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Based in Rockingham, the cleaning company provides cleaning services and solutions to residential and commercial areas; but primarily Rockingham, Baldivis, Safety Bay, and places around Peel Region in Western Australia.To do Cleaning as simple as possible, the team of trained and experienced cleaners works quickly, efficiently, and professionally. The range of services available to the carpet cleaning customers in Rockingham includes carpet and upholstery cleaning, mattress and rug cleaning, tile and grout Cleaning, stain and odour removal and removal, and carpet repairs.
Located in Perth, Andrews Carpet Cleaning Services is a family-owned business that provides professional domestic cleaning services. With over 30 years of floor cleaning experience, the company offers its customers a wide range of floor cleaning services. With high-quality and exceptional results in-floor cleaning, they offer carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning services separately or a combination of all three.
Based in Perth, Breath Easy offers professional cleaning services for both residential and commercial areas. If you are looking for someone to maintain your carpets, upholstery, and tiles, then Breath Easy is what you are looking. With over 20-years' experience, high-quality carpet, upholstery, and tile cleaning along with carpet restoration and stain and odour removal.Breathe Easy offers professional and exceptional cleaning services at affordable prices. Thanks to their trained workers, the company has a good and positive standing among its customers throughout Perth. The professional and qualified workers offer various services, including leather treatment, odour removal, water damage restoration, woollen carpet cleaning, rug and carpet Cleaning, upholstery cleaning, tile and grout Cleaning, and allergy treatments.

Frequently asked questions

What cleans grout the best?

There are several different commercial tile and gout cleaners that can help you restore your dingy tile and grout to their original colour. A lot of them work great at penetrating grimy grout and cleaning tough stains. However, most grout cleaners have bleach and harsh chemicals that are not so easy on the skin and on the environment. If you're looking for a safe and effective homemade grout cleaner, you can use a mixture of baking soda, vinegar and liquid dish soap instead.

Will the grout cleaner need to come into my home?

Yes, if your hire a grout cleaner they will need to enter your home to do the cleaning unless you hire them to clean outside areas only, in which case they will most likely be able to do the entire job without entering your home.

Does steam cleaning damage grout?

No, steam cleaning does not damage grout and is actually one of the most common techniques used by professional grout cleaning companies. Steam cleaning can only ruin your grout if it's used on already damaged grout and in combination with harsh and porous cleaning solutions.

Can you receive remote or virtual grout cleaning services and assistance?

Grout cleaning is a service that needs to be done in person. However, if you find a grout cleaner that offers such virtual or remote services, talk to them to find out more about your options and what they entail.

Why is tile and grout cleaning important?

Most homeowners typically have tiles in the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, laundry room and many other areas in the home. While many choose this flooring option for the convenience and ease of maintenance, both tiles and grout can get really dirty and grimy over time and require deep cleaning. There are numerous benefits that you can get from cleaning your tiles and grout on a regular basis. Here are just a few of the most important ones.

1. Return your tile and grout to their original state
Using the right tools and supplies you can easily remove all of the built-up dirt and grime that has settled between your tiles over the course of time. This will revitalise your floor and reveal its beauty and shine. You’ll be surprised just how much an old and worn out floor can be improved and restored with a bit of work and commitment.
2. Remove bacteria and germs off the surfaces
Dirty and porous grout is the perfect breeding ground for bacteria, germs and mould which can have harmful effects for those who are suffering from allergies, asthma and other respiratory diseases. By putting in a bit of effort to remove all the dirt and grime that has accumulated over time, you effectively eliminate all the germs, mildew and fungal growth that might be present within the grout lines - leaving your floor sparkling clean and sterile. This will not only improve the appearance of your tile and grout but can also have positive effects on your health and wellbeing.
3. Extend the lifespan of your tiles
In order to keep your floors protected and well-maintained you need to follow a regular cleaning routine and have your tiles and grout cleaned professionally every couple of years. This way you can make sure your floors look amazing while offering them protection against spills and dirt, which can help extend their lifespan. While tile and grout cleaning is rarely anyone's favourite chore around the house, putting it off for too long can compromise the look and integrity of your floors and weaken them over time. Additionally, your tiles and grout can start losing their colour and shine and start fading away, which can be very frustrating to look at. To avoid that, you should stick to a strict cleaning schedule and make sure to either use the appropriate equipment and products or hire a professional cleaning service to do the entire process for you.