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Showing results for House Cleaning

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Shineclean is a cleaning company that provides a wide range of cleaning services. They strive to provide their customers with affordable, safe and effective cleaning solutions no matter the type of service they require. They offer high-quality services and pride themselves on being able to meet all of their clients’ needs and much more. Some of the main services they offer include residential and commercial cleaning, window cleaning, end of lease cleaning, spring cleaning, carpet cleaning and more. Their solutions are flexible and they offer customers great value for their money.
Pricing starting from:
Rental Bond Inspection Cleaning : • 2 bed, 1 bath homes upto 150sqm : $230; • 3 bed, 2 bath homes upto 200sqm : $300 • 4 bed, 2 bath homes upto 240sqm : $380 • 5 bed, 3 bath homes upto 260sqm : $480
Maxx Cleaning is a cleaning company based in Perth. They offer quality cleaning services at affordable prices, making sure their quote is suitable for your needs and budget. Their staff is professionally trained and reliable. They have the necessary equipment and eco-friendly supplies to take care of any cleaning job with ease. Some of the main services offered by Maxx Cleaning include housekeeping, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning, end of lease cleaning and more. Their team of professional cleaners offer effective house cleaning solutions and exceptional results to all homeowners in Perth using environmentally friendly methods.
Pricing starting from:
Rental Bond Inspection Cleaning : • 2 bed, 1 bath homes upto 150sqm : $230; • 3 bed, 2 bath homes upto 200sqm : $300 • 4 bed, 2 bath homes upto 240sqm : $930 • 5 bed, 3 bath homes upto 260sqm : $480
We are a family-owned cleaning company that provides the best cleaning service in Perth, WA. We offer affordable cleaning in Perth and Quality Cleaning to ensure your home and office are clean and healthy. Since 2005, we have been in this industry for over 5 years and have had the privilege of serving many clients. We have been able to take the encouragement and positive feedback from them and move forward to manage this business.
We have a great reputation in the Northern Suburbs for our impeccable cleaning standards, thanks to many years of service businesses in Perth, Western Australia. This reputation has been built on years of trusting and being honest with our clients. We started our commercial cleaning business in the beginning. However, we found it frustrating to be asked repeatedly by clients for solutions to their water stained glass. We were unable to offer any advice until we found the Enduro Shield system for glass protection and restoration. The system was tested in our homes as well as the homes of friends and family members, and we were equally amazed by the results.
Your home should look and feel clean. But you don't have the time or desire to do it yourself. You need a trustworthy, reliable team to handle all your housework. We are a Perth-based home cleaning company that is passionate, dedicated, and caring. Kali and Ariel are passionate about cleaning with love. We strive to alleviate stress and leave a little love in each home we clean. We have many years of experience in cleaning. This allows us to offer a variety of services, including full house cleaning, vacate clean, spring cleaning, and more specific services like tile cleaning, oven cleaning, laundry, and ironing.
Window cleaning in Perth Metropolitan. But, we also provide window cleaning services in the Perth suburbs, especially in Karrinyup and Dianella. Our values that are focused on quality and work as well as customer satisfaction are the key to our success. We strive to provide high-quality services that are affordable and efficient while respecting our clients' time and financial constraints. We operate in Perth city, Western Australia where we cater to residential and commercial/industrial clients including, but not limited to large and small homes, shopfronts, hospitals, hotels, universities, banks, restaurants, and much more.
Brilliance Cleaning was founded in Perth in 2007 by the Souza family. They wanted to create a company that reflected family values and a culture that is focused on quality cleaning and customer service. We have a fleet with 3 trucks and 5 employees. Brilliance Cleaning understands its responsibility to provide safe working conditions for all employees. We require that they adhere to basic safety rules. We are also aware of our responsibility for the safety and property of our clients as well as the general public.
Established in 1999, Clean Essence started as an office cleaning company but quickly developed into a diverse total property services company. Through the offering of a range of different services, you can be sure that any job you need done can be taken care of by us. We work hard to achieve the highest possible standards in everything we do no matter how small the task because satisfaction is found in the details.
Abode Cleaning, located in Perth's heart, is a premier home cleaning provider. We can provide a professional, reliable, and thorough cleaning service for you home. Our cleaners are carefully vetted to ensure that they meet our high standards. We will leave your home in a spotless condition.
Capital Steam Cleaners will deliver premium results. Capital Steam Cleaners is the best choice if you need your carpets, upholstery and tiles professionally cleaned. A dirty and unhealthy home or workplace is worse than a company that does more damage than good. Capital Steam Cleaners is a family-owned business that has been in the industry for over 18 years. We are highly trained and experienced. We are also long-standing members of The Carpet Cleaning Assoc of WA's veteran committee. We can steam clean commercial and residential areas. Our business also offers specialized work such as carpet stretching and carpet repair, flood damage, urine and odour remediation. Protector or scotchgard application, tile stripping, and tile sealing are all part of our services.

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Post-Construction Cleaning Services Required
Perth, WA 6000

We're moving into a new home that was just built. The construction crew was done a few days ago with the final touch-ups, now all we need is to get it cleaned and ready for moving in.

Sofa Cleaning - Leather Upholstery
Perth, WA 6000

I'm interested in the offer '5 Seater Sofa Cleaned listed in Handymate.

Sofa Cleaning - Leather Upholstery
Perth, WA 6000

I'm interested in the offer '4 Seater Sofa Cleaned listed in Handymate.

Whole House Deep Cleaning
Perth, WA 6000

I'm interested in the offer '5 bed, 3 bath Deep Cleaning for homes upto 260sqm for $820' listed in Handymate.

House Cleaning, Walls, Floors, Inside Cupboards And Drawers
Perth, WA 6000

Thorough cleaning required, including mopping floors, wall cleaning, door and window cleaning, inside cupboards and so on. We'll discuss the details once you get in contact with me.

Vacate Cleaning
Perth, WA 6000

Vacate cleaning services needed. What's your quote for a two-bedroom, two-bathroom home with a balcony?

Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a professional house cleaning service?

Professional house cleaners have all the tools and accessories needed to get the job done professionally and in the shortest amount of time, saving you a lot time and effort in the process.

How do I safely set up a consultation or an appointment with a house cleaner during the coronavirus pandemic?

During the coronavirus pandemic, the best way to set up a consultation or appointment with a house cleaner is to do it online. You can begin by searching for house cleaners in your area and message or call them to book a virtual consultation, if available. This way you can discuss your needs, the cost of their services, and additional questions you may have for them.

What services do professional house cleaners offer?

A standard house cleaning job can include dusting, sweeping, mopping, vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen and the restroom, wiping down all visible surfaces and sometimes even tidying up around the house, including putting away clothes, toys and washing dishes.

How do I know if house cleaning services are considered as essential COVID-19 services?

While house cleaning services are generally not considered as essential during the COVID-19 pandemic, not all states and cities follow the same guidelines. In order to find out if house cleaners are considered essential in your area check out Safe Work Australia’s publication or visit your city’s or state government’s website.

What's included in House CleaningServices in Perth,Western Australia?

No matter if you need a regular cleaning or you want to get your home in great shape for a special event or occasion, you can never go wrong with hiring a Handymate house cleaning professionals in Perth. They’ll be able to take care of all those boring, time-consuming tasks that you always seem to put off, and leave your home sparkling clean and fresh. House cleaning services include multiple different cleaning tasks around the home. There are different types of services in Perth which depend mainly on your needs, the condition of your home, and so on. It’s up to you and your house cleaner to decide what the best option for you is. You can hire house cleaning services for special occasions, for deep cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning and for regular weekly or monthly cleaning. Here are the main services that our home cleaners offer: **Cleaning floors and carpets ** Floor and carpet cleaning services can include vacuuming, mopping, dry or steam carpet cleaning and sometimes even removing stains. If you have some stains that are harder to remove, you may want to hire a professional carpet cleaner as well.

Kitchen cleaning
As the most frequented area in your home, the kitchen deserves a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. That’s why kitchen cleaning services include everything from wiping down kitchen cabinets, appliances, and countertops, to in-depth cleaning of floors and moving away appliances and cabinets to clean every inch thoroughly.
Bathroom cleaning
Keeping your bathroom clean and as sanitary as possible is something cleaners take very seriously. They’ll wipe down all surfaces, clean all cabinets and elements and make sure the toilet, sink and bathtub have been thoroughly cleaned inside and out.
Cleaning additional rooms
Cleaning the living room, dining room, bedroom and any additional rooms is also covered by the house cleaning services. This includes vacuuming, mopping, dusting and wiping down all objects, furniture and surfaces in the room, taking out any trash, and even changing linen and tidying up clothes (which can be included as additional services). ** Special cleaning services** Although regular house cleaning services cover almost everything if you have any additional cleaning needs, including deep cleaning of carpets, stain removal, wall and window cleaning and so on, you will have to ask for them in advance, so your cleaner can book more time with you, as well as take any additional tools and equipment required for the specific job. Other special home cleaning services available in Western Australia include deep cleaning, moving in/out cleaning, Airbnb cleaning and other personalised checklists you might have. Hiring a professional house cleaner frees you of having to take care of boring tasks and chores around the home and cleanses your home from any allergens, bacteria, mould and other harmful contaminants, leaving everything sparkling clean and fresh. This way, you won’t have to feel exhausted balancing your work and home life, and you’ll have more free time to spend with your family, while still having a germ-free, sparkling-clean home.