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Budget Total Cleaning and Repair has been in operation for more than 15 years. They serve both commercial and domestic customers in all Melbourne Suburbs. They take pride and excel in every aspect of their work. All aspects of cleaning are covered by their training and certification. They also regularly attend industry courses to improve their skills. Their friendly, experienced staff is available to help you solve any problem. They are also certified by IICRC, Australian Carpet Cleaners Institute, and ITI Interactive Training.
Pricing starting from:
Move Out Carpet Cleaning package - $25/room (Empty Houses)
Standard Service Carpet Cleaning - $30/room
Premium Service Carpet Cleaning -$40/room (Unfurnished); $45/room (Furnished)
Carpet cleaning package for all pet owners - $40/room (Empty); $45/room (Furnished)
Odour treatment / Clean - $35/room (Above Surface)
Ultimate Service Carpet Cleaning -$55/room (Unfurnished); $60/room (Furnished)
Commercial Service Carpet Cleaning Min Fee $75
Lounge/Sofa -$30 / Seat (Normal Fabric) (Min Fee $75 applies)
Additional Lounge Pillows -$5 / Small Pillow; $10 Medium Pillow (Min Fee $75 applies)
Dining Chairs -$8 / Seat Only; $10 / Seat and Backing (Min Fee $75 applies)
Office Chairs -$8 / Seat Only; $15 / Seat and Backing (Min Fee $75 applies)
Car Seats -$30 / Seat (Min Fee $75 applies)
Leather Cleaning (clean and condition) -$55 / Seat (Min Fee $75 applies)
Upholstery Premium Service -$40 (Min Fee $75 applies)
Upholstery Ultimate Service -$50 (Min Fee $75 applies)
Mattress Cleaning -Single Beds; 50; (Min Fee $75 applies)
Mattress Cleaning -Double Beds; 65; (Min Fee $75 applies)
Mattress Cleaning -Queen Beds; 70; (Min Fee $75 applies)
Mattress Cleaning -King Beds; 85; (Min Fee $75 applies)
Basis Rugs -Small Rug; 20; (Min Fee $75 applies)
Basis Rugs -Larger Rugs; 30; (Min Fee $75 applies)
Shaggy Pile Rugs -Small Rug; 45; (Min Fee $75 applies)
Shaggy Pile Rugs -Larger Rugs; 75; (Min Fee $75 applies)
Cheap as Chips - Melbourne, VIC
Cheap as Chips
Melbourne, VIC
4.1 (2469)
Based in Melbourne, Cheap As Chips Carpet Cleaning offer affordable, high-quality cleaning services for residential, commercial, and industrial properties. Their team of experts has been in business for more than 30 years and is widely recognised as Melbourne’s leading cleaning company. They are 100% reliable to do the job right.
Pricing starting from:
Carpet Cleaning Special - 3 Rooms for $56
Tile cleaning $4.50 per square metre. Minimum $150 Normally $7 per square metre.
Duct Cleaning Special - Starting from $120
Cheap and Best Cleaning offers end-of-lease cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, and other similar cleaning services to Melbourne's residents and businesses. Their team is dedicated to providing customers with services that are tailored to meet their specific goals and requirements. In addition, they always aim to provide high-quality cleaning services and outstanding results, no matter what type of job their clients request.
Pricing starting from:
Carpet Steam Cleaning - 3 rooms for $55. 3 rooms professionally steam cleaned and deodorised for $55, up to 29sqm.
SES Carpet Cleaning has an excellent reputation as one of Melbourne’s top carpet cleaning companies and is committed to providing high-quality cleaning services. To ensure that their clients receive the best, they have changed their services. They have the highest quality equipment, cleaning agents and tools. They have also hired the Best Carpet Cleaning Service in Melbourne technicians. They have the knowledge and experience to do the job efficiently and provide the service as requested by the client. They treat their clients as top priorities and are their number one priority.
Pricing starting from:
Carpet Steam Cleaning starting from : 1 room : $120; 2 rooms : $140; 3 rooms : $160; 4 rooms : $190; 5 rooms : $220; 6 rooms : $250; 7 rooms : $270. Min. cost $177* applies
Rug Steam Cleaning : $120* for 1 rug steam cleaning; $160* for 2 rug steam cleaning; $235* for 3 rug steam cleaning.
Apartment Carpet Steam Cleaning starting from : $140* for Studio apartment, $120-$140 for 1 bedroom unit or apartment; $145 – $165* for 2 bedrooms unit or apartment; $165 – $175* for 3 bedrooms unit or apartment; Carpet Scotchguard Protection from $29 per room/rug; *Minimum price is $120-$140 for home carpet steam cleaning service.
Greener Cleener - Box Hill, VIC
Greener Cleener
Box Hill, VIC
4.8 (10)
Green Cleaner has a team of trusted and reliable cleaning technicians who offer top-quality cleaning services in Melbourne at affordable prices. Some of the primary services offered by Green Cleaner include domestic cleaning, end of lease cleaning, spring cleaning, and cleaning windows, carpets, kitchen appliances, light fittings and fixtures, linens and more. In addition, they offer daily, weekly, monthly and other cleaning packages. They are meticulous, professional and pay close attention to details to provide their customers with the best results possible and leave their home or property sparkling clean.
Pricing starting from:
End of Lease Cleaning with Carpet Steam Cleaning : 2 bed, 1 bath homes upto 150sqm : $450; 3 bed, 2 bath homes upto 200sqm : $580; 4 bed, 2 bath homes upto 240sqm : $700; 5 bed, 3 bath homes upto 260sqm : $860
Excellent Cleaning has been providing professional cleaning services for over 5,000 clients in residential, commercial, industrial, and industrial settings since 2004. They have a proven track record of cleaning carpets, upholstery, and houses, offering a wide range of services, competitive prices, and speedy services. The team is noticeably different because they maintain world-class quality and provide a safe environment for living and working. Products used by their team are non-toxic, biodegradable chemicals that are safe for your health and the safety of pets and children.
Pricing starting from:
Carpet Steam Cleaning - Standard Cleaning Package - 3 rooms - $66
Rug Steam Cleaning - Deluxe Cleaning Package - 3 rugs - $88
Couch or Arm Chair Steam Cleaning (Leather) - Deluxe Cleaning Package - 5 seats - $123
Carpet Steam Cleaning - Deluxe Cleaning Package - 3 rooms - $88
Rug Steam Cleaning - Standard Cleaning Package - 3 rugs - $66
Couch or Arm Chair Steam Cleaning (Leather) - Deluxe Cleaning Package - 3 seats - $99
Couch or Arm Chair Steam Cleaning (fabric) - Standard Cleaning Package - 3 seats - $66
Mattress Steam or Dry Cleaning - Deluxe Cleaning Package - Each Mattress - $88
Couch or Arm Chair Steam Cleaning (fabric) - Deluxe Cleaning Package - 3 seats - $99
Mattress Steam or Dry Cleaning - Standard Cleaning Package - Each Mattress - $77
Breeze Cleaning Melbourne - Mount Waverley, VIC
Breeze Cleaning Melbourne
Mount Waverley, VIC
5.0 (47)
Breeze Cleaning Melbourne offers friendly, fast and reliable carpet steam cleaning, dry carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, rug cleaning, curtain cleaning and mattress cleaning services to homeowners and businesses in the Melbourne metropolitan area and the surrounding suburbs. Their professional cleaners have the necessary equipment, tools and supplies to clean and freshen up almost any surface of your home or business, removing stains, dirt, allergens, dust and debris quickly and effectively.
Pricing starting from:
Standard carpet steam cleaning - Price from $3.50/= per square metre (Min Fee $90 applies)
Premium carpet steam cleaning - Price from $6.50/= per square metre (Min Fee $90 applies)
Standard Carpet Cleaning- Room – Small- $45 (from $3.50 per square metre)
Standard Carpet Cleaning- Lounge Room – Standard- $60 (from $3.50  per square metre)
Standard Carpet Cleaning- Hallway – Standard- $30 (from $3.50  per square metre)
Standard Carpet Cleaning- Stairs- $55 ($3 per step)
Standard Carpet Cleaning- 1 Bedroom Carpet Cleaning- $90*
Standard Carpet Cleaning- 2 Bedroom Carpet Cleaning- $90*
Standard Carpet Cleaning- 3 Bedroom Apartments / Houses- $150 – $180
Standard Carpet Cleaning- 4 Bedroom Apartments / Houses- $180 – $230
Carpet Stain Cleaning- from $120
Carpet Dry Cleaning- $4.50 – $6 per square metre
Carpet Dry Cleaning- Stairs - $65 (upto 17 steps)
Upholstery cleaning- $45 per seating area
Upholstery cleaning- $50 per seating area with separate seating and back cushion
Rug Cleaning- Shaggy rug- $65 (2 Metres X 3 Metres)
Rug Cleaning- Other rugs- $55 (2 Metres X 3 Metres)
Curtain cleaning- $40 (2 Metre H X 1 Metre W)
King size mattress cleaning- $150 per mattress
Queen size mattress cleaning- $130 per mattress
Double size mattress cleaning- $110 per mattress
Single size mattress cleaning- $90 per mattress
Mad about Cleaning - Dingley Village, VIC
Mad about Cleaning
Dingley Village, VIC
4.5 (95)
Mad about cleaning is 100% Australian owned and operated. For more than ten years, they have provided cost-effective cleaning services in Melbourne and the surrounding suburbs. Their staff are well-trained, motivated, well-equipped, and supported by experienced, local managers. Their services are designed to work with clients to provide the best cleaning services possible in Melbourne. They are proud of the high-quality service they provide.
Pricing starting from:
Carpet Steam Cleaning starting from : 3 rooms for $59, up to 30sqm*.
Upholstery Cleaning starting from : $22 per seat*
Duct Cleaning starting from : $139 for 6 floor duct outlets*
Leather Cleaning starting from : $35 per seat*
Mattress Cleaning starting from : $59*
Carpet fibres can get damaged by daily wear and tear. Whether in your home or at work, high-traffic areas need cleaning regularly. Rony’s Carpet Steam and Tile Grout Cleaning Services offer various cleaning services for residential and commercial locations. They provide tailored carpet steam cleaning services in Melbourne. They will create a schedule that fits your needs and ensure that you continue working as usual. They are a Melbourne-based company that has been serving clients since 2013. They will recommend the service based on your property’s current condition and quality carpet fibres and fabrics so they can select the best cleaning and restoration option.
Pricing starting from:
Basic Carpet Cleaning (Pre-Treatment & Deodoriser) - $25 per room * Min service cost : $70
Standard Carpet Cleaning (Pre-Treatment, Deodoriser & Sanitation) - $30 per room * Min service cost : $70
Premium Carpet Cleaning (Possible regular stain removal, Pre-Treatment, Sanitation & Deodorant) - $35 per room * Min service cost : $70
Speedy Carpet Cleaners Australia is one of the top companies that offer all-round cleaning services. Their team of professionals is always available to assist you. All you have to do is contact them, and they will be there in no time. They can clean all types of upholstery, including carpets and curtains, at very affordable prices. They offer their services not only for household carpets and upholstery but also for commercial buildings.

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Melbourne, VIC 3000

I need all of the carpets in my apartment to be professionally cleaned and treated for stains and I have a leather sofa that hasn't been cleaned in a while that I'd like to be cleaned as well.

Mattress Deep Cleaning
Melbourne, VIC 3000

I'm interested in the offer 'Queen Bed Mattress Cleaned listed in Handymate.

Reliable Carpet Steam Cleaner
Melbourne, VIC 3000

need a professional and reliable carpet cleaner that has the necessary equipment to handle the dirtiest of carpets. We just had some tenants move out and can see a lot of visible stains on the carpets that we'd like to have taken care of.

End Of Lease Carpet Steam Cleaning
Melbourne, VIC 3000

We are moving out of our rented apartment in a week and would like someone to come and clean all the carpets and one sofa that has a few stains from food and wine on it. We have three carpets in total. We'd like them steam cleaned, but we're okay with dry cleaning if you think that would work better.

Carpet Cleaning Services Needed Urgently
Melbourne, VIC 3000

We are in need of a reliable and skilled carpet cleaning technician that's available asap. Dining room, living room and bedroom carpets need to be cleaned.

Urgent End Of Lease Carpet Cleaning Required
Melbourne, VIC 3000

moving out of a rented apartment in 3 days and in urgent need of someone to clean the carpets before the landlord comes to inspect the space.

Frequently asked questions

How does carpet dry cleaning work?

Carpet dry cleaning includes pre-vacuuming to remove all the dirt and debris, treatment with dry cleaning solution, and scrubbing and rinsing until all dirt and stains are removed.

Will the carpet cleaning provider need to come into my home?

Yes. Since most carpet cleaning jobs take place inside the home the professional carpet cleaner will need to come into your home to get the job done. To make sure you stay safe while they are working on your carpets, you should practice social distancing at all times and disinfect high touch surfaces.

How does carpet steam cleaning work?

Carpet steam cleaning works by using vaporised water to heat up the fibres of your rug or carpet and get all the dirt and debris out by vacuuming it up.

Can you receive remote or virtual carpet cleaning services and assistance?

Carpet cleaning services are not typically done virtually, since they require in-person work that cannot be completed remotely. However, if a carpet cleaner states that they’re offering remote services, ask them what those services include and whether they’ll be suitable for you.

What does a Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning Service include?

Carpet steam cleaning
Our Melbourne carpet cleaning services include a lot more than just the standard carpet steam cleaning you can get from any other carpet cleaning company in the area. Our professional carpet cleaners have years of experience in the field that gives them the edge over other professional cleaners. They'll use their skills and knowledge to deliver high-quality results that you can be satisfied with. Our carpet cleaners use hot water extraction for deep cleaning that removes all the dirt, dust and other types of debris from your carpets, to ensure the cleanest and freshest outcome.
Carpet dry cleaning
Dry carpet cleaning services include the use of a low-moisture or no-moisture method to lift and extract the dirt, without soaking your carpet with water and liquid detergents. This process is more eco-friendly since it doesn't use water yet provides the same results as steam carpet cleaning. Carpet steam cleaners use a lot of moisture, requiring you to wait a day or two for your carpets to fully dry, unlike dry cleaning which requires you to wait no more than a few hours to use your carpets again.
Carpet stain cleaning
If you're looking for a high-quality carpet stain removal service that will take care of all those stubborn stains that have accumulated over time, then you can leave the job to our carpet cleaning professionals who will be able to restore your carpets to their former glory and provide you with wonderful results. Our professional cleaners use the best carpet cleaning supplies in their cleaning process so they can achieve the best results. Their top of the line equipment and cleaning products reach deep into the carpet fibres so they can break down and remove stubborn stains and built-up dirt in the process.
Rug cleaning
Our qualified carpet cleaners offer rug cleaning services that will keep your rugs clean and in great condition. They'll do a wonderful job by safely removing all stains, dirt and dust off your rugs so you don't have to worry about dust and allergens that cannot be picked up by vacuuming alone. You can opt for their water extraction or dry cleaning method, whichever one works best for you. Both methods will leave your rugs dirt and stain free and will remove all other residues found within the fibres. Our technicians will inspect your rugs beforehand and note any tears and rips so they can be careful not to make any further damage while cleaning. They'll also note any stubborn stains that might require additional treatment so they can restore your rugs to their original look.
Tile and grout cleaning
Our qualified carpet cleaning technicians specialize in tile and grout cleaning in addition to carpet and rug cleaning. They will be able to remove all the grime off your tile and grout without causing any water damage to your floors. They'll bring life back to those worn-out, dirty floors and restore their beauty. Leave the messy and dirty work to our professional cleaners so you can get the required results. Our technicians will be able to deep clean your floors and grout by reaching deep into that hidden dirt and grime that you can't get to by mopping alone. Our house cleaning professionals will be able to restore the shine and colour of your floor and grout and will apply clear grout sealant to protect your grout lines from future spills and accidents.
Upholstery cleaning
Dust, dirt, crumbs, pollen and other particles and residues can accumulate on your upholstered furniture over time. This can make it look worn-out, dirty and less appealing. Although regular maintenance and care are very important, once your couch gets to a certain point, vacuuming and wiping won't be able to do the trick anymore. That's when you need to hire a professional upholstery cleaner that will be able to restore your furniture to its former glory and freshen up your home. There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional carpet cleaner to clean your upholstered furniture, instead of buying commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning products and attempting to do the job yourself. Not only will you save on time and money, but you'll also be able to see much better results which will revitalize your furniture and your home at once.