurate information. Carpet Care and Repair provides carpet, upholstery, rug care, carpet repair, stretching, and water damage.
Mr Meticulous Cleaning Services specializes in bond cleaning and End-of-Lease Cleaning, servicing Sydney homes and offices for over 26 years with highly-skilled cleaners who take pride in what they do. They offer cleaning seven days a week. End-of-Lease Cleaning and their Bond Cleaning Service are two of the many services they offer and have completed thousands of end-of-lease cleaning jobs for both individuals and agencies. They can provide more than just general cleaning, specifically deep cleaning, strata cleaning, office cleaning, removal of mold, cleaner, steam cleaning carpets, high-pressure cleaning,event or party cleaning, glass and window cleaning, and detailing of the oven, stovetop, and rangehood.
Best in Oz Cleaning Service delivers a complete cleaning service for all commercial and residential needs in Adelaide, Canberra, and Sydney. Their team can handle any job, big or small, aiming to be the best cleaner by providing all-in-one cleaning services to clients and accomplished without allocating small parts to different contractors. They have security screening and insurance for all their cleaners. Customers should choose Best in Oz Cleaning Services because of their flexible cleaning packages, flexible schedule, excellent customer service, bond-back warranty, a team of well-trained and experienced professionals, and customers can get a quote for free!
Pressure and Steam is the best option for making your home safer and healthier. They are available throughout NSW to meet with you to discuss your project. Their team is highly qualified in their respective areas and follows their meticulously researched processes to achieve the best results. Each job has a head tech who has received vocational training. They offer carpet, water damage, pressure, and upholstery cleaning. The team specializes in tile cleaning, house washing, roof cleaning, and solar panel cleaning. Pressure and Steam also offer graffiti removal, window cleaning, sandstone cleaning, mattress cleaning, tiles and stones sealing, mold removal, and fabric protection.
Clear Wash - Sydney, NSW
Clear Wash
Sydney, NSW
5.0 (2)
Clear Wash understands the difficulties of fitting cleaning in your busy schedule. Clear Wash offers the best cleaning services in Sydney. We will bring life to your home and make you feel good with the people you love. While any domestic cleaner in Sydney can make your home look neat and tidy, our professional cleaners will ensure that your living space feels as good as it looks. Clear Wash has ten years experience in professional cleaning. Clear Wash's cutting-edge cleaning methods will produce exceptional results unlike any other Sydney cleaning company.
Clean Australia Service is a cleaning company that has been in business for more than ten years. They have grown to be one of Sydney's most trusted cleaning services. Quality is always their top priority. They have served many customers, and they know what to do. They are equipped with highly trained staff and have years of experience. They also offer custom cleaning solutions and high-quality services. They do not use harmful products in their cleaning sessions. Clean Australia Service believes that your property is equally important to them as it is to you. Their equipment is state-of-the-art, so the cleaning is also high quality.
DryTech Carpet Cleaning Sydney offers professional carpet cleaning services for commercial properties and residential homes in central Sydney and the surrounding suburbs. Carpet cleaning professionals are the best way to remove allergens like dust mites and other allergens from your carpets. They can also remove stubborn stains and spills and restore carpets to their original condition. DryTech Carpet Cleaning Sydney only uses environmentally-friendly products that are safe and healthy for your pets. Their equipment is constantly being upgraded to ensure they use the most efficient and effective methods to clean your carpets. Their customers are their priority. They will do everything to get to you as quickly as possible, whether it's at your office, home, or work site.

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Carpet Cleaning Technician Needed
Sydney, NSW 2000

We have three pets, one of which is a pup that can sometimes make a mess unintentionally. We need someone for a stain and odour removal treatment for our bedroom and dining room carpets.

Steam Carpet Cleaning
Sydney, NSW 2000

Hi there, I'm looking for an available carpet cleaning expert to clean our bedroom carpet and common room rugs.

Mattress Deep Cleaning
Sydney, NSW 2000

I'm interested in the offer 'Double Bed Mattress Cleaned listed in Handymate.

Carpet Cleaning Technician Needed
Sydney, NSW 2000

We have three pets, one of which is a pup that can sometimes make a mess unintentionally. We need someone for a stain and odour removal treatment for our bedroom and dining room carpets.

Regular Carpet Cleaning Needed
Sydney, NSW 2000

We need to have our carpets cleaned. They may not look dirty but they probably have a lot of built-up bacteria and germs since they haven't been cleaned professionally in almost a year.

1-Bedroom Apartment Needs Carpet Cleaning Services
Sydney, NSW 2000

Looking for a cleaner to clean the carpets in a one-bedroom apartment. Steam cleaning preferred + deodorizing of all carpets.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I dye my carpet instead of buying a new one?

While there are some cases in which you might be required to buy new carpets, for example, if the old ones have become too worn out, damaged, or too heavily stained, in other cases you are better off dyeing your carpets instead, so you can save time, money and effort and simply restore your old carpets in a matter of hours.

How do I safely set up a consultation or an appointment with a carpet dyeing provider during the coronavirus pandemic?

The first step you can take to stay safe while hiring a carpet dyeing professional is to set up a virtual appointment instead of an in-person visit. This way, you can safely discuss the type of work you need and get an estimate quote. You can do the initial consultation via video call or phone call, where you can discuss your carpet dyeing needs while social distancing.

How long does carpet dyeing take?

The process takes experts a few hours, but it depends mostly on whether they’re spot dyeing or dyeing the entire carpet, as well as on the surface area that needs to be covered. Once the carpet is dyed the drying process is the same as that of carpet cleaning and can take anywhere from 4-8 hours.

How do I know if carpet dyeing services are considered as essential COVID-19 services?

To find out whether a professional carpet dyeing or steam cleaning services are considered essential, visit your city or state’s government website first. If you still need more information on which services or categories from this sector are considered as essential COVID-19 services, check out Safe Work Australia’s publication.

Benefits of Hiring a Professional Carpet Cleaner

There are numerous benefits that you can get by hiring a carpet cleaning company or professional carpet cleaners, instead of attempting to do the job yourself. Some of the main ones include:

1. Multiple services offered
Carpet cleaning companies offer more than just the standard dry or steam carpet cleaning service. Some of the many services offered by carpet cleaning businesses include rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning and much more. So if you're looking to restore the look of your furniture or bring back the shine in your tiled floors, you should consider hiring a carpet cleaning professional to get the job done for you. 
2. You can choose your preferred method
Carpet cleaning professionals offer several different cleaning methods so you can choose the one that works best for you and your home. You can go with steam carpet cleaning or hot water extraction, dry cleaning which is a low or zero moisture method, shampooing, stain removal and more. If you're not sure which method works best for your type of rugs and carpets, consult your qualified professional so you can choose the best option and get the desired results.
3. Save time and money
While some homeowners prefer to clean their carpets, rugs, upholstery and grout themselves, all of these processes involve a lot of hard, messy work which is not just time-consuming, but it is also less effective when seen as a DIY task and doesn't offer the same results as a professional carpet cleaning company would achieve. That's why in order to save yourself the trouble and avoid wasting your time and money on something that may or may not provide the desired outcome, you should definitely consider leaving the job to the professionals.
4. Professional results and 100% satisfaction guarantee
Our carpet cleaning professionals are experienced and versed at their job and have the required training, skills and knowledge needed to perform to the highest standards. They offer a high-quality service and 100% satisfaction guarantee to all their customers, so you can rest assured they'll provide you with high-level service and extraordinary results.
5. Revitalize and refresh your home
If you're looking for a way to bring some refreshment to your home, without having to completely remodel your interior, having your carpets, tile & grout and upholstery professionally cleaned is a proven way to achieve just that. With our professional carpet cleaning services, you can transform your home and brighten it up, making it more welcoming and attractive.