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Select Lawnmowing was established in 2006 to meet the growing demand for high-quality lawn mowing services. Previously the exclusive domain of wealthy households, most customers now have too much to do their lawns. The Select model was created to provide customers with consistent quality services. It also ensures that all operators are security cleared, trained to the highest standards and have a focus on reliability and quality control. The property maintenance industry is growing rapidly worldwide. Australia is no exception. It's an opportunity that franchise owners can tailor to their needs. Select Lawnmowing offers people the opportunity to start their own businesses using a proven system.
Pricing starting from:
Lawn mowing services from just $20 per mow.
The Garden Worm are a local gardening service that offers garden care and maintenance services to residents in and around the City of Gosnells. They offer friendly and professional services and can help you transform your yard, lawn or garden into an inviting and beautiful space that you and your family can enjoy all year long. Some of the services offered include mowing, edging, weeding, cleaning up outdoor areas, pruning and more. Additionally they offer consultant services to help you figure out how you can take care of your garden and outdoor area better.
Pricing starting from:
Garden Maintenance starting from : 1 Hour labour : $50; 2 Hours Labour : $100; 3 Hours Labour : $170; 4 Hours Labour : $250
Andrews Lawn And Garden Care offer prompt, reliable and affordable lawn and garden maintenance services and landscape installation services for residential and commercial properties primarily in the Northern and Western Suburbs. Call us today to get a no-obligation quote and if you are looking for a passionate Landscape Gardener who will take pride in maintaining your property, or transforming it completely. Fully insured, cleared by the police, and a white safety card worker. Although we are located North of the River, we service many other areas regularly so please give us call or send an email to discuss your needs and we will get back to you quickly.
Gomm's Gardening & Home Maintenance offers gardening, lawn mowing, landscaping, mulching, general tidy-ups, gutter cleaning, pressure washing, and painting.
Ben Moulden is my name and I reside in Willetton (WA). My team and I have many years of experience in lawn mowing, and other garden services. All our clients receive professional, friendly and tidy services. We operate in areas that are close to each other, including Willetton and Canning Vale as well as Harrisdale, Southern Rivers, Riverton's, Bull Creeks, Leeming, Leeming, and surrounding areas. Customers are also important to us. This allows us to not only be efficient, which keeps costs down, but also to be reliable and arrive on time.
West Coast Garden Maintenance provides reliable, professional irrigation services for your commercial or domestic garden. The hourly rate can be used for quick clean-ups or complete backyard blitzes. The call out fee for irrigation services is $50. This includes everything from minor sprinkler repairs to full irrigation system installations. For quotes and enquiries on backyard landscaping and designs please feel free to send our team an email at [email protected] or 0478-646 -158.
Alexandria Gardens, a Perth-based garden maintenance company, provides mowing, whipper snipping, mulching, and green waste removal. They provide free estimates and will come to your place to discuss the task. They provide exceptional and reliable services and make your site great again, whether for your home or business.
Fox mowing, fully insured, and police checked are garden maintenance experts with decades of industry experience. They provide various services, including lawn care, fertilising, garden care, pest control, hedging, landscaping, etc. They adhere to industry standards and guarantee the highest quality services.
Garden Services Perth offers a wide range of gardening and landscaping services and ensures complete customer satisfaction. It includes garden maintenance, lawn mowing, reticulation, hedging, pruning, landscaping, etc. They have highly skilled and trained landscapers or gardeners who offer high-quality lawn and gardening services at affordable rates.
Turf Care WA - North Perth, WA
Turf Care WA
North Perth, WA
4.6 (8)
Turfcare WA's reputation for excellence in turf management has been built over 40 years. They constantly strive to maintain and set the highest standards for providing premium turf services. The Company offers facilities management, sports surface construction, mowing, renovation, and spray application services for 21 local governments, ten private schools, and more than 120 sporting clubs in Western Australia. They are also familiar with scheduling services to meet sporting club play requirements and comply with local government environmental policies.

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Quick Mowing Job
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Our front yard requires mowing. The area isn't too big and shouldn't take up too much time.

Mowing Front Lawn
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Small front lawn needs mowing. Shouldn't take more than 20 minutes. Rubbish removal required as well.

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Create Beautiful Flower Beds
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We have a few ideas on how we'd like our garden beds to look but we'd like to hear your thoughts as well and come up with a plan that will work best for our budget and what we want to achieve. We would like to have circular garden beds, we'd like them to be raised and either built with bricks or stones, we haven't yet decided on that part.

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I'm interested in the offer 'One labour hour for Garden Maintenance for $120' listed in Handymate.

Frequently asked questions

How often should I have my lawn mowed?

Depending on the climate, your local weather and location, as well as the current season, you may need to have your lawn mowed every 2 or 3 weeks.

How do I safely set up a consultation or an appointment with a lawn mowing service provider during the coronavirus pandemic?

To avoid face-to-face contact and stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s best to set up a virtual appointment or consultation with a lawn care professional, if that option is available. During your call you can use the time to ask any questions you may have about the project, and get an estimate price for the services.

What do lawn mowing services include?

Lawn mowing and garden maintenance services include mowing the lawn, trimming, pruning and edging, weed removal, leaf collection, pest and disease control, and clean up.

How do I know if lawn mowing services are considered as essential COVID-19 services?

To find out whether lawn care services or other categories from this sector are considered as essential COVID-19 services, check out Safe Work Australia’s publication.

What does a Lawn Mowing Service include?

A regular lawn mowing service in Perth includes mowing the lawn, taking care of weeds, collecting leaves, trimming, seeding, fertilising and aerating if needed. Depending on the size of your garden, the climate, the season and your specific needs, you can choose to hire lawn mowing services once every other week, once a month, or as needed. Most lawn care workers in Perth offer similar lawn care and maintenance packages, but you may also find special deals if you decide to hire them on a regular basis. To determine what type of services you need, you’ll need to consider your budget, your schedule and your specific needs before hiring the person that’s right for the job. Have in mind that not all lawn care providers use the same type of equipment and tools and offer the same services, at the same price. Let’s take a look at some of the services that can be included in your package if you choose Handymate lawn care services in Perth. In addition to lawn mowing, you may expect the following services:

Weed killing
Other than mowing the lawn, taking care of the weeds will help keep your lawn looking healthy and in pristine condition. This can be done with regular trimming and removal of weeds, as well as by using chemical or organic weed removing solutions.
Another service that can be included in the lawn mowing package is taking care of grass that’s growing in the garden beds, around the trees and along the walks and driveways.
Leaf blowing
Wet leaves can not only be slippery and pose a hazard to you and your family, but they can also pile up on top of your lawn and cause brown, dead patches to form. Taking care of leaves that are covering your lawn or your driveway will make your yard look more appealing and will keep your lawn healthy and lush green.
The collected leaves can often be picked up and added to a compost pile which can, later on, be used as fertiliser. Other than leaves and food scrapings, you can use regular store-bought feeding to keep your grass strong and healthy or leave it up to the professionals to do it for you.
If you have brown or yellow patches in your lawn, you can ask your gardening experts to help you out with that problem as well. They’ll have the necessary tools and equipment to get the job done right, so you can see positive results in no time. Other than simply seeding your lawn, they’ll also make sure all of the dead grass is removed, the area is well aerated, and there is a good ratio of seeds, fertiliser and water required for the seeds to germinate and grow.
Regular aerating is also an essential step in taking care of a garden. By using specialised machines, your gardener will be able to make small holes in the ground so that water, air and nutrients can reach the roots and keep the lawn healthy and green.