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Ali Reza
Sydney Olympic Park , NSW
Pricing starting from:
Ceramic Tile Bathroom Installation : • Upto 12sqm : $890; • Upto 20sqm : $1490 • Upto 32sqm : $2190 • Upto 40sqm : $2980
Ceramic Tile Floor Installation 600 x 600 : • Upto 50sqm : $2000; • Upto 80sqm : $3200 • Upto 120sqm : $4800 • Upto 150sqm : $6000
Porcelain Tile Floor Installation 450 x 450 : • Upto 50sqm : $2500; • Upto 80sqm : $4000 • Upto 120sqm : $6000 • Upto 150sqm : $7500
Porcelain Tile Floor Installation 600 x 600 : • Upto 50sqm : $2750; • Upto 80sqm : $4400 • Upto 120sqm : $6600 • Upto 150sqm : $8250
Ceramic Tile Floor Installation 450 x 450 : • Upto 50sqm : $1750; • Upto 80sqm : $2800 • Upto 120sqm : $4200 • Upto 150sqm : $5250
Marble Tile Floor Installation : • Upto 50sqm : $3250; • Upto 80sqm : $5200 • Upto 120sqm : $7800 • Upto 150sqm : $9750
Natural Stone Tile Floor Installation : • Upto 50sqm : $4500; • Upto 80sqm : $7200 • Upto 120sqm : $10800 • Upto 150sqm : $13500
Kitchen Splashback Installation : • Ceramic Tile- Upto 2.8sqm : $200; • Porcelain Tile- Upto 2.8sqm : $250 • Mosaic Tile- Upto 2.8sqm : $300 • Natural Stone Tile- Upto 2.8sqm : $400
Ceramic Wall Tile Installation : • Upto 20sqm : $1600; • Upto 30sqm : $2400 • Upto 40sqm : $3200 • Upto 50sqm : $4000
Servicing the central coast, the company offers renovation services to the clients in residential areas. The company has a team of enthusiastic tilers and apprentices, who aim to provide each of the clients with outstanding services at every turn. With over 17 years of experience, the company has a team of trained, experienced and efficient works who perform their clients with particular services. The list of services provided by the company includes wall & floor tiling, bathroom, kitchen & laundry renovations, regrouting, fixing repairs, leaks & defects, and Waterproofing.
Based in NSW, with over ten years of experience, the company provides professional tiling services to clients in residential and commercial areas. The company aims to deliver high-quality service to ensure customer satisfaction. The team at Platinum Tiling pride themselves on providing the highest standard of quality artistry while remaining competitive.Platinum Tiling is considered one of the specialists in the tiling industry, and provide meticulous service from the start to the end of the job. The list of services offered includes wall & floor tiling, bathroom & kitchen renovations, and shower repairs.
Providing their clients with premium quality tiling services, Chris Fortuin Tiling is a company that operates out of New South Wales. With 30-years' experience in the industry, the company has a good reputation among their customers. Keeping in mind that every customer has different needs and likes, the company and their team of expert workers provide custom solutions to the client's problems.The team of experienced and skilled tilers offer a variety of services spanning from residential to commercial spaces. The list of services provided by Chris Fortuin Tiling includes interior & exterior tiling, bathroom renovations, redesigning & renovating homes and interior design.
R U Tiling
Marrickville , NSW
Based in Victoria, Rutiling offers tiling services to customers in residential areas. With 20 years of experience, the company aims to provide all its customers with exceptional service and solutions every time. Their tiling specialists offer a variety of tasks including, all types of mosaic tiles and natural stones. These experts also have the assistance of interior designers and architects, to provide the customers with unique and quality service.
Working out of Greenacre, Better Tiling provide tiling services to residential and commercial areas. The company aims to provide its customers through NSW with meticulous service every time. A family-owned business, the team of workers, offer the customers with high-quality service that is also aesthetically pleasing.The team of experienced, professional and efficient traders, offer a wide range of tiling services such as Bathroom, Laundry, and Kitchen Renovations, Commercial Tiling, Kitchen Splashbacks, Outdoor Tiles, Pool and Outdoor, Residential Tiling, Silicone Sealing, Tile Maintenance, Tiling Contractor, and Waterproofing. The team of experts are skilled and knowledgeable on how to handle different kinds of tiling challenges. And no job is too big or too small; with equal prioritization.
A Sydney based company; Modern View Tiling provides renovation service to their customers. They strive to integrate our artistry and hard work to create a true masterpiece. We also aim to generate bathroom & kitchen remodelling and refurbishment affordable without compromising the quality.The company has a team of trained experts who see that these jobs from start to finish. With over 20 years of experience, the company provides a list of services such as wall & floor tiling, indoor and outdoor Tiling, natural stone tiling, internal demolition, ceiling tiles, kitchen, bathroom and laundry renovations, and also Waterproofing.
If you’re looking for outstanding workmanship, a friendly service and professional results then Auscorp Tiling Services is the way to go.The main services offered by the team include commercial and residential tiling as well as waterproofing for homes and businesses in the Sydney community. Each job is handled with precision and attention to detail so the team can produce amazing results and get the best out of each space they’re working with.
Operating out of Sydney, Azzi Tiling offers services all over Australia. A young company, they aim to provide their customers with excellent service each time. A friendly, efficient and reliable service, they provide their services to both residential and commercial spaces. The team of experienced and efficient workers focus their attention on detail so that they can provide the customers with the necessary services and solutions that meet their demands. The list of services offered by the company includes wall & floor tiling, fixing repairs, new works & renovations, concrete grinding, and Waterproofing.
A professional tiling and waterproofing company, based in New South Wales; the company aims to provide tiling services and solutions to its customers in residential areas. They aim to deliver only quality & perfection to the tilling and Waterproofing industry and wealth of experience in tailored solutions to all renovations, maintenances & leaking problems.The company has a team of dedicated and driven workers who offer the customers custom solutions specific to their needs. They do not differentiate between jobs and prioritize all positions equally. The list of services provided by JY Tiling and Waterproofing include all types of wall & floor Tiling and Waterproofing, wall and foundation repair, complete home renovations, swimming pool tiling, cleaning & sealing all types of tiles, shower leak repairs, and waterproof repairs.

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Shower Tile Ideas And Installation
Sydney, NSW 2000

We don't have a clear idea of what type of tiles to go with and would like someone to give us some advice and design ideas as well as lay the tiles that we decide to go with.

Laying Vinyl Tiles In Laundry
Sydney, NSW 2000

I've bought vinyl floor tiles for the laundry and need someone to lay them and move the washer and dryer back in the room.

Wall Tile Installation
Sydney, NSW 2000

I'm interested in the offer 'Ceramic Wall Tile Installation - Upto 50sqm for $4000' listed in Handymate.

Ceramic Tile Bathroom Installation
Sydney, NSW 2000

I'm interested in the offer 'Ceramic Tile Bathroom Installation - Upto 40sqm for $2600' listed in Handymate.

Rip Out Floor And Wall Tiles In Bathroom
Sydney, NSW 2000

The bathroom needs a total redo. We have an idea of what we want to achieve, just need someone to supply the right tiles and conduct the entire tiling process from start to finish.

Tiler Required To Lay Down Tiles In Kitchen
Sydney, NSW 2000

We're moving into a new home that has kitchen tiles that don't go with the whole vision of our place. They are also a bit worn out and would probably need replacing either way. We need someone to supply and lay new tiles and help us make the right choice design-wise.

Frequently asked questions

Are the tiles included in the price?

The price of the tile installation does not include the material, such as tiles and grouting, only the labour. The materials can be either purchased separately or from the service provider for a discounted price.

Will the tiling contractor need to come into my home?

This depends on where the tiling job is located. If you need to have your bathroom, kitchen or other areas in your house tiled, then the tiler will need to enter your home to get the job done. If you’re looking to get your patio, pool deck or other outdoor areas tiled, then your tiling contractor might not need to enter your home at all.

How long will my new tile floor last?

Provided that you choose the right type of tile that suits your needs best, hire a professional and experienced tile contractor, and take care of your newly installed tile properly, your floor can last you decades after it’s installed.

Can you receive remote or virtual tiling services and assistance?

Tiling requires in-person work which is why it is not normally considered a remote or virtual service. If you come across a tiling contractor that offers remote or virtual assistance, ask them what type of service they offer and whether or not it’s suitable for your needs.

What does a Tiling Service include?

Tile does not only look great but can also be very easy to clean and maintain. There are many homeowners who decide to take on the job of installing tile themselves and put in the extra time and effort to get everything done without the help of a professional contractor. However, hiring a tiling contractor in Sydney instead of working long hours and risk not getting the job done as you envisioned is always a better option. At Handymate, you can find the best Australian tiling contractors who have the right tools and skills to execute your idea perfectly and give you the bathroom, entryway or kitchen of your dreams.

Here’s what you can expect from a professional floor tiling service in Sydney:
Professional tiling contractors in Sydney work with a lot of different materials, so no matter what kind of tile you decide to use, your contractor will be able to help you out with that. When it comes to choosing the type of material that’s right for you, you can consult your contractor beforehand and decide between a variety of materials available, including porcelain, ceramic, stone, granite, marble, mosaics, terracotta, slate, vitrified, vinyl and many more. You can talk to your tiling contractor to decide what type of material works best for you according to your budget and your particular needs. Whichever material you choose, your contractor will be able to make your idea a reality and give you the result you envisioned.
When it comes to the full tiling service, here’s what it actually includes:
Your contractor will be able to install the floor or wall tiles of your choosing in a professional and timely manner. The tiling will be properly placed with precision and elegance so that there are no gaps or misplaced pieces. You can rest assured that the job will be done in a fast and efficient manner and according to your requirements. The main benefits of hiring a professional tiling contractor in Sydney include not having to worry about supplying the right materials and equipment for the job or doing any of the work and clean-up yourself. The tiling service also includes grouting, subflooring and waterproofing. You can ask your contractor to remove and dispose of your existing tile and help you relocate appliances and fixtures that are in the way. An experienced tiling contractor will also be able to help you restore or reseal your old tile if you decide to restore it rather than replace it with new tile. Professional tile services also include small tile repairs such as replacement of broken tiles, re-grouting and re-silicone sealing, as well as tile protection, which includes covering the tiles with a sealant to reduce damage and prolong their lifespan. These are some of the main services offered by professional tile contractors in Sydney. A professional tiling contractor can help improve the look and functionality of your home, save you a lot of time, money and effort in the process and help you make any idea you come up with reality.