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Showing results for Sink Installation

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Cast iron baths, sinks and other products are manufactured by us. We are the only company that can manufacture cast iron baths in Australia and apply vitreous enamel to them. We can repair or supply clients bath, kitchen sink, pedestal basin, cooking pots and any other Cast Iron item. You can choose between an older bath that has been repaired or one of our new tubs. These tubs are made in Victoria at a foundry and transported to our plant to undergo the Vitreous enamel process.

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Replace existing sink
Sydney, NSW 2000

Two separate square sinks side by side to be replaced.

Change out kitchen sink
Sydney, NSW 2000

Kitchen sink is leaking and need replacement. New kitchen sink and taps provided.

Sink installation handyman required
Sydney, NSW 2000

Need a handyman to replace the existing sink. All materials supplied. Need labour only.

Replace laundry sink tap with new one
Sydney, NSW 2000

Existing laundry sink tap is leaking. Need a plumber to supply and install a goose neck mixer tap. Dates are flexible.

Kitchen sink is leaking
Sydney, NSW 2000

Kitchen sink is leaking and need someone to remove sink, clean area and put some silicon around the sink.

Blocked kitchen sink
Sydney, NSW 2000

Need someone to cleanout my kitchen sink. Tried to clean with chemicals but didn't worked.

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Frequently asked questions

Are chemical drain cleaners safe to use?

Chemical drain cleaners are not only bad for our water systems and for the environment, but some can even harm and degrade your pipes and cause further damage.

Will the sink installer need to come into my home?

If you have the following plumbing issues such as leaky pipes, dripping faucets, clogged sinks or toilets, a jammed garbage disposal and so on, the sink installer will need to come into your home to address the issue. If the faulty appliance, leak or other plumbing problem is located outside your home or in the garage, the sink installer may not need to enter your home.

What are some alternatives to chemical drain cleaners?

The safest and most effective options when it comes to cleaning and unclogging your drains is to use vinegar and baking soda, dish soap and hot water, or baking soda and salt.

Can you receive remote or virtual sink installation services and assistance?

Although plumbing is a service that requires on-site work or assistance, you can always contact your sink installer and ask them if they offer online or virtual consultations.

Why do you need a plumber for your sink installation?

A licensed plumber is the best person to call when installing a new sink in your bathroom or kitchen. They are most familiar with the various brands and types of sinks homeowners usually purchase. Working with professionals means that you can be confident that any issues or bumps in the road will be addressed quickly and efficiently by their expertise. Your sink will be installed correctly and professionally the first time.

Here are some things to remember before you install your sink.
The depth of your sink is limitless.
This is especially true when you replace the kitchen sink. Larger kitchen sinks are more popular because they have deeper basins, allowing greater soaking of plates and dishes. There is a limit on how deep your sink basin can go. It shouldn't block drains from draining correctly. The tailpiece, the pipe fitting between the drain basket and drain trap, can be damaged if you purchase a large sink. This piece should be measured to determine how big your sink is before it blocks the drains.
Assure a specific number of holes
Many homeowners don't realize that each sink has many holes for fitting the faucet and any accessories. However, some sinks have only one hole to accommodate a single faucet handle. Some sinks have four holes to accommodate the faucet handles, a sprayer attachment, and a soap dispenser. It is essential not to have too many holes as there may not be a way to add another one. However, there are ways to make adjustments, such as covering extra holes with a cover. It's essential to have the correct number of holes for your equipment. The entire drain assembly must be replaced. Many homeowners attempt to save money by replacing their sink and faucet, leaving behind the old pipes and drain assembly. The best practice is to replace all drain parts. Many hardware stores sell complete drain assemblies.
You must ensure that the new sink covers the hole.
Measure the opening below the sink before you remove it. Be sure to measure every side as the cutout might not be perfectly square. Attention to the corners. Because it is quicker, contractors often cut them at 90 degrees. These ugly gaps will be left if you buy a too small sink for the countertop opening.
You should check for water stains and leaks.
Water can seep around the sink rim and soak the laminate countertop. It is not uncommon for water damage to occur. However, if you notice significant swelling, the sink will not sit flat on the countertop. Particleboard won't provide a solid foundation for the clips that attach the sink to the countertop. Examine the countertops around the sink. Look for bubbles and bulges on the countertop. Next, take a look at the countertop from underneath. Finally, look for areas that are too weak or wet to support the sink clips and sink. These problems will require you to replace your countertop.
Caulk will seal your new sink.
Plumber's putty, once the gold standard in plumbing glue, is no longer the preferred sealant. Instead, it was used to seal sink rims and baskets. It eventually dries out, cracks and causes leaks. It can also cause damage to certain plastics, such as those used in sink construction. Plumbers now use silicone to avoid this. It is easy to use, clean up quickly and lasts for a lifetime.