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Benefits of Hiring a Professional House Painter

While many homeowners see painting as a relaxing and fun activity they can do in their spare time, painting is actually an exhaustive and demanding process that requires a lot of skills and commitment in order to get the required results. Painting can be quite therapeutic and can offer you a chance to get to know your house better and see which areas require your attention. However, both interior and especially exterior painting are quite challenging, especially for inexperienced homeowners. That's why it's often best to leave the job to the professionals while you focus your time on other activities that require your attention as well. If you're not yet convinced that going with a professional painter will be your best option, take a look at some of the main benefits of hiring a house painter below:

1. Detect structural problems

A professional painter will be able to detect structural damage or rot in your foundation and address the issues before they start affecting your home and cause further damage. They'll conduct a thorough inspection of the parameter and fix any issues during the preparation stage so they can start painting on a properly prepared surface. Proper preparation allows the paint to adhere better to the surface, so you can have a quality finish and a long-lasting result.

2. Great result

A professional painter will be able to use all your suggestions and wishes and provide you with an amazing result that will boost your curb appeal and increase the value of your home. Our painters have the required skills, supplies and equipment to get the job done in the shortest amount of time, without sacrificing the quality of their work. Not only do painting professionals use top of the line equipment and supplies, but they can also advise you on the right colour schemes and help you decide which look to go with, which is an additional benefit.

3. Proper surface preparation

We already mentioned that professional painters are experienced in locating and fixing structural issues, but that's not the only strength they have over DIY-ers. They also have the requires skills and equipment to conduct proper prep work, including scraping, sanding, patching holes and dents, replacing broken or rotting boards and anything else that's needed so they can prep the surface properly before they start painting. This prolongs the lifespan of the paint job and makes sure the final result looks amazing.

4. Safety

Not all areas of our home or outdoors are easily accessible to us, which makes the painting process much tougher. Luckily, professionals have the required training and proper equipment necessary to do a good job while staying safe and preventing accidents. That's why it's smarter to leave the job to the professionals, while you focus your time and attention on other activities.

5. No preparation and cleaning required on your part

While painting may be a fun and interesting activity at first glance, what most homeowners don't know is that the process involves much more than just picking up a brush and starting to paint. The majority of the process actually involves preparing the surface, covering and protecting the parameter, and cleaning up once the job is done. These are all processes you can avoid, by simply hiring a house painter who will be able to complete the project from start to finish and provide you with the quality results you deserve.

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Frequently asked questions

How should I prepare my house for interior painting?

Professional interior painting includes not only painting, but prep work and clean up as well. The best way to help make your painter’s job easier is to clear out the area that needs to be painted from small objects, and make sure all breakables are safely stored and out of the way.

How should I prepare my house for exterior painting?

The best way to prepare your home for exterior painting is to clear out all objects that may be in the way, including bicycles, patio furniture, ladders, and so on.

How long does a painting job take?

The length of each painting project varies from a few days up to two weeks, depending on the size of your home, the cleanup and repairs required and so on.

How do I safely set up a consultation or an appointment with a house painter during the coronavirus pandemic?

The safest and easiest way to set up an appointment or consultation during the COVID-19 pandemic is by using virtual tools for communication. During the initial call with your painter, you can use the time to talk about the project you have in mind and get a price quote. This way, you can avoid the initial in-person visit, while still get all your questions answered.

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