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What does a Lawn Seeding Service include?

The secret to achieving a beautiful, lush lawn is to understand how reseeding and overseeding work. Knowing how to seed your lawn correctly and what type of grass to use along with a few more important factors is something many DIYers learn by trial and error. However, if you want to achieve amazing results without having to learn all the ins and outs of seeding a lawn, you can always leave it up to Melbourne's professional lawn seeding services. Melbourne's top-rated lawn experts will help you restore your lawn in no time. They'll be able to repair even the worst damage, caused by drought, pets, heavy traffic and frequent use, so you can have the lawn of your dreams without lifting a finger. Here's what kind of services they offer:

Putting in a new lawn

Some of the primary services provided by lawn seeding experts include a complete redo of your existing lawn or putting in a new one from scratch. So whether you're moving in a new home and you need to lay new turf or seed your lawn, hiring professionals to do the job for you ensures you'll get the lawn of your dreams without having to do any of the work yourself. If your lawn is in critical condition and requires a complete renovation, then your lawn seeding experts will be able to suggest the best approach to redo your lawn and bring it back to life. They'll be able to achieve this by spot seeding, or by reseeding your entire lawn, depending on its condition.

Lawn reseeding

If you have bare patches on the lawn caused by regular wear and tear, heavy traffic, drought or disease, your lawn care experts will be able to suggest the right approach to restore your lawn to its former beauty. The most common method used in these situations is known as spot seeding, which includes fixing all the dead patches by clearing out any dead grass and debris, loosening the soil, seeding and fertilising. They'll also provide you with directions and tips for further care, which will help you maintain your newly reseeded lawn so it can look amazing once again.


Melbourne's lawn seeding services include one more service which will help you achieve a beautiful, lush lawn in no time. This process is known as overseeding, and it includes spreading grass seeds over your existing lawn. This doesn't just help cover dead patches of grass, but it also helps make your lawn thicker and healthier. This way, it will be less prone to disease and weeds, which will improve its appearance. Overseeding is a great practice and offers a ton of benefits for your lawn. If done right, it can help your lawn heal from any disease and damage it has endured and give it strength to fight against insects, stress and disease. Overseeding services are often combined with aeration, in order to achieve maximum results and revitalise your lawn. This ensures a thicker, stronger and healthier lawn, ready to stand against the harshest of conditions and outside influences.

Frequently asked questions

Do you fertilise before or after seeding?

The ideal time to fertilise your lawn would be either while the seed is being sown or right before that. Using a fertiliser either before or immediately after seeding ensures you’ll have a strong, fast-growing grass that has all the nutrients it needs. It also improves the quality of your soil and makes your lawn greener and healthier.

Can you spread grass seed on existing lawn?

Yes, you can spread grass seed on an existing lawn. However, there are a few steps you’ll need to follow to make sure you’ve successfully planted the grass seed. Before you spread the seed, make sure to mow, dethatch and weed out your existing lawn to prepare it for seeding. Sow the grass seeds by hand or using a spreader and make sure to apply fertiliser so the seed can get the required nutrients and grow faster.

Should you cut grass when it’s seeding?

To give your seeds a chance to germinate and your new grass time to establish itself, you’ll need to wait for two months after you’ve planted your seeds to cut the grass. Make sure to remove no more than one-third of the grass at a time to avoid putting too much pressure on it.

How do I prepare my lawn for seeding?

Preparing the lawn for seeding requires clearing any leaves and debris, dethatching, taking care of weeds and aerating the lawn. Once you get any debris, sticks and old grass out, you can use your compost or store-bought fertiliser to enrich the soil. This will give the new seeds you’re about the plant the right nutrients so they can germinate and grow faster and thicker.

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Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 2 year(s) in business
  • 8 employee(s)
  • Professional and fully trained staff

Oxygen 2 Clean are residential & commercial cleaners in Melbourne that offer cleaning solutions that are uniquely tailored to their customers’ requirements and are able to fit their budget and their needs. They offer simple plans and use simple pricing methods without any hidden fees and extras and pride themselves on being able to provide their clients with excellent services and exceptional results.
They provide an array of services including deep cleaning, spring cleaning, regular cleanings, one-off cleanings, carpet cleaning, window cleaning and car cleaning services. 


•    Affordable rates
•    Dedicated staff
•    Easy to deal with
•    Friendly and pleasant
•    Flexible services

Customer Reviews:

As per Google reviews, two customers said the following:
“Best office cleaning service provider in Somerton, Victoria. They are very professional and supportive staff. Thank you.”
“Excellent cleaning services! Very high standard of cleaning, stress free and very flexible around my schedule. Best money I have ever spent. Thank you very much.”

Melbourne, VIC 3000
  • 11 year(s) in business
  • 1 employee(s)
  • Locally owned & operated

When you hire Property Plus Maintenance for any project around your home or business, you can rest assured that any and all maintenance and repair work needed in and around the property will be taken care of professionally and in a timely manner. The company services suburbs in the south west of Melbourne and offers reliable and affordable solutions to any maintenance task you might have.


•    Cover all type of repairs and maintenance
•    Friendly and approachable
•    Locally owned and operated
•    Fully insured
•    Reasonable prices
•    Quality workmanship

Customer Reviews:

One satisfied customer left the following review about the service she received:
“Chris (the handyman) came yesterday and fixed the door of the garage. My husband told me that this man worked in a very professional way and fixed a few things that he didn't have to do but because of his honest work, he did an amazing job and I think the landlord would be happy with this. Thank you.”

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Request Lawn Overseeding Service

  • Lawn overseeding includes mowing the lawn to a low height and remove unwanted material

  • Aerate lawn to reduce soil compaction, add the starter fertilizer and spread grass seed

  • Applying mulch, compost, or peat moss as required

  • Material cost included in the price

Request Shrub Planting

  • Removing any existing shrub and planting the customer-supplied shrub in the designated location

  • Digging the hole for planting, aligning shrub within the hole, replacing dirt and watering

  • Valid for shrubs, maximum height 3 meters tall

Request Tree Trimming and Pruning

  • Assessing physiology of tree(s) for proper trimming

  • Valid for trimming or pruning a trees under 8 metre in height with an access available via a driveway

  • Service includes hauling away of yard waste

Request Lawn Fertilisation Service

  • Lawn fertilisation includes mowing the lawn to a low height and spreading fertiliser across the yard

  • Fertiliser cost included in the price

Request Flower Bed Soil Treatment

  • Flower bed soil treatment includes incorporating compost into flower beds and spreading mulch around the flower beds

  • Material cost included in the price

Request Mulch Delivery and Spreading

  • Delivery of standard mulch and to distribute evenly in your yard

  • Clean up of debris left over from mulch spreading

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