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Showing results for Driveway Pavers

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Pallan’s General Services are a team of experienced, qualified and licensed tradies that offer domestic and commercial general services to residents and businesses in Perth. They offer an array of services including plumbing, painting, flooring, carpentry, gardening, paving, cleaning and housekeeping, gutter cleaning and repair, kitchen and bathroom renovation services and other handyman and general repair and maintenance services. No matter what type of project you might have in and around your property, Pallan’s have got you covered.
Pricing starting from:
Driveway Brick Paving : • Upto 30sqm : $1800; • Upto 50sqm : $3000 • Upto 80sqm : $4800 • Upto 100sqm : $6000
Patio Brick Paving : • Upto 20sqm : $1400; • Upto 30sqm : $2100 • Upto 40sqm : $2800 • Upto 50sqm : $3500
Backyard and Sideway Brick Paving : • Upto 30sqm : $2250; • Upto 50sqm : $3750 • Upto 80sqm : $6000 • Upto 100sqm : $7250
Shaun O'Hare has been operating Lakeside Paving and Landscapes for fifteen years. Shaun O'Hare and his team have over 20 years of experience in the field and a degree as Environmental Management. They are well-equipped to handle any outdoor project. Our team is ready for any job and can manage projects with the same skill set that our clients expect. Our #1 priority is customer satisfaction. We stand behind every job we do.
Newstead Outdoors, formerly Newstead Paving, is a WA family-owned business with almost 30 years of experience in landscaping and paving. Our shop, Newstead Outdoors, was established last year because we felt the need to offer Western Australian clients a one-stop-shop for their outdoor areas. Newstead Outdoors can supply and install fencing, gates, pool fencing, brick paving, and artificial grass!
Chaps Paving & Landscaping believes everyone should have a high-quality paving/landscaping project at an affordable cost. We have over 20 years of experience and are certified in bricklaying. Quality is our number one priority. Every paving and landscaping installation is completed to the highest standard. We guarantee 100% satisfaction for all our customers.

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Perth, WA 6000

Hi there. I need someone to install 20 natural stone pavers. Currently the path is concrete so

Re-Laying ~40 Brick Pavers
Perth, WA 6000

Around 40 brick pavers need to be removed and re-installed properly. Some are broken so they'll need to be replaced with the same type of pavers

Backyard And Sideway Brick Paving
Perth, WA 6000

I'm interested in the offer 'Backyard and Sideway Brick Paving - Upto 30sqm listed in Handymate.

Prepare The Surface And Lay Pavers
Perth, WA 6000

Help needed with levelling a surface, preparing it for paving and laying down pavers.

Paving And Light Gardening
Perth, WA 6000

Light gardening work required. The work involves levelling a part of the lawn, re-seeding and laying natural stone pavers to create a stunning pathway.

Exposed Aggregate Driveway Paving
Perth, WA 6000

I'm interested in the offer 'Exposed Aggregate Driveway Paving - Upto 100sqm listed in Handymate.

Frequently asked questions

How do I prepare my driveway for paving?

The most crucial step in paving your driveway is preparing a good base. This includes removing the existing driveway or removing any soil and debris to a depth of at least 30 cm if you’re laying a new driveway from scratch. Make sure to compact the soil and add gravel and sand before you start laying the bricks.

How do I safely set up a consultation or an appointment with a driveway paving contractor during the coronavirus pandemic?

To stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, set up your first appointment or consultation with your driveway paving contractor via video chat or phone call, if they offer such options. Use that time to ask questions about the service and discuss your ideas and visions for the project.

How long does it take to put in a new driveway?

While this depends both on the type of material used and on the size of your driveway, it usually takes around 1-3 days of actual work to put in a new driveway. This includes the paving process only and not the preparation, removal of the old driveway, compacting the base and the curing process at the end. If we take all of those steps into consideration, the whole process might last up to a few weeks.

How do I know if driveway paving services are considered as essential COVID-19 services?

The first step to finding out whether driveway paving services are considered as essential during the COVID-19 pandemic is to visit your state’s government website. Additionally, you can find more resources and information on the subject by checking out Safe Work Australia’s publication.

How Do Paving Service Providers Price Their Services?

Paving costs vary a lot from one project to the next, with prices starting as low as $35 up to $120 per square metre including labour and materials. When it comes to brick pavers, you can expect to pay around $70 to $90 per square metre, whereas stone pavers cost around $75 to $100. The cheapest option remains to be concrete pavers that typically cost around $45 to $60 per square metre. Let’s take a look at some of the main factors that can influence the price of these services.

Type of surface
One of the main factors that can influence the paving costs is the type of surface you’re working with. Prices can vary a lot depending on whether you need to have your patio, pathway or driveway paved. Another thing paving contractors take into consideration is whether or not the surface that the pavers will be laid on is level or sloped.
If you’re looking for a specific custom design that requires a lot of work and precision, you can expect to pay a higher price than you would for a simple design.
Amount of prep work
The amount of prep work required is another important factor that can influence your overall costs. If the surface that needs to be paved is level and clean, there will be less prep work for the paving contractor to do and the costs will therefore be lower. However, if the surface is slopped it will require a lot more work to get it levelled and ready for paving, which will be calculated in the final cost of the services.
Type of pavers
The type of pavers you choose to go with also plays a role in the overall price of the services. That’s because some pavers are easier to install and require less time and effort, while others such as granite cobblestones vary in thickness and are less uniform, which makes them harder to install.