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Showing results for Ant Exterminators

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Allpest are a pest control company located in Kewdale WA. They are the largest pest control company in the area and have been servicing residents and businesses in the region since 1959. They offer expert pest control services, for residential, commercial and industrial properties. Additionally, they offer pre-construction termite and pest treatments for new homes, commercial properties and renovations. They also provide fumigation services for a number of projects and businesses across Western Australia and the world.
Pricing starting from:
Build your Pest Package - Select 3 of our single pest management options as a pest solution to control and treat Ants, Crickets, Fleas, Cockroaches, Millipedes, Flying Insects, Rodents, and Spider for $325
Ants Treatment from $250
If you’re looking to find an immediate solution to your pest problem and take care of all the issues associated with it, Rapid Pest have got you covered. Rapid Pest was established back in 2008 and has been growing as a pest control company ever since. They offer all types of wildlife, rodent, insect and other pest control services and conduct each job with dedication and professionalism.
Pricing starting from:
One-Time Pest Control service : • homes upto 150sqm : $120; • homes upto 200sqm : $160 • homes upto 240sqm : $220 • homes upto 260sqm : $250
Ant Control Treatment : • homes upto 150sqm : $120; • homes upto 200sqm : $140 • homes upto 240sqm : $160 • homes upto 260sqm : $180
One Year of Quarterly Pest Control service : • homes upto 150sqm : $500; • homes upto 200sqm : $600 • homes upto 240sqm : $800 • homes upto 260sqm : $1000
Affordable Pest Control are located in Willetton WA and service Perth and the surrounding area. They’ve been in the business for over two decades and have been providing customers with reliable, effective and environmentally-friendly pest control services ever since.Depending on the treatment, they offer 3/6/12-month guarantees. Their treatment options are safe, effective and affordable.
AAA Pest Solutions are committed to providing reliable and professional pest control services to residents and businesses from all areas of Perth. They aim to get the job done right at the first try and give customers peace of mind, knowing that their property is fully protected and safe from pests. The company was founded in 2016, and has since offered safe and effective treatments for spiders, ants, termites, bedbugs, cockroaches, mice and other pests.
Atlas 1 Pest Management are located in Malaga WA and service residents and companies in Perth and the surrounding areas. They offer safe, effective and environmentally-friendly pest and termite management solutions. Some of the main services offered include extermination and management of cockroaches, ants, fleas, bed bugs, carpet beetles, silverfish, spiders and more. No project is too big or too small for the experienced and professional team of Atlas 1 Pest Management to handle. All jobs come with a 12-month guarantee, offering you peace of mind that your home or property is safe, protected and pest-free.
Pest Patrol WA are a pest control company that’s been servicing clients in Perth and the outer regional areas for over 10 years. They use high-quality materials and products to treat any pest problem in a fast and effective manner. Their team of friendly, knowledgeable and experienced pest control professionals offers residential, commercial, real estate, pre-purchase and pre-development pest management and extermination service in addition to inspections and more.
Pest Be Gone Solutions pride themselves in providing their clients with quality workmanship, great customer service and exceptional results with each project they complete. They are passionate, insightful and experienced in the field of pest control and can offer their clients with useful and professional advice on how to maintain their home or business pest-free.
Pest Control Perth offer safe and effective pest treatments to clients in Perth and surrounding areas. Their qualified and experienced technicians are committed to finding the best measures possible to take care of any pest issue their clients’ might face and provide them with excellent results. They incorporate the latest methods, products and techniques available to achieve the best result in a safe and effective manner. Their methods are safe, eco-friendly and non-allergic, providing clients peace of mind, knowing that their family, pets, or employees are safe and protected.
Pest Rangers are a family-owned and operated business that offers pest management services and inspections to residents and businesses in Ellenbrook, Swan Valley and the Northern Suburbs. They are trustworthy, professional and reliable and offer 100% satisfaction guarantee, giving their clients peace of mind and building a strong and long-lasting relationship in the process.In addition to the standard pest control treatments, they offer pre-purchase building inspections, termite inspections and provide detailed reports on their findings as well as a comprehensive plan of action.
BP Homecare Pest Management are a pest control company in North Perth, WA. They offer pest control services including extermination of ants, spiders, rodents, bed bugs, silverfish, fleas, termites and more. They also offer termite protection services, annual maintenance inspection services, pre-construction chemical treatments, pre-purchase timber pest inspections and other treatments. They are professional, reliable and provide fast and effective results. Their treatments are eco-friendly, don’t require residents to vacate their property and in accordance with Australian standards.So if you suspect you have a pest problem in your home or business don’t hesitate to give BP Homecare Pest Management a call.

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Need someone that can offer cockroach extermination services asap. We tried getting rid of them on our own but nothing seems to work.

2-Bedroom Home Pest Control Services
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Standard pest control treatment. Entire house and outdoor parameter need to be sprayed.

Inside And Outside Pest Control Treatment
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End of lease thorough inspection of indoor and outdoor areas and possible treatments if necessary.

Bed-Bug Treatment Package
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I'm interested in the offer 'Bedbug treatment package for 4 rooms for $800' listed in Handymate.

Moth Infestation
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When we were going through some old clothes in our grandparents' home we discovered that some of the clothes and a few blankets have been ruined by moths. We need to have all the closets treated or sprayed so we can get rid of the moths.

Termite Inspection And Treatment
Perth, WA 6000

We can hear quiet clicking sounds within the walls and we suspect that we might have termites in our home. The sound isn't as loud as that caused by mice so we think it might be something else, most probably termites.

Frequently asked questions

What stops ants from coming in the house?

If you want to keep ants off your home, there are a few simple steps that can help you out with that. First, you’ll need to seal off any entrance areas and cracks that they can use to get in. Use ant repellents to create barriers outside suspected entryways to keep ants off. For this purpose, you can use talcum powder, cinnamon, peppermint oil, bay leaves, cloves or clove oil, etc. Place these deterrents carefully, avoiding locations where children and pets may find them.

What ways should I use to stay safe if I hire an ant control expert while social distancing?

The main safety measures you can take to make sure you stay safe during the pest control treatment, especially if the pest control specialists needs to work inside your home, is to maintain a distance of at least 1.5 metres with the technician, avoid physical contact, use digital payments and sanitise any frequently used spaces and surfaces before and after the treatment.

How do you treat an ant infestation?

The first step to treating an ant infestation includes proper inspection, determining where the ants are coming from and how they’re getting in your home and then implementing the adequate measures to get rid of them. While some people use sprays to get rid of the infestation, the truth is that sprays are both ineffective at killing ants and contain harmful chemicals as well. If you want to avoid breathing those chemicals yourself, you should stick to natural ant repellents such as cinnamon, talc, peppermint or clove essential oils.

Can I pay for ant control services using digital payments?

A lot of pest control professionals and companies accept digital payment methods such as PayPal, Apple Pay, Zip, Square Cash or Afterpay for their services. Check with your service provider if and which payment methods they have available before you book your pest control treatment.

How to Prevent Ant Infestations?

Ants travel in groups and will most likely enter your home in the spring or autumn.  While it’s quite difficult, even impossible to keep your house pest-free all the time, there are certain preventative methods you can use to keep your home ant-free as long as possible. Let’s take a look at some of the most effective and easy solutions to achieve that!

1. Outdoor preventative measures
In order to prevent ant infestations from occurring you need to take certain measures that will deter them from your home before they ever enter it. While store-bought ant killer sprays provide instant results, this way you will just destroy a part of the colony which means the problem can reappear later on. The safest and most reliable plan to go with is to use repellent sprays to deter ants and prevent them from reaching the inside of your home. This way, you can avoid using harmful chemicals that can destroy all insects, even the beneficial ones, yet still get the result you were hoping for.  Here are some of the best natural ant repellents you can use to help you destroy the trails ants leave behind for the rest of the colony to follow, so they can lose the scent and change their course.

  • A mixture of peppermint oil and water sprayed around the perimeter of your home will stop ants from getting inside, as they hate the smell and will stay away from it.
  • A mixture of vinegar and water sprayed around windows and doors will also keep ants from coming inside.
  • A solution of one part lemon juice and three parts water, used as a spray similarly to the previous methods we mentioned.
  • A spray made of a few drops of cinnamon essential oil mixed with water applied near your home’s entry points. In addition to using ant repellent around the perimeter of your house and around windows, doors and cracks, there’s one more measure you can take to make sure your home is ant proof. This step includes sealing off any cracks, crevices and other entry points that can be used by ants. Such entry points can be typically found around windows and doors, around pipe and cable openings and so on.
    2. Indoor preventative measures
    The main indoor preventative measures you can take include:
  • Storing leftover food and open bags of snacks properly
  • Keeping a tight lid on your trash can and taking out your trash regularly
  • Storing your trash bins outside the garage rather than inside
  • Fixing any moisture problems such as leaking piles and faucets as soon as you spot the problem
  • Cleaning your kitchen floor, countertops and cabinets regularly, making sure there are no crumbs or leftover food that ants can track and find
  • Limiting where you eat and making a habit of eating in the dining room and kitchen, not in the bedroom and living room