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Top 5 Hot Water Heater Installer in Melbourne, VIC

Bexley Hot Water Repairs
Penshurst NSW (697.3km from Melbourne)
Bexley Hot Water Repairs are licensed and experienced hot water heater repair technicians. They are based in Penshurst, NSW and service the residents of Sydney and surrounding suburbs. They offer repair, installation and replacement services for electric, gas and solar water heater systems. The systems they supply are quite reliable and operate for years without any problems, but even if a problem does occur, a qualified electrician with a water pipe license from Bexley Hot Water Repairs will take care of the problem straight away. And if you’re not looking to repair but replace your old water heater, they’ll also be able to advise you on the type of system that will work best for you needs and budget so you can be satisfied with the service and the end results.

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Anytime Hot Water
Bellevue Hill, NSW (715km from Melbourne)
Anytime Hot Water is a hot water system specialist company that offers supply, repair and replacement services for domestic and commercial needs. They are located in Bellevue Hill, NSW and service all of Greater Sydney, Campbelltown, Wollongong, Central Coast, Newcastle and Canberra. They have over 30 years of experience in the field, which allows them to provide you with fast, reliable and high-quality services no matter what type of job you request.

Their team of professionals is comprised of experienced plumbers and electricians allowing them to take care of any project you might request with ease.

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Frequently asked questions

What is the most efficient hot water system?

Solar boosted hot water systems that get the most of their energy from the sun and are only boosted by electricity or gas are the most efficient systems available right now. The natural gas system ranks right after the solar boosted one and is an efficient option for larger households.

How long do hot water systems last?

Depending on the type, quality and amount of usage, hot water systems are expected to last around 7-12 years. Once they've reached their 12-year mark or even sooner, you may start to notice signs that your old water heater needs replacing.

How do you know when a hot water heater needs to be replaced?

Some of the signs you can look for when determining if you should replace your water heater include the fact that it's past its expected lifespan, it's failing to heat up the water properly, or the tank is making sizzling or hissing sounds.

Which is better tankless or tank?

Tank water heaters are a good choice if you have a limited budget, as the upfront equipment and installation costs are much lower than they are for tankless heaters. However, if you can afford to pay the higher upfront cost and your upfront costs don't surpass the estimated savings that you can expect during the lifetime of your tankless heater, then you should definitely go with that option.