Showing results for Lawn Weed Control Services

Showing results for Lawn Weed Control Services

Browse the most popular offers for Lawn Weed Control Services services in Sydney as rated by your neighborhood community. Handymate - Your local tradie.

Ned's Landscape Gardening, a Sydney-based landscaping company offering a wide range of services, is located on Sydney's North Shore. Ned and his team in Sydney have the expertise and ability to meet all your needs, including garden maintenance, lawn care, gardening, leaf removal, mulching, hedging and rubbish removal.
If you’re looking to get your lawn in great shape and boost your home’s curb appeal, Adam’s Lawn Mowing have got you covered. They are family-operated business and they take a lot of pride in their work. The services offered by their team include lawn mowing and lawn care, trimming, pruning, leaf removal, seeding, weed spraying and other garden maintenance services. They are based in Campbelltown and service areas from Wollongong to Liverpool.They’ll help you maintain your lawn and garden in perfect shape using safe and eco-friendly practices to improve your lawn’s health and appearance.One of the best things about Adam and his team is that they are organized in their outdoor services, providing each homeowner with a complete checklist of all the services they can provide them with so they can achieve the best outcome.
Fox Mowing's team consists of dedicated lawn and garden maintenance specialists with many years of experience. You can trust that our operators are local when you hire our services. Our people are all local residents, which means they can serve locals. They are familiar with the area and the needs of their local residents. Fox will do the job. This means that you are not only supporting your local economy, but also supporting any city- or country-based businesses.
A1 Lawn Craft & Cleaning Services offer all types of lawn care and maintenance services as well as gardening services to homeowners and businesses in Sydney. Their team of professional lawn care specialists are really devoted to their job and are always looking for ways to achieve the best results and meet each client’s needs.Some of the main services offered by the team include lawn mowing, trimming, edging, fertilizing, seeding, shrub or tree removal, gardening, pressure cleaning, weeding and much more.
AVID Property services is a one-stop shop for all your handyman needs. AVID Handyman is licensed and insured in all aspects non-structural work. If you don't know how to use a drill and hammer, it can seem intimidating. Make the choice to improve the environment in which you live and work. The professionals can handle the wood cutting, painting, decorating, nailing and screwing, gluing and sanding as well as outside gardening. There is always something to be done, no matter what space you have. Let AVID Handyman assist you in creating the space that you want to live and work in.

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Quick Mowing Job
Sydney, NSW 2000

Our front yard requires mowing. The area isn't too big and shouldn't take up too much time.

Lawn Mowing And Weeding
Sydney, NSW 2000

Lawn mowing services required, plus application of weed killing solutions or manual weeding.

Small Landscaping Project
Sydney, NSW 2000

Need someone to enhance the look of our front yard by creating unique and interesting flower and tree beds and add mulch to further improve the whole look.

Front Lawn + Nature Strip Mowed
Sydney, NSW 2000

Need someone to mow out front lawn and nature strip. Not an urgent project. Let us know when you'd be available. We might have other gardening projects after this one that will need to be done as well.

Grass Planting
Sydney, NSW 2000

Need someone to lay new sod in certain patches where the grass has turned brown and cover up the entire lawn so there are no missing patches of grass.

Lawn Mowing
Sydney, NSW 2000

Require someone to take care of our lawn, including mowing, weeding and removing any waste and grass clippings.

Frequently asked questions

Can I put fertiliser on wet grass?

Applying fertiliser on wet grass is never advised. If you want to avoid burning your lawn, apply fertiliser when the lawn is dry and recently mowed. Once you apply the fertiliser, make sure you water your lawn to wash away any fertiliser off the grass and keep it from getting burned.

Will the lawn mowing service provider need to come into my home?

Since landscaping and lawn fertilising and maintenance are outdoor projects, your lawn care professional won’t need to enter your home to get the job done. Even though they’ll be working outdoors, there are still several safety measures you can take to ensure everyone’s safety, including wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and avoiding physical contact as much as possible.

How much should I water my lawn after fertilising?

Make sure you give your lawn a nice soaking at least once a week after fertilising it, to make sure the fertiliser granules dissolve in the soil better and faster. This way, you’ll activate all the nutrients in the fertiliser, leading to a stronger and healthier lawn as a result.

Can you receive remote or virtual lawn fertilising services and assistance?

It’s not typical for landscapers and lawn fertilising providers to offer remote or virtual services because their job requires them to be present on site and conduct the service in person. However, since their duties involve outdoor work, this allows them to easily get the job done without having to enter your home or come in close physical contact with you.

What does a Weed Control Service include?

Taking care of weeds in your lawn or yard is an essential step in maintaining a healthy and lush garden. Unfortunately, weeding is not an activity most homeowners enjoy doing. That's why many of us put off dealing with weeds until the problem gets out of control, and the effects start to get noticeable. Luckily, you don't have to deal with this annoying problem on your own. Sydney's finest gardeners are here to help you tackle all weeds and get your garden in excellent condition. Here's what the standard weed control services include:

Removal of lawn weeds
Some of the most common lawn weeds are dandelion, clover, nutgrass, bindi, and onion grass. To keep weeds at bay, your lawn will require weed control every few months. Handymate's weed control services in Sydney include a thorough inspection of your yard, proper identification of the type of weeds you're dealing with and use of the appropriate weed killer that will take care of the weeds but leave your grass intact. Depending on the state of your lawn, your weed controller will be able to suggest the right method to handle the problem accordingly. Some of the most common solutions include taking out weeds manually or using the appropriate weed killer that will take care of your weed problem without burning your lawn. Other measures that may be recommended if your lawn is in terrible shape include digging up and reseeding your lawn or even completely returfing the lawn.
Removal of garden weeds
Garden weeds can overrun and choke your other plants which can ruin your entire garden over time. That's why in order to control them, you need to apply the appropriate weed control method once you notice that they're starting to spread and affect your plants' growth. Your gardener will be able to determine the type of weeds you're dealing with and the right way to remove them. If you have larger weeds that are easy to remove, your gardener will probably pull them out manually and dispose of them properly, so they don't leave seeds and re-grow from them. They'll also take care of the smaller weeds using a weed-killing solution that will get rid of the remaining weeds and stop them from spreading. Once they've removed all the weeds, they'll use the mulch to fill in the gaps between your plants which will stop the weeds from growing again and overrunning your garden. In addition to taking care of your weeds, your gardener will also make sure your lawn and garden are in good shape by taking care of any smaller tasks such as pruning your plants, removing larger branches and tidying up around the lawn and the garden. Some of the main benefits of hiring a professional weed control service to take care of your lawn or garden include: - Having a beautifully maintained yard all year long - Not having to buy the right tools and equipment and - Not having to invest a lot of time and effort achieving the result you've envisioned. So if your lawn or garden are overrun by weeds, Sydney's most trusted gardeners are here to help you get the right treatment and keep weeds at bay.