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What does a Window Cleaning Service include?

Well-cleaned windows allow you to enjoy a crystal clear sunny day while providing a lot of natural light and warmth in your home. This is why it's important to clean and maintain your windows regularly, so you can enjoy all the benefits that come with having sparkling clean windows. Sydney's exceptional window cleaning services will help you achieve excellent results, and free you up to do something more productive and pleasant with your time. You can avoid potentially hazardous situations by leaving this time-consuming, tedious task in the hands of Sydney's highly trained window cleaning professionals.

Here's what's included in the window cleaning services:

Residential cleaning

When it comes to private residences, a thorough window washing every 3-6 months is more than enough to keep your home looking clean and inviting. Freshly-cleaned windows make your home look well-maintained and presentable both from the inside and the outside. Residential window cleaning includes cleaning all windows and glass doors from the inside and outside, covering all levels of your home. Your professional window washer will begin by cleaning all window frames, window sills and jambs. Then they'll remove your sliding doors and wipe down the tracks. Once this step is complete, they'll move onto spraying and wiping down all glass windows and surfaces and will return any glass doors in their tracks, leaving everything as it was.

Commercial cleaning

When it comes to businesses, their windows and glass surfaces can get smudged and dirty more quickly than those of private residences, which is why they might require more frequent cleaning. In order to stay professional, presentable and stand out in today's increasingly more competitive marketplace, you'll need to have a more attractive and inviting storefront, which cannot be achieved with dirty windows.

Sydney's phenomenal window cleaners will help you achieve just that. They'll put all their efforts into providing you with a storefront you can be proud of. They'll also clean all your interior windows, glass dividers, glass cabinets and any other glass surface you have so that your business can look sparkling clean. You can expect to receive very discreet and professional services that will not disrupt your employees or your customers, so everyone can go about their day normally, while the cleaners do their job.

Additional services

Other than commercial and residential window cleaning, window cleaning specialists offer a lot of other services ranging from balcony glass cleaning to mirror cleaning and more. Here are some of the services that you can request:

  • Balcony glass cleaning and maintenance

  • Pool fence cleaning

  • Security and fly screen cleaning

  • Pressurised cleaning for removing more stubborn stains

  • Mirror cleaning

Hiring a professional window cleaner can save you a lot of time and money and provide you with exceptional results. They'll not only keep your windows clean, but they'll also protect them from scratches and damage by using specialised tools and equipment designed for those purposes. A professional window cleaning service will liven up your home or make your business look more inviting and professional by letting in more light and getting rid of all the dirt and dust build-up that has accumulated on your windows over time.

3 Reasons To Have Your Windows Cleaned

Having clean windows allows us to take in all the sunshine and light throughout the day and enjoy a clear and bright view at all times. However, those are not the only reasons to have your windows cleaned on a regular basis. Let's have a look at the three main ones! 

1. Increase the value of your home

When it comes to the main reasons that attract buyers to a house or apartment, after location, the second most important factor is light and view. The easiest way to achieve this is by having your windows cleaned and maintained on a regular basis. Additionally, by having clean windows you can really improve the look of your home, boosting your curb appeal and even increasing the value of your property.

2. Get a spotless result

To maintain a clean and professional appearance, you should consider having your windows professionally cleaned 2-3 times per year, depending on their condition, the area you live in and other similar factors. While you can buy all the required supplies and professional equipment that window cleaning companies use, you won't be able to achieve the same result as a trained and experienced cleaner would. That's why it's smart to leave this particular task to the pros, while you focus your time and effort crossing off other items from your to-do list.

3. Save money in the long run

Not only can dirt, grime and other types of build-up make your windows look worn-down and unappealing, but they can also compromise their integrity and structure, leading to degradation and corrosion over time. This can end up costing you a lot of money in the long run, since you will need to replace your windows more often, due to cracks and chips. Having your windows cleaned on a regular basis not only prolongs their lifespan and prevents some of these unwanted consequences from occurring, but it also saves you a lot of money in the process.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the best solution for cleaning windows?

While there are several homemade solutions that work well for cleaning windows, a mixture of 50% water, 50% vinegar works best. It not only cleans the surface from any bacteria and germs, but it is also non-toxic and safe to use on any glass surface. Remember to do your window cleaning on a cold and cloudy day so you can avoid leaving streaks and clean the entire solution off the window before it dries.

What do professional window cleaners use to clean windows?

While many professionals use special liquid window cleaning solutions which are biodegradable and non-toxic, some stick to a simple mixture of dish soap and water. The same effects can be achieved by using a mixture of white vinegar and water, so at the end of the day, it's up to you to choose which solution works best for you.

How do you clean really dirty windows?

While you might be tempted to scrub your dirty windows till you get all the dirt out, according to window cleaning experts this is actually a bad idea. This way you're just moving dirt and dust from one spot to another. In order to get the job done fast and efficiently when it comes to extremely dirty windows, you can use a mixture of 1 tbsp. ammonia and 3 tbsp. rubbing alcohol and spray it lightly on the windows before you wipe them clean.

Is ammonia or vinegar better for cleaning windows?

Both solutions work very well, especially when it comes to very dirty windows that are not that easy to clean. However, some people dislike the smell of vinegar and prefer to use a mixture of ammonia and rubbing alcohol when they clean their windows. Those of you who don't find the smell of vinegar to be unpleasant can go with a mixture of vinegar and water, because it works equally well, yet it is non-toxic and safe for your skin.

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