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JWAY Cleaning Services, Sydney's latest mobile, premium cleaning service, having long-standing experience, provides customised cleaning services. They specialise in upholstery cleaning, carpet cleaning, car interior cleaning, lounge cleaning, general cleaning. They are determined to be the best in the industry by solving problems that the competition doesn't. They have a team of the best cleaning professionals in Sydney who provide same-day services and use the latest equipment.
Payless Carpet Cleaning has over 29 years of cleaning industry experience provides quality carpet cleaning and general cleaning services throughout Sydney, the Blue Mountains, and the Central Coast. Their services include carpet steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, room cleaning, floor cleaning, upholstery, and mattress cleaning. Their staff consisting of over ten people are thoroughly trained and qualified staff for all indoor and outdoor cleaning types. They offer customers a simple formula: "Your choice of dry or steam".
Sydney CBD & MacArthur Carpet Cleaning is your best choice for carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning. Their high standards, speed, and efficiency, as well as their attention to detail, are what they take pride in. Sydney CBD & MacArthur Carpet Cleaning is ITU-qualified and has many years of industry experience. Their expertise allows them to handle any job. The team's equipment includes steam cleaners, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, as well as truck-mounted hoses. Sydney CBD & MacArthur Carpet Cleaning also offer a variety of deodorizing and sanitizing equipment.
Refresh Carpet Cleaning offers emergency carpet cleaning services in Sydney, Brisbane, and Gold Coast. Customers in crisis from flooding, burst pipes, or roof leaks often call their services. They can provide water extraction and drying water-damaged carpets, floors and mattresses. Refresh Carpet Cleaning Restoration and Repair will ensure that you hire a fully insured and certified team. They have a fully equipped mobile emergency carpet repair service in Sydney and years of experience backing it up.
Focus Cleaning - Lindfield, NSW
Focus Cleaning
Lindfield, NSW
4.9 (14)
Focus Cleaning is a Sydney-based company that provides residential and commercial cleaning services. They offer carpet & rug upholstery steam & dry cleaning, mattress cleaning, leather cleaning, stone, grout, tile cleaning, and vinyl strip & sealing at competitive prices and high-quality service. All of their technicians have been trained and are certified to the highest standards in the industry. They use the most modern equipment and chemicals to ensure the best results.
Master Floor Care - Castle Hill, NSW
Master Floor Care
Castle Hill, NSW
Master Floor Care delivers outstanding results by using I.I.C.R.C.-recognized technologies. They provide specialist cleaning and maintenance services to suit the needs of each client, whether they are commercial or industrial. A solid client base has been built across all sectors due to the company's reliability and ability to deliver outstanding results in areas where other cleaning and maintenance companies have failed.
Rug Wash Specialist is different than other rug cleaners in that they don't use harsh steam cleaning to clean your rug. The company knows how difficult this can be on your rug, so they use a gentler method to wash them. Rug Wash Specialist uses gentle techniques to remove stains that will not damage the rug's appearance or prolong its life. Rug Wash Specialist's cleaning methods are respected, and they work with rug dealers to develop new techniques. Rug cleaning is something they are passionate about. Rug Wash Specialist wants you to have the best carpets possible. Rug Wash Sydney has the right cleaning experts to achieve the desired results.

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Regular Carpet Cleaning Needed
Sydney, NSW 2000

We need to have our carpets cleaned. They may not look dirty but they probably have a lot of built-up bacteria and germs since they haven't been cleaned professionally in almost a year.

Vacuuming Plus Carpet Cleaning
Sydney, NSW 2000

Need someone to thoroughly vacuum all carpets and rugs in our home and either steam or dry clean them depending on your professional recommendations and what's best for the type of carpets we have.

Mattress Deep Cleaning
Sydney, NSW 2000

I'm interested in the offer 'King Bed Mattress Cleaned listed in Handymate.

Rental Home Full Carpet + Rug + Upholstery Cleaning
Sydney, NSW 2000

Need all carpets, rugs and sofas steam cleaned urgently, preferably by the end of this week so we can get everything ready for moving in day.

Carpet Steam Cleaning
Sydney, NSW 2000

I'm interested in the offer 'Carpet Steam Cleaning in 1 room for $50' listed in Handymate.

Same Day Carpet Cleaning Needed
Sydney, NSW 2000

We are in a rush to get our carpets cleaned professionally since we're having guests over tonight and we'd like everything to be cleaned and dry by then. Is it possible to have our carpets done by tonight? We can go with dry cleaning instead of steam cleaning if it will cut down the drying time.

Frequently asked questions

Can this carpet cleaning method eliminate pet urine and pet smells?

While a thorough dry carpet cleaning can remove both pet urine and odours, the success of this process depends on a few factors, such as how old the stains are and how deep in the carpet fibres they’ve penetrated.

Will the carpet dry cleaning provider need to come into my home?

Yes. Since most carpet dry cleaning jobs take place inside the home, the professional carpet dry cleaner will need to come into your home to get the job done. To make sure you stay safe while they are working on your carpets, you should practice social distancing at all times and disinfect high touch surfaces.

How do I prepare for a dry carpet cleaning?

Before our technicians arrive, you can take care of smaller items such as shoes, toys or clothes that may be lying on the floor and carpet. You can also move any lighter furniture that’s in the way and vacuum the carpet, removing larger pieces of debris, pet hair and dirt.

Can you receive remote or virtual carpet dry cleaning services and assistance?

Carpet dry cleaning services are not typically done virtually, since they require in-person work that cannot be completed remotely. However, if a carpet dry cleaner states that they’re offering remote services, ask them what those services include and whether they’ll be suitable for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning

Dry cleaning uses powder chemicals for carpet cleaning. Dry cleaning uses a smaller amount of water than steam cleaning, but it is still effective. An absorbent material is applied to the carpet with a machine or sprinkled on it. This compound includes an absorbent carrier and detergent, solvent and a small amount of water to dissolve stains. To reduce the risk of staining again, you might consider applying a stain protector. Dry cleaning can be done by you or a professional.

  • Vacuum the carpet
  • Sometimes pretreat stains
  • Use a dry powder, detergent, or solvent.
  • Vacuum your carpet to get rid of all the water and chemicals.
    Advantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning
    Dry cleaning is a low-moisture option for carpet maintenance. Dry carpet cleaning is a deep cleaning method that uses compound cleaning agents. These agents are used to pretreat fibres, break down dirt and enhance the cleaning process. After the cleaning agent is applied to the carpet, it is removed along with any oils or other sediments that may have become embedded in the fibres. You can also apply stain shield sprays to furniture to protect carpet fibres from future stains. Homeowners most commonly use this system for spot treatment. However, it can also be used in situations where traffic to the carpet would be difficult to control (such as in commercial spaces or at the entrance). Dry cleaning systems are cheaper than steam cleaners, and dry cleaning takes less time. The rooms that have been treated are usually only out of use for between 30 and an hour. You don't have to rent the equipment. Many powder cleaners are available at your local grocery store that can simulate dry cleaning. These cleaners are made with ingredients that absorb odours and clean carpet fibres. They can then be vacuumed away quickly after being set for a brief time.
    Disadvantages of Dry Carpet Cleaning
    Although dry carpet cleaning systems are effective, they don't work well to deep clean your carpet. Carpet cleaners may leave chemicals on carpet fibres and scents that trigger allergies. This is something to be aware of if your children spend a lot of time on the carpet.