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What does a Perth House Cleaning Service include?

No matter if you need a regular cleaning or you want to get your home in great shape for a special event or occasion, you can never go wrong with hiring a Handymate house cleaning professionals in Perth. They’ll be able to take care of all those boring, time-consuming tasks that you always seem to put off, and leave your home sparkling clean and fresh.

House cleaning services include multiple different cleaning tasks around the home. There are different types of services in Perth which depend mainly on your needs, the condition of your home, and so on. It’s up to you and your house cleaner to decide what the best option for you is.

You can hire house cleaning services for special occasions, for deep cleaning, end-of-lease cleaning and for regular weekly or monthly cleaning. Here are the main services included in the service:

Cleaning floors and carpets

Floor and carpet cleaning services can include vacuuming, mopping, dry or steam carpet cleaning and sometimes even removing stains. If you have some stains that are harder to remove, you may want to hire a professional carpet cleaner as well.

Kitchen cleaning

As the most frequented area in your home, the kitchen deserves a lot of attention when it comes to cleaning and maintenance. That’s why kitchen cleaning services include everything from wiping down kitchen cabinets, appliances, and countertops, to in-depth cleaning of floors and moving away appliances and cabinets to clean every inch thoroughly.

Bathroom cleaning

Keeping your bathroom clean and as sanitary as possible is something cleaners take very seriously. They’ll wipe down all surfaces, clean all cabinets and elements and make sure the toilet, sink and bathtub have been thoroughly cleaned inside and out.

Cleaning additional rooms

Cleaning the living room, dining room, bedroom and any additional rooms is also covered by the house cleaning services. This includes vacuuming, mopping, dusting and wiping down all objects, furniture and surfaces in the room, taking out any trash, and even changing linen and tidying up clothes (which can be included as additional services).

Special cleaning services

Although regular house cleaning services cover almost everything if you have any additional cleaning needs, including deep cleaning of carpets, stain removal, wall and window cleaning and so on, you will have to ask for them in advance, so your cleaner can book more time with you, as well as take any additional tools and equipment required for the specific job.

Other special cleaning services available in Perth include deep cleaning, moving in/out cleaning, Airbnb cleaning and other personalised checklists you might have.

Hiring a professional house cleaner frees you of having to take care of boring tasks and chores around the home and cleanses your home from any allergens, bacteria, mould and other harmful contaminants, leaving everything sparkling clean and fresh. This way, you won’t have to feel exhausted balancing your work and home life, and you’ll have more free time to spend with your family, while still having a germ-free, sparkling-clean home.

What does a Perth Move Out Cleaning Service include?

If you want to make sure to get your bond back, one of the easiest ways to do it is to hire end of lease cleaning services that cover a detailed cleaning checklist so you can leave the property spotless and ready for the new tenants to move in.

Let's take a look at what's covered by typical bond cleaning services offered by our local house cleaning professionals. To give you a better perspective of what you can expect to receive when you hire a professional cleaning company for your end of lease cleaning, we'll go over each step of bond cleaning, room by room.

Let's begin.

Kitchen and laundry room

When it comes to the kitchen and laundry room there are several steps our local end of lease cleaners take to make sure they leave these areas clean and in good condition.

During the cleaning process, your home cleaning professional will wipe down all kitchen cabinets, countertops, benchtops and appliances on the outside, including the stovetop, microwave, range hood, dishwasher and so on. If you want to have the oven and the inside of the refrigerator and freezer cleaned you can request those as extra services and our cleaners will be more than happy to assist you with that for an extra cost. 


When it comes to the cleaning the bathrooms, our cleaners will make sure they not only leave them clean and spotless, but they'll also take extra precautions to make sure they're sanitised properly, and free of germs and bacteria.

In regards to the bathroom, end of lease cleanings include scrubbing toilets, sinks, bathtubs, showerheads and faucets, wiping down the shower, tubs, cabinets, vanities and everything else, including doors, handles and so on. Move out cleanings include taking down any cobwebs and dusting all the areas that might have been neglected during your regular weekly cleanings. 

Bedrooms and living rooms

Some of the main tasks covered when it comes to cleaning bedrooms and living rooms include dusting and wiping down all surfaces including cabinets, bookshelves, furniture pieces and so on. Additionally, all cobwebs will be removed and all doors, handles, baseboards and lighting fixtures will be dusted and cleaned as well.

Our cleaners will also dust and vacuum each room and then mop the floors once everything else has been cleaned. That way they can leave the property clean and in good condition - ready for moving in.

In addition to deep cleaning the kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms and living room, some of the other services included in vacate cleanings include:

  • wiping down light switches and outlets

  • cleaning the interiors of windows and window sills

  • washing shower screens and curtains

  • cleaning all doors, doorknobs and door frames

  • emptying out trash cans and taking out the trash

You can also request extra services which aren't included on the list for an additional fee. Those include:

  • carpet cleaning

  • window cleaning

  • tile and grout cleaning

  • upholstery cleaning, and more

Benefits of Hiring Move Out Cleaning Services in Perth

Moving out can be a very time-consuming and sometimes even stressful process, as it requires a lot of work and preparation in order to leave the place clean and in good condition so you can leave on good terms and get your bond back. To ensure that that happens, you might want to consider hiring professional cleaners to get the job done for you. 

Here are some of the main benefits of hiring end of lease cleaning services so you can decide if this is the best option for you.  

1. Bond back guarantee

The easiest and simplest way to make sure you get your bond back is to hire professional vacate cleaners who are experienced in move out and move in cleanings and know exactly what they need to do to get your full bond back.

2. Easier transition

If you're looking for a hassle-free and stress-free transition from your current home to your next one, the easiest way to do so is to hire someone to take care of the hardest part of the process for you, which is cleaning the entire property and getting it in good order.

3. Better results

While you can always get your tools and supplies ready and tackle the entire project yourself, the easiest way to ensure you obtain amazing results that will guarantee you'll get your bond money back is to hire professionals to do it for you. Professional home cleaners have a lot of experience with move out cleanings and by following their pre-set end of lease cleaning checklist, they will be able to get everything in spotless condition in the shortest amount of time.

4. Save time and money

Move out cleaning is not something you can do in a couple of hours, using the basic tools and supplies you have at home. This type of cleaning requires a lot of work and may take you up to a few days or weeks, especially if you don't have a lot of free time to spare during the day. However, if you decide to go with a professional cleaning company, they'll be able to get your home cleaned quicker, which will not only make your transition smoother but can also help you save a lot of time and money in the process.

5. No need to buy cleaning supplies and equipment

Professional cleaners have an array of different products they use to clean homes, often including eco-friendly options in addition to the standard ones. What this means is that you won't need to go out and look for all the cleaning supplies you'll need for the job, and spend money on cleaning equipment, as your cleaners will have everything they need.

6. Less stress and no hassle

As we mentioned before, moving out and getting everything packed and ready for your new home can be quite stressful. That's why in order to avoid unnecessary stress and hassles you should consider hiring a professional house cleaner to help you out with the process and make things a lot easier on you.

Moving Out Cleaning Tips

However, if you do decide to carry out the entire cleaning process yourself, here are a few tips that can help speed everything up and obtain amazing results:

  • get all your tools and supplies in one place, preferably in a carry caddy so they can be more accessible

  • clean the items you're going to take with you to your new home first and pack them up so they're out of the way

  • schedule all additional cleaning services such as carpet cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, window cleaning and yard maintenance on time

  • clean from top to bottom and then back to front

  • start cleaning at least a week prior to your move so you can spread out your tasks evenly throughout the week and not get overwhelmed

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Frequently asked questions

Why should I hire a professional cleaning service?

The main reason why people decide to hire a cleaning service instead of doing the work themselves is because professional cleaners have the tools, the machines and the experience needed to do the job right, in the shortest amount of time.

What kind of services can I expect from the professional cleaning service?

Some of the main cleaning services offered include routine and deep house cleaning, carpet cleaning, exterior home cleaning, end of lease cleaning, window cleaning and more.

How often should I have a service?

Depending on the cleaning service you need, you can either go with a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, seasonal service or whichever way works best for your schedule.

Do I need to be at home during the appointment?

This depends completely on you and your preferences. You can choose to stay at home or simply give your cleaner access to your home and go about your day.

Do you provide professional services?

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Featured Move Out Cleaner in Perth, WA

Perth, WA 6000
  • 13 year(s) in business
  • 2 employee(s)
  • Commitment on getting the job done

High pressure cleaning.   Full vacate cleaning.  Gardening. Gutter cleaning  tiled & grout cleaning. Carpet cleaning. Sealing.  Rubbish disposal   And more

Koondoola, WA 6064
  • 6 year(s) in business
  • 2 employee(s)
  • Locally owned & operated

Maxx Cleaning is a cleaning company based in Perth. They offer quality cleaning services at affordable prices, making sure their quote is suitable for your needs and budget. Their staff is professionally trained and reliable. They have the necessary equipment and eco-friendly supplies to take care of any cleaning job with ease. Some of the main services offered by Maxx Cleaning include housekeeping, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, oven cleaning, end of lease cleaning and more.
Their team of professional cleaners offer effective house cleaning solutions and exceptional results to all homeowners in Perth using environmentally friendly methods.


•    Punctual and professional
•    Easy to work with
•    Friendly customer service
•    Eco-friendly products
•    Effective and efficient work
•    Satisfaction guarantee

Customer Reviews:

On Google reviews you can find the following two reviews:
“Excellent service and quality with my end of lease clean. Many thanks!!”
“Great service. My real estate agent was so happy and we got our bond back .Thanks guys.”

Perth, WA 6000
  • 5 year(s) in business
  • 20 employee(s)
  • Fast & reliable same day service

Shineclean is a cleaning company that provides a wide range of cleaning services. They strive to provide their customers with affordable, safe and effective cleaning solutions no matter the type of service they require. They offer high-quality services and pride themselves on being able to meet all of their clients’ needs and much more. Some of the main services they offer include residential and commercial cleaning, window cleaning, end of lease cleaning, spring cleaning, carpet cleaning and more. Their solutions are flexible and they offer customers great value for their money.


•    Competitive prices
•    Friendly staff
•    Trustworthy and approachable
•    Prompt and effective

Customer Reviews:

As per their website, Rosalie C. writes:
“I had my windows cleaned with Shine Clean and I was very satisfied with the service they provided. The cleaner came on time and carried out his duties professionally. I will definitely use this company again for future needs.”

Perth, WA 6000
  • 26 year(s) in business
  • 16 employee(s)
  • Courteous and reliable service

For all your plumbing and gas needs!! Service Includes back flow testing, test and tagging electrical equipment, leak detection and drain inspection camera. We are a plumbing and gas company that works over the whole Perth metro area and offer a 24hr service.

Perth, WA 6000
  • 3 year(s) in business
  • 5 employee(s)
  • Locally owned & operated

At HWA Carpet Cleaning you can find a carpet cleaning & hard floor specialist for your home or business. The company was established in 2017 in Perth. Some of the main services offered by the company include carpet and upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning, stain removal, window cleaning, high pressure cleaning and even housekeeping.
They have dedicated their time on mastering their craft and delivering exceptional results for affordable prices. They pride themselves on providing good customer service and making sure all of their client’s requirements are achieved once the job is completed.


• Highly trained and professional staff
• Fully insured
• 14 day spot back guarantee
• Upfront pricing - No hidden fees
• Upfront quotes

Customer Reviews:

On Google reviews, Jacques Du Toit wrote:
“Always on time, very professional, and goes above and beyond to get the job done. The outcome is exceptional every single time and the regular service is definitely beneficial to the longevity and presentation of our carpets. Would highly recommend to anyone!”

Armadale, WA 6112
  • 19 year(s) in business
  • 1 employee(s)
  • Courteous and reliable service

I've been pressure cleaning  shop entrances , patios , driveways , roofs and graffiti removal for over 10 years , I have the latest equipment in hot water for maximum results I'm also owner / operator    

Canning Vale, WA 6155
  • 1 year(s) in business
  • 1 employee(s)
  • Competitive prices

Pressure washing driveways and backyards

Maddington, WA 6109
  • 8 year(s) in business
  • 10 employee(s)
  • Locally owned & operated

Pallan’s General Services are a team of experienced, qualified and licensed tradies that offer domestic and commercial general services to residents and businesses in Perth. They offer an array of services including plumbing, painting, flooring, carpentry, gardening, paving, cleaning and housekeeping, gutter cleaning and repair, kitchen and bathroom renovation services and other handyman and general repair and maintenance services.
No matter what type of project you might have in and around your property, Pallan’s have got you covered.


•    Friendly and approachable
•    Competitive prices
•    24/7 emergency support
•    Free estimates
•    Passionate and professional

Customer Reviews:

As per their website, two customers left the following reviews:
“Had a water pipe leak in the night and Pallan responded immediately on our call.”
“We are very happy with the bathroom and laundry renovations. Biju checked with us on our choices and preference at each stage of the job. We are very happy with the outcome.”

Perth, WA 6000
  • 7 year(s) in business
  • 1 employee(s)
  • Locally owned & operated

Eli’s Gardening Improvements is a gardening company based in Perth that offers garden maintenance and improvement services to homeowners and businesses in the region. They provide both gardening and handyman services, including garden maintenance, repairs, clean up and much more. If you’re looking for someone to trim your trees and shrubbery, clean up your garden and give it a new and improved look, no matter how neglected it might have been, Eli and his team are here to help you out. 


•    Affordable
•    Prompt and professional
•    Cover most gardening services
•    Family owned and operated

Customer Reviews:

As per their website, Robyn from Mount. Lawley left the following review:
“Eli came to my house and provided a very reasonable quote. His team of two have commenced work and I could not be happier with the results. They are hardworking, and have followed my instructions exactly, discussing with me a couple of issues that arose. I highly recommend Eli and his team, and will use them again in the future.”

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