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Eli’s Gardening Improvements is a gardening company based in Perth that offers garden maintenance and improvement services to homeowners and businesses in the region. They provide both gardening and handyman services, including garden maintenance, repairs, clean up and much more. If you’re looking for someone to trim your trees and shrubbery, clean up your garden and give it a new and improved look, no matter how neglected it might have been, Eli and his team are here to help you out.
Pricing starting from:
Mulch Delivery and Spreading : • 2 cubic metres : $360; • 4 cubic metres : $720 • 6 cubic metres : $1000 • 8 cubic metres : $1000
Gomm's Gardening & Home Maintenance is located in Padbury, Western Australia. This business is working in the following industry: Rental equipment. At Gomm's Gardening, we offer a wide variety of services to meet our customer's needs. No job is too big or small and we offer fixed price or hourly pricing to suit your needs. I believe in good old fashioned customer service and will work tirelessly to ensure your satisfaction.
Keep On Mowing is your lawn and garden maintenance company. We are a family-owned business in Baldivis, WA. Our clients receive friendly, professional, courteous and friendly lawn and gardening services. We can also remove rubbish and green waste. Our top priority is customer satisfaction and we work within our clients' budgets. You don't have to worry about us being reliable or functional. Please feel free to contact us at [email protected] or 0431 303 623 for free quotes.
Mitch's Gardening was purchased in 2021 by Director, Jayde Marshall-Goodwin. Prior to Jayde's purchase, she has been the Operations Manager for Mitch's Gardening since 2016. Mitch's Gardening, a family-owned business, is locally owned. Mitch's Gardening provides a wide range of gardening services for residential and commercial properties. Our staff takes pride in their work and provide excellent customer service. We strive to minimize disruption on-site and maintain the highest standards in environmental care. We are eager to help your outdoor space thrive.
Cortez Mowing & Garden Maintenance's mission statement is "leave your smiling". Our customers are our guarantee of pride in our work and we are reliable! Cortez provides affordable services at a price that suits you. Cortez can provide ongoing maintenance at a reasonable rate if you need it. We offer ongoing maintenance at a price that suits you: from lawn mowing to ride-on mowing, we can take care of your lawns.
Top-Notch Service Guaranteed Look no further if you are looking for superior lawn and garden care services. Glenn Geronimow Lawn & Garden Care can provide the exceptional lawn and garden care services you need. Glenn can provide a small-scale service or a larger one. He'll help you make your dreams a reality. For all your Lawn and Garden Care needs, look no further.
Handy Andy's Trees provides tree services by a certified cert III Arborist. This includes advice, pruning, hazardous removals, mulching and storm damage clean-ups. We have not gotten to where we are today because of underestimating our clients. Our reputation for being the best when it comes to stump removal or whole tree removal has been proven time and again. We are the right choice for you!

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of mulching?

There are numerous benefits of mulching both for your soil and your plants. Mulching helps control weeds and can even act as a natural pest repellent. It gives your garden a beautiful clean look and helps out your plants by retaining moisture and keeping necessary nutrients from getting washed away. It also helps bring in earthworms which can improve the structure and quality of your soil.

Will the mulching service provider need to come into my home?

Since landscaping and mulching and maintenance are outdoor projects, your mulching professional won’t need to enter your home to get the job done. Even though they’ll be working outdoors, there are still several safety measures you can take to ensure everyone’s safety, including wearing a mask, practising social distancing and avoiding physical contact as much as possible.

How long will mulch last?

While good quality, organic mulch can last up to 5-6 years, there are a few factors that determine whether or not your mulch will last that long. Those factors include weather conditions, sun exposure, the amount of rainfall and most importantly, the type of mulch you’re using. If the conditions are less than ideal, you may need to replenish your mulch every 1-2 years.

Can you receive remote or virtual mulching services and assistance?

It’s not typical for landscapers and mulching providers to offer remote or virtual services because their job requires them to be present on-site and conduct the service in person. However, since their duties involve outdoor work, this allows them to easily get the job done without having to enter your home or come in close physical contact with you.

Mulching has many benefits

  1. Keeps light from reaching the soil surface, which reduces weed growth.
  2. This reduces soil water loss and helps to maintain soil moisture.
  3. Moderate soil temperatures keep it warm on cold nights and cool on hot days.
  4. Protects soil from erosion, and reduces soil compaction.
  5. Protects plants against the harsh winter winds, freezes, and thaws. Mulch has many other benefits.
  • Mulch will keep winter soil warmer than the unprotected. It protects plants against the cycles of freezing and thawing, which can cause them to be heaved out of the ground.
  • This prevents soil from crusting. Mulch covers soil better than running off.
  • It prevents soil from getting on leaves. This reduces the risk of plants contracting fungal or bacterial diseases.
  • If organic mulch is used, it breaks down and feeds soil.
  • It improves the structure and moisture-holding capacity of sandy soils.
  • Slowly increases soil fertility, if organic. It may also make micronutrients more readily available.
  • The soil is heated in spring to allow the gardener time to plant, often days or even weeks before it would normally be.
  • To prevent plant disease, keep plants, particularly tomatoes and melons, clean and off the ground.
  • Mulch placed around trees instead of grass reduces the risk of damaging their trunks.
  • Increases plant health and productivity due to less weeds, consistent moisture and soil temperature.
  • This makes gardens look "spiffed up" to make them more attractive. It also gives garden design a consistent appearance and rhythm.