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What makes Lemon Spring stand out as a cleaning company is the fact that they are committed to providing chemical-free cleaning plans that are both eco-friendly and take the safety and health of the clients into consideration.
Their products are non-toxic, free from chemical irritants and do not pollute the ecosystem and the planet.
So if you’re looking to make the switch to eco-friendly and safe cleaning methods and do so for an affordable price, Lemon Spring can ensure that your transition is as pleasant and as smooth as possible.


•    Eco-friendly products
•    Highly-professional staff
•    Upfront pricing
•    Friendly and approachable

Customer Reviews:

Here’s what Jackie Black shared on Google reviews:
“I was looking for an eco-friendly cleaner and came across the Lemon Spring website. Loved what I read so I made an inquiry. Dale got in touch and was extremely helpful and professional. We booked my first clean and I have been using Lemon Spring ever since. They are thorough, do a great job and very reliable. Can’t recommend them highly enough.”


Carpet Cleaner

Deep Cleaning

Floor Cleaner

Gutter Cleaner

House Cleaner

Mould Removal Expert


Mould Cleaning

Odour Removal

Pressure Washer

Rental Inspection Cleaner

Roof Cleaner

Rug Cleaner

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaner

Water Damage Clean-Up and Restoration

Window Cleaner

Duct and Vent Cleaner

Steam Cleaner

Tile and Grout Cleaner

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  • Friendly & professional service
  • Commitment to quality and reliability