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Top 5 Patio Paving in Melbourne, VIC

Asphalt Paving Plus
Melbourne, VIC (0.8km from Melbourne)
Asphalt Paving Plus provides a range of residential and commercial services to clients in Melbourne, ranging from construction to garden maintenance and more. Some of the primary services offered include asphalt and concrete paving of paths, driveways and other spaces, asphalt repair and resurfacing, garden maintenance, etc.

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Ascot Paving
Moonee Ponds, VIC (6.9km from Melbourne)
Ascot Paving is a paving company based in Moonee Ponds, VIC. Some of the main services offered by the team include asphalt paving, repair and maintenance, paving driveways, car parks, transport yards, school and sport’s courts and other similar surfaces. They’ve been leading in the industry for over three decades and have been providing consistent, reliable and professional services throughout the years.

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Optimo Tiling & Paving
Camberwell, VIC (8.3km from Melbourne)
Optimo Tiling is a family-owned and operated paving and tiling business that services clients across Melbourne. They are committed to providing high-quality artistry and exceptional results to each customer they work with. Some of the primary services they offer include indoor floor and wall tiling, bathroom renovations, outdoor paving and stonework, stone cladding, pool tiling and pool tile repairs and more. With over two decades of experience in the business, Optimo Tiling is your one-stop-shop for tiling, paving and bathroom renovations.

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Bayview Landscaping and Paving Construction provide all types of landscaping, paving and garden makeover services. Their highly qualified and experienced staff are here to help clients transform their outdoor areas and achieve exceptional results that they'll be proud of. The team specializes in paving, decking, retaining walls, concreting, brick and blockwork, timber work, planting and irrigation, turf installation and complete garden renovations. Their work is neat and tidy, and they always clean the paving upon competing for the project. They also offer additional sealing services.

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Viewbank Paving
Montmorency, VIC (17.1km from Melbourne)
Viewbank Paving have been offering consulting, design and paving services since 1983, working on residential, commercial and government projects. They cover all types of landscaping and paving projects and work with clients across Victoria. Starting with the initial inspection and consultation and throughout the process, you will be dealing directly with the owner, guaranteeing exceptional results and high-quality service no matter how small or large your project may be. Some of the primary paving services they cover include paving paths, driveways, pool areas, water features, retaining walls and other outdoor areas.

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Frequently asked questions

What are the best pavers for a patio?

If you're thinking of putting up a new patio and aren't sure what materials will work best, let’s take a look at some of the top-ranked patio pavers homeowners typically go with. The best and most commonly used pavers for patios and other similar outdoor projects include concrete pavers, brick pavers, flagstone, slate, pea gravel, wood and decomposed granite.

Does a paver patio need to be sloped?

In order to protect the foundations of your home from water damage, you should aim to build your patio with a 3-5 cm slope. This way, water can drain easily from the pavers and into the ground, away from your home's foundation.

How thick should patio pavers be?

While this depends on the amount of traffic they will get, as well as the type of materials you'll use, patio pavers should normally be at least 5 cm thick. While you may save some money by going with thinner pavers, you can risk having them crack, making way for weeds to pop up and ruin your whole patio.

How do I keep my patio pavers from moving?

You can prevent your patio pavers from moving by adding a solid edge to your patio. Some of the most commonly used edging materials include a concrete, metal or plastic edge. This will keep your pavers in place and keep them from shifting.