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Showing results for Pavers For Patio

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New Dawn Permeable Paving are landscape contractors who specialize in permeable Paving, driveway resurfacing, pool surrounds, and landscaping. They cater to domestic and commercial clients and are always looking for new and exciting ways to contribute to their clients' projects and achieve the best results possible. Their experience in the industry, along with their useful insight and passion for their work, has helped them achieve fantastic results and made them stand out as a paving company.
Rebond Paving and Landscapes locates in Arthurs Creek, VIC and services residential and commercial clients in the region. They are landscape construction specialists and cover all landscaping projects from planning to construction. They work with new as well as existing designs and can transform any garden into a relaxing and welcoming space. Their main services include but aren't limited to paving and tiling, decking, building steps, retaining walls, ponds and water features, laying exposed aggregate and finished concrete, instant and synthetic turf, stone and rock work, pool landscaping, as well as setting up irrigation systems and garden lights.
With over two decades of working in the business, Joel at Glidestone Paving & Landscaping has gained invaluable knowledge and experience. He can offer exceptional services and outstanding results to his residential and commercial clients across Melbourne. He's an expert in the field of paving and landscaping and works diligently to continually improve his skills and knowledge. He offers professional results, excellent customer service, high-quality artistry and technical skills and personalized advice and tips. These are some of the main things that set him apart from the rest of the pavers and landscapers out there.
Optimo Tiling is a family-owned and operated paving and tiling business that services clients across Melbourne. They are committed to providing high-quality artistry and exceptional results to each customer they work with. Some of the primary services they offer include indoor floor and wall tiling, bathroom renovations, outdoor paving and stonework, stone cladding, pool tiling and pool tile repairs and more. With over two decades of experience in the business, Optimo Tiling is your one-stop-shop for tiling, paving and bathroom renovations.
Tony Blackford Landscaping and Paving have been providing concreting, paving, decking, landscape design, lighting, planting, and natural and artificial turf installation services for clients across the peninsula and throughout Melbourne for over three decades. In addition to these leading landscaping and paving services, they work on playgrounds and children's play spaces. They do pool renovations, Paving and decking, and installing rainwater tanks and irrigation systems.
Ascot Paving is a paving company based in Moonee Ponds, VIC. Some of the main services offered by the team include asphalt paving, repair and maintenance, paving driveways, car parks, transport yards, school and sport’s courts and other similar surfaces. They’ve been leading in the industry for over three decades and have been providing consistent, reliable and professional services throughout the years.
Stately Paving is landscaping professionals, providing design, planning, construction and maintenance services, and advice on all paving and landscaping related projects. They are based in Melbourne and service clients in the Melbourne Metropolitan Area and the Geelong region. They've been in the business for over two decades. In that time, they've developed the best and most efficient methods and techniques necessary to get each project finished quickly and professionally. Some of the team's primary services include most types of Paving, outdoor tiling, timber decking and pergolas, gravel paths and driveways, landscaping, mulching, planting, irrigation, excavation, and other garden maintenance, landscaping and paving services.
Viewbank Paving have been offering consulting, design and paving services since 1983, working on residential, commercial and government projects. They cover all types of landscaping and paving projects and work with clients across Victoria. Starting with the initial inspection and consultation and throughout the process, you will be dealing directly with the owner, guaranteeing exceptional results and high-quality service no matter how small or large your project may be.Some of the primary paving services they cover include paving paths, driveways, pool areas, water features, retaining walls and other outdoor areas.
OZ'S Landscaping Paving & Construction are based in Melbourne and service clients in the region, working closely with them to ensure they get the best possible service and an outcome they can be satisfied with. Their team of qualified, experienced and reliable professionals are here to make sure each project goes smoothly and efficiently, so they can achieve the best results possible while matching the client's needs and budget.
Paving Solutions offer professional concreting and paving services to clients all across Melbourne's South Eastern, Eastern and Northern Suburbs. Some of the primary services provided by their team include laying driveways and paths, application of direct and coloured concrete, exposed aggregate driveways, decorative concrete, garages and shed slabs, retaining walls, garden kerbs and mowing strips and much more. So, no matter what type of concreting or paving project you have, Paving Solutions are here to assist you with it.

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Frequently asked questions

Why are my patio pavers sinking?

There are several reasons why your patio pavers may be sinking. Poor preparation before laying the pavers, unstable ground and bad drainage are some of the main problems that cause pavers to sink. If your pavers are placed near a downspout or other water source, this can cause the soil around and under them to erode and make them sink over time. To avoid this problem, you should try redirecting the water source, so it doesn't flood the pavers and make them shift and sink.

Will the patio paving contractor need to come into my home?

This depends on whether you’re looking to have the interior or exterior of your home paved. If you need to have your garage floor paved, then the patio paving contractor will need to enter your garage to do the work. However, if you’re looking to get your patio, driveway or other outdoor surface paved, then the patio paving contractor probably won’t need to come into your home at all.

How long does it take to put in a paver patio?

Depending on the scope of work, the available equipment, the materials used and the amount of people working on the project, as well as their experience, you can expect to have a regular-sized patio paved within 4-5 days from start to finish.

Can you receive remote or virtual patio paving services and assistance?

While paving requires in-person work, which makes it unsuitable for virtual or remote assistance if you come across some patio paving contractors that may offer some virtual help and assistance due to the coronavirus pandemic, contact them to find out what their services include.