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Pest Inspection Before Selling
Punchbowl, NSW 2460

Need a pest control expert to inspect our 2-storey home and apply the necessary pest control treatments to prepare the home for selling.

Rat Eradication
Punchbowl, NSW 2460

Pest control expert needed to eradicate rats living inside the walls and in the ceiling. Removal of any dead rats is also needed.

Cockroach Extermination
Punchbowl, NSW 2460

Need someone that can offer cockroach extermination services asap. We tried getting rid of them on our own but nothing seems to work.

Mosquito Treatment
Punchbowl, NSW 2460

I'm interested in the offer 'Mosquito Treatment for 2 bed, 1 bath homes upto 150sqm for $100' listed in Handymate.

Flea And Tick Treatment
Punchbowl, NSW 2460

I'm interested in the offer 'Flea and Tick Treatment for 4 bed, 2 bath homes upto 240sqm for $400' listed in Handymate.

Spider Treatment Package
Punchbowl, NSW 2460

I'm interested in the offer 'Spider Treatment for 4 bed, 2 bath homes upto 240sqm for $350' listed in Handymate.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to exterminate fleas?

No matter how bad the flea infestation is, if you follow the right steps and use the appropriate treatment methods, you can completely rid your house of fleas within a day or two after the treatment. Note that not all treatments work the same way. To get rid of the flea infestation for good and obtain the best possible results, you’ll need to treat both your home and your pets at the same time.

How do I safely set up a consultation or an appointment with a flea control expert during the coronavirus pandemic?

Contact exterminators in your area and ask them if they offer virtual appointments or consultations via phone call or video chat. If so, you can use this time to explain the issues you’re having and schedule an appointment or initial inspection. Additionally, you can talk to them about what safety precautions they can take to ensure your and your family’s safety during their visit.

How do I treat my house for fleas?

The first step in treating your house for fleas includes treating your pets using shampoos or flea collars. Once you take care of them, you can start cleaning your home. Use your vacuum cleaner to vacuum as much of the fleas and larvae as possible. Remember to check under furniture, baseboards, and in the corners. Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned your home, it’s time to get everyone out of the house including all your pets and start applying the flea killer. For this purpose, you can use diatomaceous earth, Boric acid, your steam cleaner, etc.

How do I know if flea control services are considered as essential COVID-19 services?

While flea control services are generally considered as essential, the rules can vary from state to state or city to city. That’s why you should always check out your official state or city government website to make sure if pest control specialists are considered as essential service providers in your state.

Hiring a pest control services in Punchbowl, NSW

Hiring a pest control services in Punchbowl, NSW for residential houses has never been easier and more reliable than with Handymate. Pests are not just gross and repulsive; they can also cause homeowners major problems which can be difficult and expensive to deal with. Each type of pest is unique in terms of what sort of damage it can do to your home and property, not to mention your health. Pests have destructive tendencies and can make your home an unpleasant and unsafe place to be at. If you want to keep your home bug-free and safe, you should consider hiring Punchbowl, NSW’s best pest control professionals who will be able to conduct all the appropriate measures to get your pest infestation under control. They’ll do a thorough inspection of your property, assess the situation and determine the magnitude of the problem so they can settle on the appropriate treatment method. Once they determine the type of pests you’re dealing with, they’ll be able to conduct their treatment and stop the infestation from spreading even more than it has. Since pests can be difficult to get rid of yourself, you can leave it up to our professional exterminators to take care of your problem for good and help you reclaim your home once and for all.