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Showing results for Lawn Fertilising

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Keilor East Mowing offers lawn care and gardening services to clients who love to have beautifully maintained gardens and lawns without having to worry about putting in a lot of time, effort and work into them. They are based in Keilor East and cater to homes and properties in a 15km radius. Some of the primary services they offer include domestic and commercial mowing, ride-on mowing, garden maintenance, pruning, trimming, weeding, rubbish removal, pressure cleaning, gutter cleaning and more.
It should not be difficult to have beautiful gardens and well-maintained lawns. MOW NOW has a mission: to help Australians have beautiful lawns and well-maintained gardens all year. We want you to spend your time on the most important things in life, such as spending more time with family, learning new skills, or getting some much-needed rest. MOW NOW is dedicated to providing excellent services, reliable staff, and friendly work to all of our clients.
South East Mowing offers affordable, high-quality and reliable lawn mowing and garden maintenance services to their clients. They are seasoned professionals with tons of experience in garden care and maintenance. They cover all lawn care and gardening projects for residential, commercial, government and public needs. They have the right skills, knowledge and equipment to take care of any job type, no matter how small or big it may be and provide immediate and high-quality results.
Eastern Home and Garden Maintenance work with residential and commercial clients in the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne and are happy to provide a wide range of gardening and lawn care services that fit their needs and budget. Their team has the proper equipment and necessary supplies to carry out any garden care or maintenance project their clients may request. Their services include lawn mowing, lawn edging, fertilizing, weeding, mulching, hedge trimming, pruning and more.
South East Lawn Mowing is a lawn and garden maintenance service available to clients in Melbourne's South Eastern Suburbs. The company has been catering to clients in the area for almost two decades, offering clean, tidy and professional lawn care services at competitive rates. Some of the company's primary services include lawn mowing, weeding, edging, small hedge trimming and pruning jobs, and other types of gardening and lawn care tasks.Whether you need a one-off service or regular maintenance, their qualified and professional staff are here to provide you with excellent service and impeccable results.
Just Mulching Tree Services are located in Mulgrave, VIC and offer to mulch, stump grinding and tree services for residents across Melbourne. Their friendly and experienced staff are more than happy to assist their new and existing clients with tree removal, tree pruning, mulching and stump removal services quickly and efficiently, leaving no mess behind.
Good mowing is a lawn mowing, lawn maintenance and gardening company located in Bundoora, VIC. They service the surrounding suburbs, from Mill Park to South Morang, covering all types of lawn care and maintenance services, including mowing, weeding, pruning, shrub trimming, garden and yard maintenance and much more. Good mowing is a family-owned and operated business that strives to provide the best possible lawn care services to their clients at affordable rates. They can take the hassle out of lawn care and gardening and provide their clients with exceptional results in no time.
Gardening Angels is the best team in Melbourne if you want to get your weekends back. They have been serving Melbourne residents and businesses for years with our lawn mowing services and gardening services. Their focus is on one simple principle: providing a high-quality service that reflects your needs. They listen to your needs, will create a customized plan and price that allows you to get the perfect final result.
Ideal Lawn Services locates in Wallan, VIC and service the surrounding areas and suburbs. They are a lawn care and maintenance company that offers lawn mowing services, yard maintenance, lawn coring and aeration, dethatching and scarifying, fertilising, weeding and pest treatment among other benefits. So, if you're looking to get your lawn and yard in great shape, leave it to Ideal Lawn Services to do it for you. They can set up a regular maintenance schedule for you, such as an annual plan, or you can hire them for one-off services, whichever way works best for you.
J.M. Lawn Mowing is a lawn care and maintenance company located in Doveton, VIC. They've been providing professional gardening and lawn mowing services to residents and commercial clients in Victoria for several years now, covering a wide range of services. Some of the main services provided by the company include lawn mowing, gardening, rubbish removal, window cleaning, planting, tree cutting and more. Their team of experienced and skilled professionals offer high-quality services using the latest technologies in landscaping and lawn care.

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Small Backyard Needs Mowing
Melbourne, VIC 3000

We have a small backyard that needs to be mowed. Trimming and weed treatment also required.

Mowing Front Lawn
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Small front lawn needs mowing. Shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. Rubbish removal required as well.

Leaf Removal Services
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Looking for a professional gardener that provides leaf blowing and leaf removal services. We need to have our driveway, pathway and yard cleaned of leaves, debris and so on.

Weed Control
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Need a gardener to apply weed killing solution or a certain pesticide that will destroy the dandelions and other weeds and boost the health of our grass.

Lawn Or Landscape Work, Includes Debris Disposal Service
Melbourne, VIC 3000

I'm interested in the offer '2 hours of Lawn / Landscape Work + Debris Disposal for $200' listed in Handymate.

Lawn Overseeding Service
Melbourne, VIC 3000

I'm interested in the offer 'Lawn Overseeding Service upto 50sqm listed in Handymate.

Frequently asked questions

How much lawn fertiliser is too much?

While lawn fertilisers are quite beneficial for the growth and health of our lawn, there is such a thing as over-fertilising your lawn. Applying too much fertiliser can have harmful effects on your turf. It can lead to something called fertiliser burn, where you end up with dead and dried up patches in your lawn. It’s important to always follow the instructions on the bag, so you don’t go too far and make sure you use the proper amount of fertiliser to keep your grass strong and healthy.

What ways should I use to stay safe if I hire a lawn fertilising service provider while social distancing?

The main safety precautions you can take when hiring a lawn fertilising professional is to avoid physical contact, keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres and stick to digital payment options whenever possible.

Should I cut lawn before fertilising?

While there are no exact rules on how to go about mowing and fertilising your grass, it’s always best to mow the lawn first, mainly because you won’t have the chance to mow it for a few days after applying the fertiliser. Mowing the grass also removes the excess lawn waste and exposes the soil so the fertiliser can work more effectively.

Can I pay for lawn fertilising services using digital payments?

While many landscaping and lawn fertilising companies used to offer digital payments even before the pandemic, a lot more of them have adopted this principle and are likely to accept digital payment options such as PayPal, Google Pay, Afterpay, Zip and Square Cash. Talk to your lawn care professional during the initial consultation to find out what payment option they offer.

What does a Lawn Fertilisation Service include?

Fertilisation offers a ton of amazing benefits for your lawn. If done correctly and at the right time, it is definitely an investment that will pay off for years to come. Thanks to Melbourne's exceptional lawn fertilisation services, you can improve your lawn's health, promote its growth, while preventing weed growth, and protecting it from pests and diseases. Lawn fertilisation services in Melbourne include the following elements: Before your lawn care contractor gets to work, they'll first do a quick inspection of your lawn in order to determine the type of grass they're dealing with and choose the suitable fertiliser for the job. Once they identify the type of grass you have, they will choose the best fertiliser option which contains the required nutrients so your grass can stay healthy and strong. They'll use a broadcast spreader to get a nice wide swath while reducing the chance of over-application. Once they have their equipment and supplies ready, they'll measure the size of your lawn to see how much fertiliser they'll need to use. Putting the right amount of fertiliser is an essential step in the process which will help you get the most benefits out of the fertiliser. The last step of the process includes equally spreading the fertiliser across your lawn so you can get the right coverage and avoid over-fertilising. Some of the main benefits of hiring Melbourne's top lawn care experts to fertilise your lawn include:

1. Improved growth of your lawn
Providing the right kind of nutrients for your lawn helps it grow stronger and thicker, which promotes uniform growth. This way you don't have to deal with dry patches of grass so you can keep your lawn lush and green all year long.
2. Weed control
One way to reduce weeds, and stop them from taking over your lawn is to give your lawn the right nutrients it needs to grow strong and thick, thus making it healthy enough to avoid becoming the victim of weeds.
3. Pest and disease resistance
A healthy, fertilised lawn is more resistant to pests and diseases since it's more protected and resilient and has the strength to withstand attacks. The thicker and stronger your lawn is, the more protection it has against pests and diseases which often attack its roots.
4. Improve the quality of your soil
In order to have a healthy lawn that can fight against diseases, weeds and pests, you need to have high-quality soil as well. By fertilising your lawn, you provide your soil with the essential nutrients needed for your grass to thrive and stay healthy. Lawn fertilisers improve the quality of your soil and replenish it with all the nutrients it's lost over time. No matter how you slice it, lawn fertilisers help keep your lawn strong and healthy and are very beneficial to the soil and the environment. So if you are ready to have a lawn that will make all your neighbours green with envy, lawn fertilisation should be one of the most important steps of your lawn care routine and should not be skipped.