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Mow Buddy - Melbourne, VIC
Mow Buddy
Melbourne, VIC
4.5 (19)
Mowbuddy partners are independent contractors to whom they subcontract work. They can schedule work with customers and set the hours. Mowbuddy offers a completely online, contact-free booking service for lawn mowing and other garden needs. They know that life is busy. So they created an easy way to get a quote and book a lawn mowing professional quickly and easily via your smart phone or computer.
Pricing starting from:
Lawn mowing pricing - Nature Strips $10.5 per week (min. 20 regular mows per year*)
Lawn mowing pricing - Small Lawns $19 per week (min. 20 regular mows per year*)
Lawn mowing pricing - Medium Lawns $24 per week (min. 20 regular mows per year*)
Lawn mowing pricing - Large Lawns $29 per week (min. 20 regular mows per year*)
Cortez Mowing & Garden Maintenance's mission statement is "leave your smiling". Our customers are our guarantee of pride in our work and we are reliable! Cortez provides affordable services at a price that suits you. Cortez can provide ongoing maintenance at a reasonable rate if you need it. We offer ongoing maintenance at a price that suits you: from lawn mowing to ride-on mowing, we can take care of your lawns.
Pricing starting from:
Large Lawns & Yard - $66-$88 Including GST
Medium Lawns & Yard - $55 Including pulse GST
General Garden Maintenance - $50 an hour
Small Lawns & Yard - $44 Including GST
Elite Gutter Vacuum Melbourne is a gutter cleaning service that offers effective and comprehensive cleaning services for Melbourne's single or double story homes and commercial properties. They vacuum up debris, dirt and leaves from your gutters, making sure they're spotless and free of build-up. Other than gutter cleaning, some of the additional services offered by the company include duct cleaning, lawn mowing, fence painting, window cleaning, and pressure washing outdoor areas and surfaces. They are located in Greensborough and cover all suburbs across Melbourne.
Dial A Cleaning - Melbourne, VIC
Dial A Cleaning
Melbourne, VIC
5.0 (2)
At Dial A Cleaning, you can get in touch with a local cleaning expert to book a hassle-free and thorough cleaning for your home or office in Brisbane or any of the surrounding suburbs in Queensland as well as throughout Melbourne. Their cleaners' main services include domestic cleaning, office cleaning, bond cleaning, carpet and upholstery cleaning, pressure cleaning, and more. In addition to their cleaning services, they provide lawn mowing, pest control and other maintenance services. works with the best lawn care and gardening specialists to provide clients with exceptional results and keep their lawns top shape. In addition, they offer weekly, fortnightly, monthly, and one-off garden maintenance and lawn care services to residents in all suburbs of Brisbane. No matter what type of lawn care or gardening project you might have, will be able to take care of it for you.
Chopra Property Services provides high quality domestic and commercial cleaning services and handyman services. Their services include but aren't limited to regular Cleaning, One-off Cleaning, end of lease cleaning, kitchen cleaning, bathroom cleaning, dusting, mopping, vacuuming, tidying, ironing, bed making and much more. They always provide specific discounts for new customers and are happy to take on any cleaning task, no matter how simple or complicated.
Fox Mowing's team consists of dedicated lawn and garden maintenance specialists with many years of experience. Their people are all residents, which means they can serve locals and are familiar with the area and the needs of their residents. They offer lawn mowing, pest control, fertilization, prune and hedge, gardening, landscaping, spraying weeds, and maintenance and clean-up. It would be best to choose Fox Mowing because they are lawn care experts and provide regular services to keep your garden looking its best. The team also has top-quality lawn systems to ensure high-quality service.
Must Have Maintenance - South Melbourne, VIC
Must Have Maintenance
South Melbourne, VIC
4.9 (61)
Must-Have Maintenance offers professional gardening services in Melbourne's eastern and southern suburbs. Their gardeners can take care of all your gardening needs, including lawn mowing, weeding, pest control, and clean-up services. Their highly skilled and experienced employees follow high standards and provide high-quality services that meet the requirements and needs of their customers.
Melbourne Mobile Mowing - Port Melbourne, VIC
Melbourne Mobile Mowing
Port Melbourne, VIC
5.0 (3)
Melbourne Mobile Mowing offers the best gardening services to households using the right equipment and lawn mowing services for small areas starting at $59. It is an excellent option for people with smaller yards and limited space for garden equipment. Their mobile gardeners are available to come to your home six days a week.
Inner City Garden Maintenance offers a complete service to all your backyard and gardening needs. The team's number one priority is to make sure their customers are happy with their work. They offer a reliable, efficient, and cost-effective service. Their business is built upon building relationships with customers and encouraging word-of-mouth referrals.

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Grass Seeding
Melbourne, VIC 3000

We moved into a new home and the lawn here is in a very bad state. It is almost non-existent. We need the whole area to be seeded and fertilized.

Melbourne, VIC 3000

A lawn care specialist needed to re-seed our entire lawn. There are a lot of yellow/brown patches of dead grass that need to be re-seeded.

Planting Trees
Melbourne, VIC 3000

We ordered 10 new trees for our backyard and need someone to plant them as soon as they arrive, which will be in two days. Is anyone available on such short notice?

Lawn Mowing + Weeding
Melbourne, VIC 3000

Lawn mowing needed for medium-sized lawn in addition to weed treatment and prevention of future weed infestations.

Lawn Aeration Service
Melbourne, VIC 3000

I'm interested in the offer 'Four hours of Lawn Aeration listed in Handymate.

Big Space Requires Lawn Mowing
Melbourne, VIC 3000

We have a big property that requires lawn mowing. Both front and backyard are quite overgrown. Sweeping up and collecting grass clippings should also be included and there may be a few extra services we might require, such as hedge trimming and leaf blowing. We'll discuss the specifics once you get in touch with us.

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of professional lawn mowing and trimming?

Although with a little bit of knowledge and experience and the right set of tools, you can maintain your garden yourself, hiring a professional lawn care service will mean having a beautifully maintained lawn all the time, without having to worry about it on a weekly basis.

Will the lawn mowing service provider need to come into my home?

Since landscaping and lawn care and maintenance are outdoor projects, your lawn care professional won’t need to enter your home to get the job done. Even though they’ll be working outdoors, there are still several safety measures you can take to ensure everyone’s safety, including wearing a mask, practicing social distancing and avoiding physical contact as much as possible.

Do I need to be at home while the lawn care team works?

No, you do not have to be at home during the time of each service; however, you will need to be present during the first visit, so you can go over everything you need done, and discuss your preferences with the team.

Can you receive remote or virtual lawn mowing services and assistance?

It’s not typical for landscapers and lawn mowing providers to offer remote or virtual services because their job requires them to be present on site and conduct the service in person. However, since their duties involve outdoor work, this allows them to easily get the job done without having to enter your home or come in close physical contact with you.

What does a Lawn Mowing Service include?

A regular lawn mowing service in Melbourne includes mowing the lawn, taking care of weeds, collecting leaves, trimming, seeding, fertilising and aerating if needed. Depending on the size of your garden, the climate, the season and your specific needs, you can choose to hire lawn mowing services once every other week, once a month, or as needed. Most lawn care workers in Melbourne offer similar lawn care and maintenance packages, but you may also find special deals if you decide to hire them on a regular basis. To determine what type of services you need, you’ll need to consider your budget, your schedule and your specific needs before hiring the person that’s right for the job. Have in mind that not all lawn care providers use the same type of equipment and tools and offer the same services, at the same price. Let’s take a look at some of the services that can be included in your package if you choose Handymate lawn care services in Melbourne. In addition to lawn mowing, you may expect the following services:

Weed killing
Other than mowing the lawn, taking care of the weeds will help keep your lawn looking healthy and in pristine condition. This can be done with regular trimming and removal of weeds, as well as by using chemical or organic weed removing solutions.
Another service that can be included in the lawn mowing package is taking care of grass that’s growing in the garden beds, around the trees and along the walks and driveways.
Leaf blowing
Wet leaves can not only be slippery and pose a hazard to you and your family, but they can also pile up on top of your lawn and cause brown, dead patches to form. Taking care of leaves that are covering your lawn or your driveway will make your yard look more appealing and will keep your lawn healthy and lush green.
The collected leaves can often be picked up and added to a compost pile which can, later on, be used as fertiliser. Other than leaves and food scrapings, you can use regular store-bought feeding to keep your grass strong and healthy or leave it up to the professionals to do it for you.
If you have brown or yellow patches in your lawn, you can ask your gardening experts to help you out with that problem as well. They’ll have the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right, so you can see positive results in no time. Other than simply seeding your lawn, they’ll also make sure all of the dead grass is removed, the area is well aerated, and there is a good ratio of seeds, fertiliser and water required for the seeds to germinate and grow.
Regular aerating is also an essential step in taking care of a garden. By using specialised machines, your gardener will be able to make small holes in the ground so that water, air and nutrients can reach the roots and keep the lawn healthy and green.