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Showing results for Carpet Steam Cleaning Services

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At HWA Carpet Cleaning you can find a carpet cleaning & hard floor specialist for your home or business. The company was established in 2017 in Perth. Some of the main services offered by the company include carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, stain removal, window cleaning, high pressure cleaning and even housekeeping. They have dedicated their time on mastering their craft and delivering exceptional results for affordable prices. They pride themselves on providing good customer service and making sure all of their client’s requirements are achieved once the job is completed.
Pricing starting from:
Carpet Steam Cleaning : • 1 room : $150; • 2 rooms : $160 • 3 rooms : $210 • 4 rooms : $220
Carpet Dry Cleaning : • 1 room : $150; • 2 rooms : $180 • 3 rooms : $220 • 4 rooms : $250
Shineclean is a cleaning company that provides a wide range of cleaning services. They strive to provide their customers with affordable, safe and effective cleaning solutions no matter the type of service they require. They offer high-quality services and pride themselves on being able to meet all of their clients’ needs and much more. Some of the main services they offer include residential and commercial cleaning, window cleaning, end of lease cleaning, spring cleaning, carpet cleaning and more. Their solutions are flexible and they offer customers great value for their money.
Pricing starting from:
Carpet Steam Cleaning : • 1 room : $50; • 2 rooms : $70 • 3 rooms : $90 • 4 rooms : $120
High pressure cleaning. Full vacate cleaning. Gardening. Gutter cleaning tiled & grout cleaning. Carpet cleaning. Sealing. Rubbish disposal And more
Pricing starting from:
Carpet Steam Cleaning : • 1 room : $60; • 2 rooms : $80 • 3 rooms : $110 • 4 rooms : $140
End of Lease Cleaning with Carpet Steam Cleaning : • 2 bed, 1 bath homes upto 150sqm : $280; • 3 bed, 2 bath homes upto 200sqm : $370 • 4 bed, 2 bath homes upto 240sqm : $450 • 5 bed, 3 bath homes upto 260sqm : $570
Maxx Cleaning is a cleaning company based in Perth. They offer quality cleaning services at affordable prices, making sure their quote is suitable for your needs and budget. Their staff is professionally trained and reliable. They have the necessary equipment and eco-friendly supplies to take care of any cleaning job with ease. Some of the main services offered by Maxx Cleaning include housekeeping, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning, end of lease cleaning and more. Their team of professional cleaners offer effective house cleaning solutions and exceptional results to all homeowners in Perth using environmentally friendly methods.
Pricing starting from:
Carpet Steam Cleaning : • 1 room : $80; • 2 rooms : $100 • 3 rooms : $110 • 4 rooms : $230
Magic Dry was established for the first time in WA in 1971. Magna Dry used to have a WA division. Magic Dry is now an independent franchise group in WA. Our mission is to be the best within the industry. We are the best in terms of service, products and results. Our professional carpet cleaning service is reliable and will deliver exceptional results every time. Magic Dry is the name you can trust to clean your upholstery and fabric.
Pricing starting from:
Carpet Cleaning -1 room $55; 2 rooms $105; 3 rooms $130; 4 rooms $160; Additional room $30; Passages (up to 6 sq.m.) $16
Carpet Cleaner Perth WA is a leading carpet cleaning company in Perth. Our mission is to provide the highest quality carpet cleaning service in Western Australia at a competitive price. We care about your business, and we guarantee complete peace of mind. Many residential and commercial customers in Perth have used our end-of-lease carpet cleaning, end-of tenancy carpet cleansing, vacate carpet clean and bond carpet cleaning services. We are known for our high quality service and affordable prices. Carpet Cleaner Perth WA is the best choice for you, whether you're a tenant moving out, a new tenant moving in, or a property manager.
Pricing starting from:
Special 3 = Upholstery Cleaning for mattress, sofa, car seat and other furniture all from $30 per seat only.
Special 1 = 2 Rooms $88 includes pre-treatment and a truck mounted unit.
We have many satisfied clients and have been cleaning floors in Peel for years. All carpets and upholstery are cleaned in Perth's South. Mandurah's Carpet Cleaners has been pleased to serve all suburbs of Perth. Our carpet and upholstery company is renowned for being one of the most professional and skilled in South Western Australia. We offer a wide range of services to both homeowners and businesses. Our dedicated and highly trained team provides a superior cleaner service that delivers outstanding results. Our primary goal is to ensure our clients' satisfaction. Our professionally trained staff can resolve any stains or problems you might have with your carpets/upholstered. We also offer quick service in the Peel area - we accept short notice bookings, but this is subject to availability.
Since 1983, we have been serving the Peel area. We offer a personal and professional service to all of our customers. We are not "Jack-of-all Trades, Master Of None". We specialize in Carpet Steam Cleaning and Upholstery Steam Cleaning. We are the Steam Masters. We can provide the best service possible and offer a Personal Guarantee.
Lakeside Carpet Cleaning, a local business, has been operating for many years now. Lakeside Carpet Cleaning is equipped with all the necessary tools and techniques to accomplish any cleaning task. We are always striving to be Australia's most trusted contract cleaning service and facility support provider. Our team is friendly, professional and functional. We use organic cleaning products to ensure our clients' safety. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 0428 467 525.
We put great thought into everything we do. This ensures that you get outstanding service and high quality. We strive to be transparent about our processes and to connect you with the best professionals in order to achieve long-lasting results. You can find more information on our services at our website. We are here to help you.

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Reliable Carpet Steam Cleaner
Perth, WA 6000

need a professional and reliable carpet cleaner that has the necessary equipment to handle the dirtiest of carpets. We just had some tenants move out and can see a lot of visible stains on the carpets that we'd like to have taken care of.

Vacate Carpet Cleaning
Perth, WA 6000

Steam carpet cleaning services required. 2 rugs and 2 carpets. Could I get a quote before the cleaning? Thanks.

Carpet Dry Cleaning
Perth, WA 6000

I'm interested in the offer 'Carpet Dry Cleaning in 3 rooms for $220' listed in Handymate.

Carpet Cleaning Technician Needed
Perth, WA 6000

We have three pets, one of which is a pup that can sometimes make a mess unintentionally. We need someone for a stain and odour removal treatment for our bedroom and dining room carpets.

Carpet Cleaning - 2 Rooms
Perth, WA 6000

Carpets are in good condition but require regular cleaning as they've not been professionally cleaned in around 10 months.

Apartment Dry Carpet Cleaning And Leather Sofa Cleaning
Perth, WA 6000

I need all of the carpets in my apartment to be professionally cleaned and treated for stains and I have a leather sofa that hasn't been cleaned in a while that I'd like to be cleaned as well.

Frequently asked questions

Can steam clean damage my carpets?

There is no risk in steam cleaning your carpets as it is a very safe method recommended by carpet cleaning technicians as a way to keep your carpets in pristine condition and prolong their lifespan.

What ways should I use to stay safe if I hire a carpet steam cleaning provider while social distancing?

The main safety guidelines you need to follow if you hire a carpet steam cleaning professional is to keep social distance at all times, sanitize any used surfaces and areas, keep windows open and ventilate your home properly as well as use digital payment options if available.

Can steam cleaning remove pet stains and unpleasant odours?

Since pet stains and odours are common issues, pet owners have to deal with from time to time, eliminating this problem is the perfect job for our carpet cleaning technicians. While the outcome will depend mainly on the magnitude of the problem, our technicians will be able to approach the issue using different techniques and cleaning solutions so they can neutralize and remove both the odour and the stain.

Can I pay for carpet steam cleaning services using digital payments?

Even before the pandemic hit, most carpet steam cleaning professionals accepted digital payment methods such as PayPal, Square Cash, Zip, Afterpay, Google Pay and others. The current situation with the coronavirus pandemic has encouraged many more of them to adapt to the conditions fast and start offering digital payment options as a safer alternative to paying with cash or check.

Why Hire a Professional to Steam Clean your carpet

If your carpets have started to look gloomy and dirty, it’s time for their annual carpet cleaning. While you can always rent a carpet steam cleaner and buy the appropriate cleaning solution to get the job done, you won’t be able to achieve the same results as a professional cleaner would. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider hiring a professional to steam clean your carpets:

They use professional cleaning equipment
Not only do carpet cleaning technicians have professional carpet cleaning equipment, but they also have the appropriate cleaning agents that are safe and suitable for your carpet. This way they’re able to remove all the dirt and other build-ups from within your carpet without damaging the fibres. Additionally, they’ll be able to achieve better results and remove stubborn stains that you might not have been able to do yourself.
Eliminate allergens and pollutants
The easiest way to remove dust, pollen, allergens and air pollutants is to have your carpets professionally cleaned at least once a year. This way you won’t just get rid of all the bacteria and pollutants that are trapped in the carpet fibres, but you’ll also get a fresh new look and feel throughout your home.
Restore your carpets and prolong their lifespan
Having your carpets cleaned professionally on a regular basis can restore them to their original state and prolong their lifespan. This makes this cleaning method eco-friendly and budget-friendly since you won’t need to buy new carpets every few years, due to a lot of stains, wear and tear and unpleasant odours.
Save time and effort
While you can opt for cleaning your carpets using store-bought or homemade solutions, you will need to spend a lot of time and effort to get all the stains and dirt out, and you still might not get as good of a result as you would if you were to hire a professional cleaning crew. To make the most out of your time, you can hire a team of professionals to do the job for you, so you can get the best results possible, and be able to spend your time on more important tasks or duties.
Achieve an excellent result
Carpet cleaning professionals have the right skills, knowledge and expertise to deal with all types of carpets, and take care of stubborn stains and other challenging situations that may arise. They will be able to clean your carpets professionally, without causing any damage to the carpet fibres or your floors.